Crazy Detective Chapter 517

Chapter 517 When You Reach The Place In Your Life What More Do You Ask For?

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“I am at the door of the finance department!” Zhao Yu was holding his phone, as he looked at the door of the finance department. He was confused.

The anti-theft door swung open from the inside at that moment, and Gao Shuhai, who was in a suit, was holding his phone. He looked at Zhao Yu in shock. “Wasai, you deserve the title of Rongyang Sherlock Holmes! Bro, are you a fortune teller? This is so amazing!”

“Mm” Zhao Yu was at loss for words. He even forgot to hang up the phone!

“Come on. Hurry up and come in!” The next second, Gao Shuhai responded, while basically dragging Zhao Yu into the room. The moment they entered, he quickly closed the door furtively.

“Section Chief Gao, what is going on? Don’t try to scare me either, as I am quite timid!” Zhao Yu pretended to be nervous. He lifted his head and saw Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao!

“Good thing, hehe, good thing!” Gao Shuhai said mysteriously, as he dragged a chair to pass to Zhao Yu, while the other party stood by the side.

“Zhao Yu, comrade, I have to congratulate you!” Bureau Chief Luan came before Zhao Yu and said, a smile on her face. “Let me make this short! Didn’t you find the Golden Buddha treasure during the General Ridge Incident? We settled the case through the Cultural Relic Bureau, then passed all of your information, including your report, to the National Cultural Relic Bureau for their examination and approval. Now, the result is out. The Cultural Relic Bureau decided to award you a special silk banner, as a commendation of your heroic act of guarding a national treasure so bravely!”


Zhao Yu let out a cough, followed by a long sigh. He thought to himself:

That’s it? I thought this was about something major! They are acting so furtively. It’s just some silly silk banner. Do they have to act so sneaky like this?

Bureau Chief Luan took up another thick stack of documents, then said, “I am not going to read you all of the red tape mumbo jumbo, but I will just tell you the result directly! It reads: As Zhao Yu was the one and only discoverer of the Qinshan Golden Buddha treasure, thus making an important contribution in protecting such a treasure, the National Cultural Relic Bureau is proud to reward Zhao Yu with thirty-nine million eight hundred and forty-five thousand Renminbi!”

After he finished reading, Bureau Chief Luan put down the document. She then looked towards Zhao Yu.

“Oh Thanks! Thanks! Hehe” Zhao Yu saluted Bureau Chief Luan and Section Chief Gao, then cupped one of his hands on his other fist. However, when his fist was still in the air, he suddenly realized the amount, which caused him to jump high into the air! He asked Bureau Chief Luan, ” What did you say? How How much money?!”

Bureau Chief Luan smiled, then passed the document to Zhao Yu directly. Zhao Yu looked at the Arabic numbers, suddenly stunned. On the document, it was clearly written “39,845,000 RMB”! The most awesome part was that it was untaxable!

Oh my god!

This This is a dream, isn’t it?

Zhao Yu was dumbfounded. He had never expected that his country would actually reward him with so much money?! He had unexpectedly just gotten almost forty-million, as a reward! This How could this be explained?


It is so much money! How should I spend it?

At that very moment, Zhao Yu had lost all rationality

“Zhao Yu, comrade, you deserve this!” Bureau Chief Luan said happily. “You protected the national treasure with your life and safeguarded the law. You definitely deserve this reward! Oh, and this is merely the reward from the country to you. Our police affairs sector also will not neglect your contribution. I reckon that there should be numerous medals and cash rewards heading your way!”

“Wahaha!” Zhao Yu was flattered. He was hot with emotions, as he hugged Bureau Chief Luan, even giving her two quick pecks on her cheeks!

“This” Gao Shuhai quickly covered his face, while Bureau Chief Luan blushed with embarrassment.

“Bro, it is okay! You can be thrilled! But” Once Zhao Yu was almost done with his dance of joy, Gao Shuhai began to remind him solemnly, “But, as the sky high reward is really rare, the higher ups decided that it must be handled secretly, not spread to the public. So, before you receive your reward, you have to sign a document to ensure confidentiality. Actually, this is for you own good, too!”

“Hehehe, of course, of course!” Zhao Yu was still in a state of sheer delight. “Gao, Bureau Chief Luan, when I am done with my current tasks, I will definitely buy you both a proper meal!”

Then, Zhao Yu got closer to Bureau Chief Luan. She was afraid that he was going to do something stupid, so she quickly dodged him, while raising both her hands. “Zhao Yu, keep a low profile, remember! The more reputation you build up, the heavier the responsibility! You have already become the role model of the entire Qinshan police. So, in the future, you have to keep this up, being careful to not tarnish your name!”

“Of course, of course!” Zhao Yu spread his hands, leaping towards Gao Shuhai.

Gao Shuhai was well-prepared, as he had already gotten behind of his desk!He then said, “Also, Zhao, it’s not like you could receive the reward after you sign the papers today. For such a huge amount, our branch has no rights to undertake it. After you sign, you have to bring along the note from Bureau Chief Luan, then have Bureau Chief Hong in the municipal police station sign it. Then, you must report to the municipal finance department! Bureau Chief Luan already talked to everyone. Regarding the huge reward, the higher ups will keep it confidential!”

“That’s great, that’s great! Thank you, thank you” Zhao Yu then saluted and thanked them again.

Then, once Zhao Yu had signed and Bureau Chief Luan was also done with the note, he finally left the finance department to walk towards his office. Along the way, he was already floating in the air, thinking about all of that reward money!


When added to his original cash, Zhao Yu’s total assets reached over fifty-million! He was even more amazing now, compared to the country bumpkin that he used to be, with only tens of thousands!

Suddenly, a profound laziness developed in Zhao Yu’s heart.

Yeah! Hmm…So, why would I continue to risk my life anymore?

I have fifty-million now, and I have gotten my Goddess, Miao Ying! When you reach such a place in your life, what more can you ask for? I should just be enjoying my amazing life, not spending so much time and effort to investigate the truth of Jumping Off Building Case! What is it for, after all? And, the case isn’t even within my jurisdiction! Moreover, it is a closed case, so why do I ask for it?

Now, I could buy a luxury house, or a luxury car! Why would I leave such a carefree life to investigate the case on the roof of a cement factory, especially on such a rainy day?

Why am I doing this for?

Recalling the unconstrained manner of his previous life, he had to admit to himself:

Didn’t I do all of this for money? Now that I am not lacking money, does it mean that I have already realized my life goal?

Then, he suddenly thought of the hexagram poem.

Oh god, would the hexagram today, instead of representing any terrifying event, like a bunch of people dying, instead be representing the fact that I received a superbly huge amount of reward money?!

But If it was representing the reward, there should at least be a “Dui” hexagram, right?

If it were to be a “Kun Dui” hexagram today, or a “Dui Qian” hexagram, wouldn’t it make more sense? Why does it have to be a “Qian Kan” hexagram?

Just when Zhao Yu was pondering all of this, his handphone rang. But this time, Li Beini was the one who was calling.

At that very moment, Zhao Yu had arrived outside the office, so he didn’t pick up, but took huge strides inside directly. However, just as he entered, he suddenly saw that it was overcrowded in the office!

“Hey? Isn’t that Police Officer Zhao?” Among the crowd, there was someone that suddenly shouted.

Then, there were a few people who dashed forward and raised the cameras that were in their hands. They aimed the lenses at Zhao Yu, then started taking photographs. Suddenly, there were another two with video cameras, both aimed at Zhao Yu, too.

Oh my!

Zhao Yu blocked his eyes with his hands, cursing under his breath. “Bureau Chief Luan, Gao Shuhai, you two are so untrustworthy! Didn’t you say that this all must be strictly confidential? Why, in the blink of an eye, have you sent the media to expose me?!”