Crazy Detective Chapter 521

Chapter 521 It Is Him Actually

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“Sifu, what else do you have to say?” Su Jinmei shouted at Zhao Yu in front of Li Chen. “This is so obvious. The truth is exactly how we thought it would be! Ai Lili used ten million to bribe Le Chao. She wanted him to approach Chen Bingxiang, then commit the murder and framing, so that he would clear all of Ai Lili’s obstacle in one foul swoop! The true mastermind behind this is Ai Lili! Let’s arrest her!”

“This is so shocking!” Li Chen clapped his hands together in surprise. “Why didn’t I notice that the chairman’s wife could be a true schemer? It was really a conspiracy within a scheme! It is really amazing!”

Su Jinmei and Li Chen were extremely excited, but Zhao Yu still had his eyebrows tightly knit.

“Sifu, what is it?” Su Jinmei asked. “Captain Zhang and the team are getting ready now, so what are you waiting for?”

“Manager Li Chen!” Zhao Yu didn’t answer Su Jinmei, but asked Li Chen, “If Ai Lili could plot such a perfect plan, why would she make such an obvious mistake? Let me ask you, if Ai Lili were to withdraw ten million from the bank, and that was the ten million that Le Chao put in the storage cabinet, is there anyway to prove it?”

“Of course! Do we even need to talk about this?” Su Jinmei cut in. “If one were withdrawing ten million from the bank, there would be a record of the transaction! Check the notes! This would be conclusive evidence!”

“No, it’s hard to say” Li Chen suddenly spoke in a listless spirit, “That ten million was withdrawn from the chairman’s private account. It’s not a regular bank account, nor was it cash. You don’t know how rich people operate, as their daily cash flows can be so huge, making transactions such as this, especially involving a private account, more easily overlooked or hidden”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Su Jinmei had her eyes wide open. “You are not trying to say that, even if we all know that Ai Lili is the mastermind behind this, we still couldn’t charge her with the crime? You are the general manager, so you must have some ways of helping to prove this, right?!”

“There is, but” Li Chen creased his eyebrows and said, “Even if I give my full cooperation, it would take a lot of trouble to trace it. Most of the funds come in from overseas, which means that it could take at least two to three months to trace! Plus, even if we found the direction of the flow of funds, it is not certain that we can prove that Ai Lili was the one who took out the money, let alone be certain that it was the service fee for contracting a killer”

Su Jinmei spoke in distress, “The money is the only evidence. If we can’t prove that it was the same money, what should we do?”

“This was exactly what I was worried about!” Zhao Yu shook his head and said, “The reason why Chen Bingxian could plead guilty so quickly, was because of the evidence that Le Chao had left behind! But, concerning Ai Lili, it’s entirely different! If we can’t prove that the ten million was given by Ai Lili to Le Chao, we do not have any evidence to charge Ai Lili! So, tell Zhang to not act rashly just yet!”

“So cunning!” Su Jinmei rubbed her chin and said angrily, “Are we just supposed to sit back and watch Ai Lili reap the profits, just like that?”

“The crucial part is” Zhao Yu too rubbed his chin, then said, “The case is not clear right now. We can’t be absolutely sure that Ai Lili is indeed the mastermind behind all of this!”

“Ten million! Is this not clear enough, Sifu?” Su Jinmei said. “Do you think there is another suspect? Who else would it be? It is clear that Ai Lili is the biggest beneficiary! If not her, who?”

“No!” Zhao Yu shook his head. “Although Ai Lili was really the biggest beneficiary, and it was extremely possible that she was involved, I think that Ai Lili wasn’t the one that actually plotted all of these things!”

“Who else could it be?” Su Jinmei said, shocked. “Would it be Chen Bingguang, who was in his heavy stupor?”

“What are you talking about?” Li Chen was frightened now, his face growing pale. “Don’t make crazy things up, okay?”

“True!” Su Jinmei lowered her head and said, “Even if Chen Bingguang pretended to be in coma, why would he contract a killer to kill his own daughters? If he were to plan something, killing Ai Lili sounds more like a feasible option!”

“Mm To kill Ai Lili?” Zhao Yu shook his head, thinking aloud. “Yeah? Back then, when Chen Bingxian contracted a killer, why didn’t he just kill Ai Lili directly? Why did he want to kill the pair of sisters?”

“I know about this!” Su Jinmei replied. “Chen Bingxian brought it up in his testimony. He said that, if he were to kill Ai Lili, then he couldn’t get rid of the Chen sisters! So, by killing the Chen sisters and framing Ai Lili, it was like killing two birds with one stone! Ai Lili is a stepmom after all, so it would be more beneficial in regards to swaying the public’s opinion!”

“Chen Bingxian was so cruel!” Li Chen said emotionally. “Miley and Mochi were his nieces. The fact that he could even do that to them, it proves that he is a beast!”

“Yeah!” Su Jinmei said. “If Chen Bingxian had only killed Ai Lili, he could have taken over the position of chairman in the company. But, his motive would have been too obvious. He would have definitely been suspected by the police!”

“Thus, killing the Chen sisters and framing Ai Lili would be different! Once he succeeded, not only was he going to take over the company, he could even take over Chen Bingguang’s property! So, this risk was worth taking!”

“Oh Oh.” Suddenly, Zhao Yu’s eyes grew bright and clear. He spoke, as though he had just realized something, “I seem to understand the entire process of the incident now! The mastermind of the conspiracy within a scheme is him!!!”

“Huh? What?” Su Jinmei was shocked, so she asked, “Sifu, who is the true murderer? Quick, tell me!”

“Jinmei,” Zhao Yu said emotionally, “Do you remember what I told you back then? It is the crime cases with plots that are accompanied by coincidences that are the hardest for us to investigate.”

“I remember. But I still don’t understand.” Su Jinmei stared into Zhao Yu’s eyes, waiting for him to reveal the answer. However, Zhao Yu had only managed to open his mouth, when Li Chen’s office phone rang awkwardly.

Ring ring ring

Li Chen apologized, then quickly picked up the phone. He only heard a few words, before his body shook and his face grew grave. After hanging up the phone, Li Chen panicked, then told Zhao Yu, “This is bad. The hospital called…The director He is nearing the end!”

“Huh? What” Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei were shocked.

“Excuse me, as I have to rush over now!” Li Chen answered anxiously. “We shall talk about all of this later! The two of you, please feel free”

Then, Li Chen couldn’t be bothered by anything else, but ran out from the office directly.

“Sifu This” Su Jinmei looked towards Zhao Yu helplessly.

At that very moment, Zhao Yu felt like stunned speechless. He was looking at a spot on the ceiling, dazed and not moving an inch!

“Sifu Sifu” Su Jinmei urged softly, but Zhao Yu didn’t respond. Then, about ten seconds later, Zhao Yu suddenly stood up straight from his chair.

“Holy Crap! I’ve got it!” Then, Zhao Yu grabbed Su Jinmei’s shoulders and said, “Disciple, hurry up and call Zhang! Later, we will need to make a trip to the hospital! If my plan works, I could make the mastermind reveal himself today!”