Crazy Detective Chapter 505

Chapter 505 Bogged Down With Bad Luck

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Kong Weisen was an old worker in Xiao Guofeng’s wood factory. He was normally in charge of the loading, unloading and logistics.

Ten years ago, the person’s name and Xiao Guofeng appeared on the testimony. The two of them proved unanimously that Xiao Guofeng’s son, Xiao Zhen, was sending goods to Lingyun with them. They only returned to Qinshan at about eleven that night.

Because of the testimony, Xiao Zhen wasn’t listed on the list of suspects by the police authority. Then, regarding Liu Jiao’s case, all of the evidence was pointing towards Xiao Zhen, and the testimony was getting really unreliable!

It was already ten in the evening, when Kong Weisen finally finished his work at the wood factory. After clocking out, he was preparing to leave.

He drove a medium-sized truck that was specially used for cargo. Due to the busy schedule in the factory, he almost had to drive this truck everyday.

However, just when he opened his car door, preparing to get into his seat, he suddenly realized that there was another person in the passenger seat! The person was wearing a duckbill cap and a huge pair of shades. He couldn’t clearly see what the person looked like, but he could tell that it was a well-built man.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Kong Weisen was shocked. However, just after he spoke, the other person leapt towards him, landing a heavy punch and knocking him out!

A few minutes later, Kong Weisen gradually regained conscious, only to realize that he was tied onto one of the pillars in the old garage! The man in the cap was standing before him cooly.

“You Let me go Let me go I” Kong Weisen pleaded with him, shivering. “I told Bro Jun that the money that I owe you…Just give me a few days of grace, just a few days! We talked about this, so why did you make a move on me? Bro, quick, make a call!”

“Humph!” The man before him suddenly grunted and squatted down. He shouted at Kong Weisen, “You think too much. I am not here to collect a debt. On the contrary, I am here to give you some benefit”

The person that grunted was none other than Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu took out a few stacks of neatly arranged cash from his wallet, then threw the stacks of cash before Kong Weisen, saying, “Kong, I came today to ask you for the truth. As long as you are willing to tell me the truth, this money is all yours!”

“Huh?” Kong Weisen was surprised. He quickly said, “Are you trying to con me? That seems too good to be true.”

“You don’t believe this? Alright then” Zhao Yu started to put the money back into his wallet, while saying at the same time, “I shall leave then! After I leave, Bro Jun’s troop will come in! I heard that they are going to look for your wife in the clinic Bye”

“Don’t” Kong Weisen was scared stiff, so he quickly pleaded, “Ask me me anything, and I will tell you! As long as you give me the money!”

“Alright, then let me ask you!” Zhao Yu lowered his voice and asked, “Ten years ago, when your boss Xiao Guofeng’s eldest son, Feng Kuo, was arrested by the police, you, Xiao Guofeng, and Xiao Zhen testified that the three of you went to Lingyun to sell goods! Is that true?”

“Huh? What?” Kong Weisen suddenly felt that the situation wasn’t quite right.

“That’s not an answer, so does that mean that you are not accepting my offer?” Zhao Yu shook his head.

“No” Kong Weisen looked at the money on the ground, then said, “Bro, how does this relate to my gambling debt? What are you trying to do to me?”

Zhao Yu shook his head lightly. His eyes, which were hidden behind the shades, were shimmering with an ice cold stare.

From Kong Weisen’s behavior, Zhao Yu could already tell that there was definitely something wrong with his testimony back then! Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so full of misgivings and hesitant to answer. If he spoke the truth back then, he would’ve been nodding his head now!

Zhao Yu wasn’t about to waste time with this person. He squatted on the floor, moving to put the money back into his wallet.

“Don’t Everything can be discussed!” Kong Weisen saw that Zhao Yu was picking up the money, so he suddenly panicked. “I didn’t lie. I really did go to sell goods in Lingyun with the father and son.”

Listening to Kong Weisen, who was speaking with no moral integrity, Zhao Yu couldn’t hold back any longer. He threw a stack of cash in his face, then landed a heavy kick on his stomach!

Then, Zhao Yu raised his hand and slapped him. Kong Weisen was suddenly bleeding from his nose and mouth, his face contorted in pain!

“Ah! Don’t Don’t hit me! Ah” Kong Weisen was groaning now.

Zhao Yu didn’t resort to hitting often, but once he did, he couldn’t stop himself. He started slapping him, with no signs of stopping.

“Woo” One of Kong Weisen’s tooth fell out. He saw that Zhao Yu looked like he was going to beat him to death, so he was suddenly frightened. He quickly pleaded, “I’ll tell you! Please, stop hitting me! Stop! Woo”

Hearing that Kong Weisen was speaking with a tearful voice, Zhao Yu paused.

“Yes, I lied! I was given ten thousand to give a false testimony!” Kong Weisen cried. “I was told that Xiao Zhen went to look for a prostitute that night, and that, if the police found out, it would be embarrassing. So, he asked me to say that we all went to Lingyun together, so no one would find out! This didn’t seem to be anything too big, so why wouldn’t I agree?”

“Humph, nothing too big?!” Zhao Yu slapped him again. “Because of your testimony, Feng Kuo was nearly executed! Is that big enough for you?!”

“Huh? What? Feng Kuo Xiao’s eldest son? What do you mean?”

“Humph! What do I mean?!” Zhao Yu took off his cap and shades, then took out his ID and handcuffs, while shouting, “I’m taking you to the police station, where you will clarify this!”

“Huh? You” Kong Weisen was scared stiff now. “You Are you a policeman? My My money Sigh”

Just to cover his bases, Zhao Yu had already recorded what Kong Weisen had said, using a voice recorder pen. So, he wasn’t worried that Kong Weisen would deny his claims, once he got to the police station.

Right after Zhao Yu put Kong Weisen in the car, he felt that it was about time! With this latest evidence that he had found, he had finally reached the standards of having enough to bring Xiao Zhen to trial!

Hence, Zhao Yu called his colleagues to urge Liang Huan to retrieve the past evidence from the Moyang Branch. He also ordered Zhang Jingfeng, Da Fei, and the rest to arrest Xiao Guofeng and Xiao Zhen!

After he started the engine of the car, Zhao Yu shook his head and sighed with emotion. In a single night, Xiao Guofeng’s family of four, plus the nursemaid and her husband, had all been brought to the police station!

This family had committed so many evil deeds in their previous life, all of which were now causing them to be bogged down with such bad luck!