Crazy Detective Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Rules Of the Underworld

Suddenly seeing a big bag of money in front of Zhao Yu, the office turned dead silent. The ruffians who had come to extort money looked on with their eyes wide open, practically drooling.

"Officer Zhao, there are no words that can express my gratitude." Shao Jiaying said sincerely, "You fought to protect my hand! If not for you, I cannot imagine what I would be now! This one-hundred-thousand yuan is really nothing. If you dont accept it, Ill be very upset! So, please accept it!"

"Ahem" Before Zhao Yu could speak, Liu Changhu made an enigmatic cough and stepped forward to speak to Shao Jiaying. "Maam, you cant do this! We have regulations in the police force. If Zhao Yu accepts your money, it will go against our regulations!"

"Stop!" Zhao Yu immediately stopped Liu Changhu and blurted, "Mind your own business!"

"You!?" Liu Changhu had wanted to glare at Zhao Yu, but Zhao Yu took a step forward and pushed Liu Changhu to one side with his shoulder. "The moneys not for you, are you jealous?"

"You!?" Liu Changhus face turned green.

"Miss Shao, heh heh" Zhao Yu conjured a smile and held Shao Jiayings hand, "Our team leader is right! We have regulations in the police force. If I accept any reward from you now, Ill be punished after that! You see"

"Ah? What should we do?" Shao Jiayings face became anxious. "Im sorry, I really didnt know! Officer Zhao, I really want to thank you sincerely, I really hope you can accept it!"

"How about this!" Zhao Yu had been waiting to hear that. He quickly and seriously spoke, "Since Miss Shao is so sincere, Id be letting her down if I didnt accept, right?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Shao Jiaying nodded, "You have to accept!"

"In that case, heh heh" Zhao Yu finally let go of the beautys hand and took out pen and paper, "as long as you write a declaration that this is a voluntary donation, it will be perfectly justified for me to accept this money! And the police force would not punish me!"

There was a sudden uproar. What Zhao Yu had done was totally unexpected. Although it would not be against any regulations if there was a written declaration, it would undermine the reputation of the policemen in the unit!

"Zhao Yu, you!?" Liu Changhu stared at him with his bulging eyes and shouted, "You dare to take that money? Do you realize youre smearing the reputation of the policemen here and putting us all to shame?"

"Officer," before Zhao Yu could say anything, Shao Jiaying spoke, "Im not here to smear the polices reputation, I merely want to express my gratitude for Officer Zhao! This money is my small token of appreciation! This is very common in Australia! Officer" she turned toward Liu Changhu, "how about this, after I settle my fathers issue, Ill send a silk banner to the police station, alright?" With that, Shao Jiaying hurriedly wrote a note saying "Donation of 100,000 RMB to Zhao Yu." Zhao Yu would then be able to accept that huge sum of money with perfect justification.

"Liu!" Zhao Yu was very pleased with himself and stuck out his tongue at Liu Changhu, adding insult to his injury, "I dont wanna mention this, but why did you blatantly ask for a silk banner? Isnt that a disgrace? Arent you smearing our reputation by doing that! Dont you feel ashamed?"

"You!? Zhao Yu! Youre shameless!" Liu Changhu bared his teeth in anger and was shaking furiously. Other than the word "shameless," he could not say anything else.

Zhao Yu stopped bothering Liu Changhu. He took Shao Jiayings declaration, as well as the bag of money, and continued shaking hands with the beauty.

Shao Jiaying had her assistant give her business card to Zhao Yu, and told him to look for her if he needed any help in future. She would definitely do her best to help him out. Zhao Yu thanked her again, and Shao Jiaying left the office with her assistant.

Zhao Yu had wanted to criticize Liu Changhu further, but was stopped by the blonde guy. "Officer, you have so much money now, dont you think..." he stretch out his hands again at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yus jubilant face turned gloomy again, and his eyes were cold and daunting. "So, youve thought it through?"

"Yes!" The blonde said with certainty, "Ive thought it through!"

"Youve really decided to try and extort money from me!?"

"Yes!" The yellow hair guy nodded.

"Hmph!" Coldness flashed across Zhao Yus eyes as he threw the bag onto the table and dug out a stack of money. There were ten stacks of bills in the bag, so each stack was exactly ten-thousand yuan.

"Little punk!" Zhao Yu stared at him and said, "Remember, you chose the path yourself, dont regret it after youve chosen it!"

"Mmm...mmm" The blonde guy seemed uncertain after Zhao Yus comment and only nodded quietly.

"There!" Zhao Yu threw the stack of money in front of him, "Ten-thousand exactly. Keep the change!"

What!? Wow

An uproar started in the office again. The policemen were all confused, nobody understood what exactly was Zhao Yu doing? They had agreed on two-thousand, so why was he giving him more? Was he a fool?

Among them, even the furious Liu Changhu looked on patiently.

"Big brother, no, no, no" The blonde guy seemed to have realized something and hastily waved his hands, "We agreed on two thousand, I wouldnt dare to take more!"

"Bullsh*t!" Zhao Yu pounded on the table and the blonde trembled, "Holy sh*t! Are you looking down on me? Ten-thousand means ten-thousand! How can I take back what I said?"

"Then...I...I shall" the blonde guy could not believe what was happening. After pondering for a while, he reached for the stack of money with uncertainty.

"Wahaha" Zhao Yu threw back his head and laughed out loud. The blonde guy quickly withdrew his hand in fear. "Young punk!" Zhao Yu grabbed the blondes collar and said fiercely, "You can take the ten-thousand dollars, but do you know the rules of the underworld?"

"What! What rules?" the blonde guy had been taken by surprise. He never would have imagined that a police officer would tell him about the rules of the underworld.

"Crimson lips, white knife, golden finger!" Zhao Yu pouted, "Rules of the underworld. You wanna take money from me, then you have to follow the rules set by me. Ive chosen the lightest one for you today, what do you think!?"