Crazy Detective Chapter 511

Chapter 511 This Is Not A Simple Girl

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“Police officer, I’d like to talk to you about my father!” In the interrogation room, Xiao Zhen spoke to Zhao Yu, as though he was pleading. “Actually, my dad had no idea at all! You are right. I really did realize that there was something wrong about the weapon after I use it for the kill. I knew that the police would investigate me eventually.”

He continued. “So I had no choice but to look to my dad for help!” Xiao Zhen said heavy-heartedly. “Actually, it was pretty simple. I only told my dad that, if there were any policemen that asked, to tell them that I was among the people that went to Lingyun! Then, I walked away! I didn’t explain any further, and my dad didn’t ask me why, either.”

“So, police officer, please. My dad, he had no idea at all,” Xiao Zhen pleaded. “Don’t make it difficult for him, okay? It’s okay if I am punished. I committed a crime, and I framed my brother. I deserve this!”

“But, I hope that, after my brother is released, those remaining, besides me, could still be a complete family!” Xiao Zhen started shedding tears again. “Please. Look at my mother, who is terminally ill, and let my dad off of the hook!”

“A family that should have been happy. It’s such a pity” Zhao Yu sighed, then said, “Because of a wrong decision that you made in a single moment, you have put yourself in such a wretched situation! I’m telling you, not only did your father give a false testimony, but he even bribed Kong Weisen. So, I can’t help him! He will receive the necessary punishment, according to the law!”

“Woo Woo” Xiao Zhen was shivering now. “Sorry I’m so sorryTo them…”

“You should be sorry to Xiao Zhen, too!” Zhao Yu shook his head, then said, “Don’t you understand? You should also be sorry to the innocent Liu Jiao! If you kill someone, you should pay with your life. If you owe money, you pay your debt. Hence, you’d better be ready to atone for your crime! I can’t help you!”

Zhao Yu then turned around, wanting to leave. However, Xiao Zhen said anxiously, “Police officer, I I have another thing to tell you Ai Ai Lili She”

“Ai Lili?” Zhao Yu turned around, interested now.

“I’ve heard” Xiao Zhen said, “She became the woman of the King of Shoes. She married into a rich and powerful family. I also heard that she was arrested by the police! I I heard you bringing her in over the phone. Can I ask, did she really contract a killer?”

Zhao Yu touched his phone subconsciously. He had never expected that Xiao Zhen could hear Su Jinmei talking about Ai Lili earlier. However, Zhao Yu had no idea of Xiao Zhen’s intentions, so he naturally couldn’t tell the truth, but asked a question in reply instead.

“Why are you asking?”

“Police officer, I don’t know if you are in charge of that case,” Xiao Zhen said. “But, I can tell you that Ai Lili could definitely do such a thing!”

“Mm” Zhao Yu opened his mouth, fully intending to tell him about Ai Lili’s being wrongly accused, but after giving it a second thought, he kept it to himself.

“Please believe me, I do not say this out of personal bias!” Xiao Zhen was hot with emotions. “I know Ai Lili’s character. This woman has always been the kind that would stop at nothing to get what she wants! To contract a killer, that is something that only she could do! You must investigate her, and don’t be conned be her!”

Zhao Yu sighed, then advised, “Xiao Zhen, you are in trouble yourself. You just worry about your own troubles!”

“It can’t be denied that Ai Lili played an important role in the incident that happened in your family! But, she was merely a factor. Don’t forget that you were the one that carried out the murder!”

“Yes, to a certain extent, you could also be seen as a victim. But, committing a crime is committing a crime. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“I understand.” Hearing that, Xiao Zhen finally lowered his head quietly.

Until Zhao Yu left the interrogation room again, there were only colleagues from the Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit left, as Mao Wei had left, due to embarrassment.

Then, Zhao Yu passed all of the follow-up tasks to his colleagues, before leaving the police station to return to his home at Shun Feng Street. On the way, Zhao Yu tried to call Miao Ying a few more times, but her phone still couldn’t be reached.

Just when Zhao Yu arrived home, Su Jinmei called again. Su Jinmei told Zhao Yu that, after investigating through the night, the Ruyang Branch had basically figured out the entire process of the Chen Sisters’ Falling Off the Building Case.

The person named Chen Bingxian used the token, whereby Le Chao, who was terminally ill, and whose family was financially poor, requested him to assist in killing the Chen sisters and framing Ai Lili! Chen Bingxian had then offered an assassination fee of five million, giving him a one million deposit on the spot. He then agreed to make the rest of the payment once the entire mission had been completed.

The two million that was placed on Le Chao’s wife’s bank card, had also been planted internally by Chen Bingxian. Thus, it was totally no related to Ai Lili at all.

According to Chen Bingxian’s confession, the only thing that he hadn’t expected, was Le Chao’s sudden death. According to the original plan, after Le Chao was arrested, he would bring false charges against Ai Lili at the police station. However, his death foiled Chen Bingxian’s seemingly perfect plan!

He had never expected that Le Chao would make a video of their dealings! After the presentation of such important evidence, Chen Bingxian had no choice but to plead guilty.

After that, the police found the one million deposit at Le Chao’s place, thus bringing the entire incident to light. Ai Lili was then able to be released, cleared of all charges.

As the case was closed so quickly, the Ruyang Key Case Investigation Unit was highly reviewed, thus boosting its reputation. Not only did they heighten their status overnight, but they were then able to give a tight slap to Wang Shengyao and his troop!

“However” Su Jinmei told Zhao Yu emotionally, “Sifu, I have something that I can’t seem to let go. Do you think that it was too inhuman, the fact that we used a fake medical record to retrieve Le Chao’s wife’s testimony?”

Actually, Zhao Yu had taken similar immoral measures numerous times, including the obtaining of Kong Weisen’s testimony and the use of the weapon examination report to deceive Xiao Zhen. Those were all obtained through inappropriate measures.

In the past, Zhao Yu never felt that there was anything inappropriate about this. In his mind, he wasn’t framing a good person, but merely revealing the truth.

If Xiao Zhen wasn’t the murderer that killed Liu Jiao, no matter how much evidence Zhao Yu forged, he wouldn’t have admitted to the crime! Like the saying went, “fake it till you make it.” From Zhao Yu’s viewpoint, it was just another method to use to solve the case more effectively.

But, in regards to Su Jinmei’s direct question, Zhao Yu had no idea how to reply! He thought to himself for a while, then said with emotions, “Jinmei, don’t do anything that you will feel ashamed of! I think, if we can reveal the truth and get justice for the victim, that That should make it right, right?”

“Oh, I understand now. Sifu, you are such an eye-opener. I benefit greatly from your teachings!” Su Jinmei replied politely. “Your comments and advice are always appreciated!”

Then, the pair continued to exchange some conversational pleasantries, before hanging up. Towards the disciple that he had just accepted, Zhao Yu felt a keen interest. At the same time, he felt a sense of pride and satisfaction in being worshipped.

However, there was something that Zhao Yu had forgotten to ask her. The big-eyed cute girl was saying earlier that she had found people to help him”

Would it be Bureau Chief Hong was called over by Su Jinmei? In order to help?

Could this Su Jinmei have her own backstage dealings as well? She is not a simple girl, after all?!