Crazy Detective Chapter 507

Chapter 507 Unusually Crowded

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Actually, the real reason why Wang Shengyao wanted to stop Zhao Yu from reversing Feng Kuo’s verdict was merely so that he could ingratiate himself with the Bureau Chief Hong Jianrong.

The case had been handled by Bureau Chief Hong personally back then. So, if Zhao Yu were to reverse the verdict, it would indicate that Bureau Chief Hong had neglected his duties, which would affect his future greatly. Hence, Wang Shengyao wanted to settle things on behalf of the bureau chief by stopping Zhao Yu.

“Hurry up! Release the people from the interrogation room!”

Wang Shengyao was clever. He knew that, under such circumstances, they couldn’t act recklessly, but could only force Zhao Yu to launch an attack. Then, they’d have a reason to fight back.

However, although Zhao Yu was puffed up with arrogance, he still didn’t make a move! So, he ordered his underlings to release the suspect from the interrogation room. If the suspect left, Zhao Yu naturally couldn’t reinvestigate the case!

“Go ahead! I’ll see who has the guts to release the suspect!” Zhao Yu was furious. He immediately blocked the entrance of the interrogation room.

As Zhao Yu moved to block the door, Li Beini, Zhang Jingfeng, Zhang Yaohui, Xiao Bai and the rest moved to stand behind Zhao Yu.

“All of you are crazy! Zhang, Yaohui! What are you doing?” Mao Wei roared, “Step aside, all off you are only doing harm to Zhao Yu!”

“I don’t care about what the rest may be doing!” Zhang Yaohui put his hands on his waist, speaking with his head held high, “This is the Rongyang Branch, and if there’s no official order, no one can behave wildly here! We are investigating, so no one has any reason to stop us.”

“Exactly!” Zhang Jingfeng shouted arrogantly, telling Li Beini, “Hurry up and step aside. Just in case the blood spurts all over you, when we come to blows!”

“I’m not going anywhere!” Li Beini shouted stubbornly. “How can this be happening? We only wanted to solve a case, to do justice for a victim! Why are you making it so difficult?”

“Justice?” Wang Shengyao roared. “You are reinvestigating on your own, so how is that just? And, you are asking for official orders?! I am your higher up. As such, I represent order and am now giving out an order…”

“Ah, Hero, please stay in my sweet dream…”

Just when Wang Shengyao was speaking, Zhao Yu’s phone’s ringtone suddenly sounded. The loud ringtone was heard across the entire stairway, making Wang Shengyao feel quite awkward.

Zhao Yu took out his phone. Although it was an unfamiliar number, he still pressed the answer button.

“Sifu, sifu!” Suddenly, on the other side of the phone, Su Jinmei was exclaiming excitedly, “Found it! You got it right! Ai Lili was really wrongly accused! The Yunzhou police found a video on the USB! The video was recorded by Le Chao himself, in order to save his life! Try to guess… Who was the mastermind behind this?”


As he was listening to Su Jinmei’s happy voice, he looked towards Wang Shengyao and his troops, who looked ferocious. This whole situation made Zhao Yu feel awkward.

“Save your bullshit! Go in and release the suspect! Hurry up!” Wang Shengyao couldn’t care less about Zhao Yu’s answering his phone, but shouted, while he immediately led his police detectives ahead.

“What the heck?! They’re serious! Block them!” Zhang Jingfeng, Zhang Yaohui, and the rest quickly formed a human barricade, blocking the door tightly.

“Da da da da!” On the phone, Su Jinmei suddenly told Zhao Yu playfully, “It was Chen Bingguang’s brother, Chen Bingxian! He clearly said it in the video! And, Le Chao also recorded a video of himself, explaining the cause and effect of the entire story…”

At that moment, a police detective quickly dashed before Zhao Yu, knocking into him!

“Hey? That doesn’t sound quite right. Sifu… Sifu?” On the phone, Su Jinmei heard something, then quickly asked, “Sifu, what’s going on on your side? Why is it so noisy? Are you okay?”

That person, who had knocked into Zhao Yu, now held onto Zhao Yu’s neck, attempting to drag him aside. Zhao Yu twisted his body to swing him out. Then, he held his phone and replied, “It’s okay. I’m just fighting a war! Let’s chat later?”

“Don’t hang up. Tell me, what’s going on?” Su Jinmei spoke in a hurried voice. “Maybe I’ll be able to help!”

Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows and thought to himself.

Disciple, you can’t help me with this!

Then, another two police detectives dashed forward to grab Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu couldn’t fight them, so he had no choice but to knock the person away, using his shoulder. Then, he lifted his leg to knock the other one away.

“Disciple, it’s a long story!” Zhao Yu sighed. “I think… I’ll hang up first!”

“Don’t, Sifu, tell me, is it the case that you are investigating? Tell me! I’ll solve it for you!”

Su Jinmei was persistent, and Zhao Yu was embarrassed to hang up the phone. So, he could only fight against the police detectives from the municipal police station, while he attempted to tell Su Jinmei the situation. He said that he had originally wanted to investigate the case, but had run into some trouble.

“Oh… If it’s about the police station, that’d be easy! I thought you ran into an enemy or something! You gave me a shock!” Su Jinmei spoke as though a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders.

Zhao Yu found this ridiculous, debunking the misconception immediately. “I’d rather run into an enemy! Then, I could at least fight them with all my heart!”

“Alright, Sifu. Let me take care of this! Just you wait.” Su Jinmei hung up the phone.

“Wait? Wait for what?!” Zhao Hu shook his head in distress. The newly accepted disciple always spoke so confusingly. She was merely an admin trainee, who hadn’t even been confirmed. He had to wonder how she thought could she possibly help with his situation.

Zhao Yu suddenly thought about Miao Ying…

If my dear Miao Ying were here, she could guarantee that Wang Shengyao and his troop would scurry off, like frightened rats, with just one phone call!

Unfortunately, she had to go hunting in some place without cell service. I can’t even get ahold of her for the entire day!

At that very moment, Wang Shengyao’s entire troop dashed forward, knocking Zhang Jingfeng and the rest down. Zhao Yu quickly swung his arms to knock a few of the assailants down. The other party, seeing the ferocious look in Zhao Yu’s eyes, dared not create a head-on collision. In an instant, all of them were dodging one another crazily.

“Go! Go! We have so many people with us. I don’t believe that we can even enter the interrogation room!” Wang Shengyao was scrambling about with arrogance and anger.

“Stop! Stop! What is going on?”

Just when both parties were knocking each other like bulls, there was another loud and bright voice that came from the stairway. Everyone turned around to look. They saw that the municipal vice bureau chief Liao Jingxian and the criminal investigation captain Feng Xiao had arrived.

“Zhao Yu! Wang! Hurry up and stop this nonsense!” Liao Jingxian quickly came before them, roaring, “If news of this were to spread, the Qinshan police team would be embarrassed! What are all of you doing? Ah… Ah”

Just when Liao Jingxian bellowed and came before Zhao Yu, he suddenly jerked twice , then fell on the ground abruptly. After he fell, he then covered his chest with his hands and groaned in pain, “I’m…Having.A heart attack…”

The police detectives were all frightened. Mao Wei quickly got to the front of the crowd and roared, “What are you all just standing there for? Call the ambulance! Hurry up!”

As Mao Wei shouted, the police detectives were preparing to make a call. However, Zhao Yu pushed Mao Wei aside, shouting abruptly, “Hold on, hold on”

Then, Zhao Yu pouted and squatted before Liao Jingxian. He creased his eyebrows and said, “Liao, hey, don’t you think that you’re going a little overboard? You are a higher up, so isn’t this a little inappropriate? You can’t pull off a slip and fall scam.”

“Dang!” After being outed by Zhao Yu, Liao Jingxian suddenly sat straight up, shocking everyone.

“Zhao Yu!” Liao Jingxian pointed at Zhao Yu and scolded, “You jerk! Can’t you tell that I’m trying to find you an escape route? How dare you reveal my tricks?!”

Then, Liao Jingxian swept off the dust on his body, as though there was no one else there. However, every police detective, all of whom were still standing by the side, were dumbstruck. Every one of them just gawked, their mouths wide open!