Crazy Detective Chapter 513

Chapter 513 Determination To Solve The Case

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The more Zhao Yu that thought about it, the scarier it got. He could gradually feel that Le Chao’s death really wasn’t that straightforward!

Not only Le Chao’s death, but even the entire Falling Off the Building Case wasn’t as simple as it first seemed to be!

Regarding the case, could there be another truth?

But Chen Bingxian had already pleaded guilty! That meant that his crime of contracting a killer was already established! He had hired Le Chao to kill the Chen sisters! These were undeniable facts!

Could it be I am overthinking it, as my brain is being too active?

Hold on

Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought of a bizarre idea!

Since I am having misgivings, I might as well tell it make a decision for me!

The “it” that Zhao Yu was referring to was the system in his brain, the idea being to get a new hexagram, right there and then. If there wasn’t a “Gen” hexagram waiting, then it meant that the case had truly ended. But, if there was a “Gen” hexagram, he must take that seriously!

Maybe, behind the Falling Off the Building Case, there really was a hidden agenda!


Zhao Yu immediately activated the system to get a hexagram. In the end, the two Chinese characters that appeared frightened ZhaoYu. As he quivered in shock, his water cup fell on the ground.

He saw the two characters right in the middle, “Qian Kan”!!!

Holy Crap!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu looked up to heaven and sighed heavily.

Bro system, how could you do that to me?

Are you trying to make fun of me?

If you have the guts, you might as well give me a “Qian Kun” hexagram! Let the comet knock into the earth, and yep, here comes the end of the world, huh?!

Looking at the terrifying hexagram, Zhao Yu was so stirred, he began speaking incoherently!

After a while, he finally calm down a little.


But that’s A Qian hexagram?!

It would cost a human life!

This is not a joke!

At that very moment, Zhao Yu’s weariness and exhaustion were completely gone. He knew that a “Kun” hexagram, which represented a huge incident, was sufficient to scare him silly! A “Qian” hexagram could only be even more powerful than a “Kun” hexagram!

Before that, Zhao Yu had only received a “Qian” hexagram once. In the end, during the battle at General Ridge, including some of the police officers and the robbers, there were so many casualties!

Then What about this time?

Why did it suddenly have to become so serious?

Zhao Yu remembered clearly that the previous Qian hexagram that he had gotten followed behind a Gen hexagram, and its power was already earth shattering! This time, a Qian hexagram came first, so one could only imagine that the power wouldn’t be any weaker.

The most confusing part was wondering why a Kan hexagram followed behind a Qian hexagram? Since “Kan” represented woman, it wasn’t strange for there to be a woman. But…For a woman to appear alongside a Qian hexagram

Zhao Yu thought to himself…

If there was a “Gen” hexagram, I could at least go to investigate the loophole of the Falling Off the Building Case, but a “Kan” hexagram… What should I do about that?

Pay attention to the women around me? Among them, which one would be in danger? Or maybe, among them, there was someone who wants to kill me?

Zhao Yu couldn’t estimate the meaning of the terrifying Qian hexagram, but there was something else that must be done. He must still deal with the side quest!

According to the hexagram poem on the interface, Zhao Yu quickly found the time and location for the side quest that day. He didn’t expect that it was the second time the side quest location would be at the Rongyang Police Station, and that the time would be at 2:10 in the afternoon, right when his shift was.

Having such a terrifying Qian hexagram, Zhao Yu naturally dared not belittle the side quest. It was hard to say if it was like Falling Off the Building Case, but the side quest might indeed play an important role!

Although the sky was growing bright, it was still late at night. Zhao Yu picked up the cup from the ground, then went back to lie down in his bed.

That time, he wasn’t sure what he was thinking about. He didn’t even know if he slept or not. But, when he opened his eyes again, it was already eight in the morning!

Zhao Yu looked over and saw the “Qian Kan” hexagram, right in the middle of his system. Then, he realized that the hexagram yesterday was true! It wasn’t a dream or an illusion!

Zhao Yu got out of bed, brushed his teeth, then rinsed his mouth. He then got dressed to leave the house.

He never expected that it would still be drizzling outside. Like the saying goes, “it gets colder with every rainfall in the autumn.” Plus, with the hexagram, which made him feel so unsettled, Zhao Yu felt that his heartstrings were already being tugged tightly.

Although the weather wasn’t nice, he had to go to work anyway. Luckily, he parked his Landrover right downstairs, so he didn’t even need to get an umbrella.

He felt hungry, so he drove to a restaurant near Shun Feng Street to get some breakfast. He picked a seat next to the window. From that seat, he could look directly at the office building of the Rongyang Police Station. The rain wasn’t heavy, but due to the difference of temperature, there was a layer of thick fog. It made people feel the chilliness even more.

While waiting for the waiter to bring out his food, Zhao Yu took a look at his handphone again. There was still no news of Miao Ying.

This girl, where did she go? I don’t even know when she is coming back. If she was here, it wouldn’t be so tough for me to solve this case!

The breakfast arrived. The delicate soy drink and deep fried dough stick gave were delicious, and Zhao Yu realized what a big appetite he had this morning! But As he ate, he slowed down. This was because, when he was eating, he thought about the previous night, regarding the Falling Off the Building Case. He recalled the many unreasonable things about Le Chao

Tsk tsk

Suddenly, Zhao Yu put down his chopsticks, thinking to himself…

Although it wasn’t a”Gen” hexagram today That doesn’t mean that there was nothing wrong with Le Chao!

Regardless of it being a Qian hexagram or a Kan hexagram, if I don’t investigate, I will always feel uneasy!


Zhao Yu looked at his half-eaten breakfast, then at the drizzle outside the window, determination rising in his heart! Then, he quickly paid the bill and drove off in his car, disappearing among the rain fog in the blink of an eye.

Twenty minutes later, Zhao Yu, holding a black umbrella, arrived at the rooftop of the dental hospital. A few days back, the Chen sisters had been pushed off by Le Chao from this very place!

At that very moment, under the shower of rain, there weren’t any traces of the crime remaining. But, in Zhao Yu’s head, he was trying very hard to replay the situation. It was as though he could see Le Chao, who was in the huge doctor’s robe, carrying the Chen sisters to the rooftop, one at a time

Although the Chen sisters were petite, they were both human, so Le Chao would have had to carry them to the rooftop separately. Then, in front of everyone, he would have had to have pushed the sisters off of the building!

Le Chao was once an excellent police office. If he was doing such harmful things for money, wouldn’t he feel at least a little bit of guilt?

Just when Zhao Yu was thinking about this seriously, his handphone suddenly rang. After he answered it, he found that it was his disciple, Su Jinmei.

“Sifu, I’ve gone through all of the things that you told me to check on! Chen Bingxian said that it was him that found Le Chao. Besides the fact that Le Chao was in a difficult financial situation and had a terminal illness, he also used to be a police, so he would be familiar with police procedures. Thus, he thought it would be easier to succeed in the framing!”

“Oh If that is so, then it wasn’t Le Chao that requested this from Chen Bingxian?” Zhao Yu asked again.

“Mm” Su Jinmei hummed, then asked carefully, “Sifu! You told me to go through the verbal confession again. Is that because You think that there is something wrong with the case?”