Crazy Detective Chapter 508

Chapter 508 Huge Pressure

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“Aiya, Liao!” Captain Feng Xiao creased his eyebrows and complained, “What are you doing? Is there a need for that? That is so embarrassing!”

Then, he beckoned the police officers from the municipal station to move aside, while he walked towards Zhao Yu, speaking with indignation, “Zhao Yu, I hope you understand. It’s not that you can’t reverse the verdict of the case, but rather that you must hand in your evidence first, then let the higher ups check it!”

He continued. “Right now, you are attempting to make an arrest, without following the proper procedure! As such, even if the higher ups approve, it wouldn’t be the Rongyang’s Branch right to get involved, since the case took place under the jurisdiction of the Moyang Branch. So, even if it was reinvestigated, it would have be them doing it!”

“Captain, I didn’t say that I wanted to reverse the verdict for someone else.” Zhao Yu suddenly changed his story, saying, “After all, wasn’t I in charge of the kidnapping case earlier? Although we caught the suspect and saved the hostage, the case technically hasn’t ended yet. Now that I have found a new clue, I have the right to continue to try the case! Hence, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“You! How could you be so unreasonable?!” Feng Xiao was stunned. “The kidnapping case is the kidnapping case, and the Apartment Murder Case is the Apartment Murder Case! How can you try to mix the two cases together?”

“I didn’t mix them.” Zhao Yu debated. “I suspect that Feng Lin’s whole family is involved in the little girl’s kidnapping. So, I have to clarify the truth! Also, the case report has yet to be completed, so I still have the right to investigate the case, correct?”

“You… You…” Feng Kuo, never having thought that Zhao Yu would exploit the loophole of the connection between the two cases, was suddenly at loss for words.

“Zhao Yu, why are you being so stubborn?” Liao Jingxian sent an eye signal to Zhao Yu. “Don’t forget that your application to be an investigator is still in progress. You have a mission that is more important that this!”

“Liao, just shut up!” Zhao Yu spoke with his head held high, “If this case can’t be solved, then how could I solve the other big cases?”

“Zhao Yu, stop being so stubborn!” Feng Kuo pointed at Zhao Yu and said, “Don’t you think that you can just do anything you wish, simply because you solved the Mianling case and found the Golden Buddha treasure! As a police officer, you still have to obey commands, and solving a case requires following appropriate procedures! So, regarding today’s case, you can’t touch it!”

As Feng Xiao said this, the police officers from the municipal police station were puffed up again, immediately preparing to launch another offensive.

“Alright! Come on!” Zhao Yu looked as though he wasn’t bothered, then said, “Come over, if you have the guts! As long as I am still standing, I will investigate the case, until the very end!”

“You!” Feng Xiao was raging with anger now. He raised his hands, preparing to beckon his underlings to launch another attack.

Liao Jingxian naturally didn’t want to see the situation worsen, so he quickly mediated between them. Unfortunately, both parties were firm with their standpoints and unwilling to compromise. Thus, it seemed like a second wave of collision was inevitable.

However, unexpectedly, there was another huge turning point at the scene…

“Stop! All of you, stop!” Another loud voice rang out, as there was another bunch of people that approached from the stairway.

Everyone turned around and looked. They couldn’t help but let out exclamations and think

Alright! This is getting really crowded!

The voice belonged to the highest leader of the Qinshan police, Bureau Chief Hong Jianrong! Also in the group, was Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao, as well as many higher ups from the municipal police station. Looking from afar, the group appeared to be a huge troop, almost like a mighty army!

Looking at the large amount of people, Zhao Yu was upset.

That’s not right. I didn’t get a “Kun” hexagram today. Why would there be such a great scene happening?

When Bureau Chief Hong arrived at the scene personally, Wang Shengyao suddenly sat straight up. From what he saw, he thought his hard work had finally paid off, and that now, Bureau Chief Hong would look at him in a different light. Plus, it was inevitable that Bureau Chief Hong would have to punish Zhao Yu severely for his actions!

However, Bureau Chief Hong came before him, uttering just one sentence, which sent Wang Shengyao nearly falling on the ground!

Bureau Chief Hong told Feng Xiao, “Captain Feng, quickly tell your men to leave. This is completely unreasonable!”

“Huh? What?” Feng Xiao was stunned, not understanding what Bureau Chief Hong meant.

Wang Shengyao intended to speak, but when he saw Bureau Chief Hong’s solemn look, he had no choice but to keep his mouth shut.

“Xiao Feng!” Bureau Chief Hong walked towards Zhao Yu slowly, then told Feng Kuo, who was behind him, “I am also from the criminal investigation unit, so I can understand this more than you. Being a criminal investigator ain’t easy! Such cases determine one’s fate, after all! If a trial is handled wrongly, it could ruin many lives, and there would be endless trouble in store for all!”

Then, Bureau Chief Hong turned towards Zhao Yu and said, “Police Officer Zhao! You did it right! You did well! We criminal police only want to find out the truth, regardless ofhow ugly that truth is!”

“Bureau Chief Hong…” Feng Xiao had never expected that Bureau Chief Hong would say such selfless things. He wanted to persuade Bureau Chief Hong otherwise, but he couldn’t.

Wang Shengyao looked extremely listless!

“Actually…” Bureau Chief Hong looked at Zhao Yu, then said, “Regarding the case, I had my doubts, too! But, unfortunately, there seemed to be conclusive proof and clear evidence. Also, besides Feng Kuo, there was no other suspect! Police Officer Zhao, where did I do wrong? Please enlighten me!”

Then, Bureau Chief Hong pointed towards the interrogation room, making a pleading gesture by folding his hands together. Then, the scene was quiet.

Zhao Yu had originally thought that Wang Shengyao had caused such a mess, because he was instigated by Bureau Chief Hong. But, from what he saw now, Wang Shengyao was only trying to suck up to Bureau Chief Hong.

He had never expected a bureau chief to be so broad-minded! Seeing this, Zhao Yu felt great respect for Bureau Chief Hong.

“Go! Leave!”

Feng Xiao quickly disbanded the troop of police officers from the municipal station. But, he stayed back with Wang Shengyao. They wanted to see how would Zhao Yu would reverse the verdict for Feng Kuo.

Zhao Yu felt the pressure upon him increase tremendously! If Xiao Zhen plead guilty, he might be alright. But, if he didn’t, his situation would be precarious indeed!

Although Bureau Chief Hong had already agreed to reverse the verdict for Feng Kuo, if the truth couldn’t be revealed, he wouldn’t have a second chance! Plus, many had been wanting to make fun of Zhao Yu, waiting for him to fail.

If he failed to reverse the verdict, he would become an object of public criticism, doomed forever! Furthermore, due to the shortness of time, he didn’t have full confidence in his ability to make Xiao Zhen plead guilty!

Zhao Yu knew that Xiao Zhen was a careful person, who was also very smart. If he did not have any conclusive proof, how could he easily convince him to plead guilty?