Crazy Detective Chapter 506

Chapter 506 Who Dares To Stop Me?

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Just when Zhao Yu brought the witness, Kong Weisen, into the Rongyang Branch, the Key Case Investigation Unit was a mess!

Besides Li Beini and Liang Huan, who were on the ways to the Moyang Branch to retrieve the evidence, everyone else wasn’t mentally prepared, as they didn’t yet understand the play that their Team Lead Zhao was staging.

The kidnap case was closed, so why did he arrest more people?

That moment, Zhao Yu received an update that Zhang Jingfeng and Da Fei had already arrested Xiao Guofeng and Xiao Zhen from Feng Kuo’s home. They were now on the way to the Rongyang Branch.

In order to be fully prepared to interrogate Xiao Zhen, not only did Zhao Yu tell the police detectives to search Xiao family’s information, he also told his men to do something urgent, secretly.

However, just when Zhao Yu was busy preparing, Mao Wei and Bureau Chief Luan suddenly appeared in the Team A office.

“Zhao Yu! What do you mean?” Bureau Chief Luan hadn’t even entered the room, and she was already asking impatiently, “What is going on? You already got all of the limelight in the Ruyang Branch today, winning glory for us! Why can’t you rest for a bit? Tell me, why are you sending out orders for an arrest? Those two persons, how are they related to us?”

“Bureau Chief Luan!” Zhao Yu stood straight and answered, “I found out that Xiao Zhen was the murderer of the Apartment Murder Case back then! Feng Kuo was wrongly imprisoned! Plus, I already have sufficient evidence to”

“Zhao Yu! If this is so, you shouldn’t be so ruthless!” Without waiting for Zhao Yu to finish, Bureau Chief Luan cut him off short. “You know very clearly that the case has been closed! And also, it wasn’t even under the jurisdiction of the Rongyang Branch. What you are doing now, it is not only bypassing your higher ups, it’s also humiliating your colleagues in the Ruyang Branch. Do you know that? Did you take the outcome of your actions into consideration?”

“Yeah, bro!” Mao Wei said. “Honor is hard to come by, but once you are careless, it could be destroyed overnight! Listen to me, hurry up and call Zhang! Release them! You still have enough time!”

“No way!” Zhao Yu said decisively. “I have to arrest them today, as the suspect must be interrogated today! Xiao Zhen is a careful man. If I miss out on the chance today, it’d be difficult for us to get him to admit his wrongdoing in the future!”

“Tsk tsk” Bureau Chief Luan was quivering in anger now. “Zhao Yu, don’t you understand what I mean? That case is ten years old! It has been closed! Your giving orders for an arrest is illegal! Even if you wanted to get involved, you would have to apply a step-by-step process! You are going to get into big trouble if you don’t! Listen to me, stop what you’re doing this instance!”

Just then, Xiao Bai suddenly ran in, panting and shouting, “Team Lead Zhao! We already arrested them, so do we send them to the interrogation room directly?”

Xiao Bai, suddenly realizing that Bureau Chief Luan was there, froze in shock, still awaiting orders.

“Alright, send them to the interrogation room!” Zhao Yu waved and said.

“No way! Let them go!” Bureau Chief Luan objected loudly. “Zhao Yu, stop making trouble, okay?! You can’t deal with this, don’t you know? The one who was in charge of the Apartment Murder Case was Bureau Chief Hong. What you are doing now, throws not only you, but the entire Rongyang Branch into an unfavorable situation!”

“Bro, listen to Bureau Chief Luan!” Mao Wei urged him. “Don’t be so stubborn. Let’s think about another way, okay? Why follow a sudden impulse?”

“I don’t understand!” Zhao Yu immediately raised his eyebrows, glaring as he roared, “Feng Kuo was wrongly imprisoned, and the murderer is right before my eyes, so why is it so difficult for me to be allowed to interrogate a suspect? Isn’t it our duty to find out the truth? Or, Oh, to protect the reputation and feelings of the bureau chief, we have to leave Feng Kuo in the prison? Do all of you higher ups share the same thoughts? Xiao Bai, send the suspects into the interrogation room!”

As Zhao Yu shouted, everyone was shocked!

“Team Lead” This?!” Xiao Bai was at a loss. He looked at Bureau Chief Luan, then Zhao Yu, not daring to move an inch.

“Dangit!” Zhao Yu took up a teacup and shattered it. He then spat out, “Did you hear me or not? Bring the suspect to the interrogation room!”

Xiao Bai was shivering in terror now. He saw that Bureau Chief Luan didn’t respond, so he just left with his head hung low.

“Crazy, you’re crazy!” Bureau Chief Luan was angry now. “Zhao Yu, everyone here sees what happened today. If there were to be any problem in the future, you would have to take full responsibility!”

“Alright!” Zhao Yu replied in disdain. “When have I not taken responsibility? You higher ups only know how to make use of the outcomes, taking credit for the good ones, but casting aside any of the troubling ones! What you are doing is worse than a boss of charlatans! At least that boss would try to protect his underlings!”

His words were rough, but their rationale was solid. After Zhao Yu shouted this, Bureau Chief Luan was embarrassed, at a loss of words.

Zhao Yu walked past her, heading towards the interrogation room. When Zhao Yu arrived at the interrogation room, there was a bunch of people that had just come up the stairs. Zhao Yu had seen this similar scene God knows how many times.

He saw that it was none other than the municipal criminal investigation team! And, Wang Shengyao was the one leading it.

“Zhao Yu Zhao Yu! Stop!” Once he saw Zhao Yu, Wang Shengyao quickly shouted.

Zhao Yu suddenly understood that these people had come regarding the Apartment Murder Case. They were there to stop him from reversing the verdict for Feng Kuo!

Zhao Yu stared at Mao Wei and shouted, “Mao Wei, you framed me! How dare you tell that Wang fellow?!”

“Zhao! What are you talking about?” Mao Wei was pissed. “Don’t you understand? I am trying to protect you! If any more powerful higher ups find out about this, you’ll be doomed! Think about it. I only did this because I treat you as my bro! What you are doing now is going to offend the higher ups, maybe even the entire Qinshan police force! Do you still think that I am framing you? So what if you can solve the case? By then, who could protect you?”

Zhao Yu sent Mao Wei a death stare, then turned around and was readying to enter the interrogation room. However, Wang Shengyao and his team had already come before him to block his way.

“Zhao Yu, you are crazy thinking about solving such old cases! You have been causing trouble at the Ruyang Branch the entire day.Are you not done yet?” Wang Shengyao shouted with an imposing manner. “Besides just causing trouble, what else do you know?”

“Wang, what do you want to do? Do you want to fight me?!” Zhao Yu said in disdain, “I, Zhao Yu, want to interrogate a suspect. How dare you block my way!”

Then, he knocked away one of the blockers rudely, continuing on his way.

“Stop him, quick!” Wang Shengyao ordered his underling to stop Zhao Yu, as he shouted at Zhao Yu, “Zhao Yu, you didn’t receive any permission to reinvestigate the case. This does not go along with the procedure! The few people that you arrested are innocent citizens. What you are doing now is committing a crime. So, not only you alone, but also the entire the Rongyang Branch will be in serious trouble!”

Unphased, Zhao Yu continued to move forward, disregarding the bunch of police detectives before him.

“Quick, stop him!” Wang Shengyao roared in anger, “At all costs, do not let him enter that interrogation room!!”