Crazy Detective Chapter 522

Chapter 522 A Good Play

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The rain was getting heavier. Before the clock had struck six in the evening, the sky had grown entirely dark.

The rainwater formed a water curtain on the windshield of the Landrover. The wiper swept back and forth at its highest speed, constantly dispersing streams of water.

“Right, tell your men to stand back and listen to my instructions! If my plan doesn’t succeed, there is no use for you to extort a confession by torture. Understand? And, don’t forget Le Chao’s pen drive. Remember, I need that pen drive, and it must be the original one! I don’t care what measures you have to take, just bring it over! Right”

Zhao Yu drove, while he handed over many tasks to Captain Zhang. Su Jinmei waited for him to hang up the phone. She had wanted to ask him a question, but Zhao Yu didn’t pause before calling another person.

“Hello, Mister Ji? I’m Zhao Yu. Bro, I need some help. I remember that you are quite close to the lawyer associates, right?”

As it turned out, Zhao Yu had called Mister Ji Chunhua, and they chatted over the phone for about twenty minutes. Su Jinmei was getting more and more confused and impatient. She couldn’t understand what Zhao Yu was planning to do. When the Landrover had arrived at the hospital entrance, Zhao Yu finally ended the call.

“Sifu, can you tell me about your plan?” Su Jinmei finally found an opportunity to ask, “Who is the mastermind behind the scene? And, what are you going to do? Tell me, so I can cooperate with you.”


Zhao Yu, seeing the hospital entrance, suddenly turned his car around and said, “Su Jinmei, there’s a dumpling restaurant nearby! We totally have time to get some dumplings, then come back here to handle some real business!”

“What? Dumpling? Please Hey”

Zhao Yu was already driving to the dumpling restaurant next to the hospital. Although it was drizzling outside and was quiet on the street, the dumpling restaurant was crowded and packed!

Zhao Yu ordered some dishes and waited for quite a while, until he could finally dig into some delicious dumplings. Su Jinmei naturally couldn’t eat much, as she was too busy questioning Zhao Yu closely.

Zhao Yu was annoyed, so he finally told her, “This is what I learned from your Sifu’s wife. It’s called ‘fake it till you make it!’ If it succeeded, the truth will be revealed today! If it failed, the Ruyang Branch will have some things to take care of. You will have to check on the ten million then!”

“Please, let’s talk about the important points, okay?” Su Jinmei was in a hurry. She was holding the chopsticks, waving them around, as though she was going to stab Zhao Yu if he didn’t tell her everything!

“Alright” Zhao Yu saw that his disciple was really growing impatient, so he lowered his voice and told her the plan softly.

“Huh? This Could this work?” Once Su Jinmei heard the plan, she shook her head. “Ai Lili is not Le Chao’s wife. She must be mentally well-prepared. You… Doing this Would it work? Plus, Sifu, I need to remind you… This is different from cheating Xin Xiaoru. Not only is this mean, but this is also Illegal?!”

If so” Zhao Yu couldn’t be bothered with Su Jinmai’s concerns, but picked up his handphone, saying, “Well then, I shall tell everyone that we will cancel the plan, and the rest of it will depend on the Ruyang Branch! You tell me, on such a rainy day, am I wasting my time here with you?”

Then, Zhao Yu pretended to make a call.

“Don’t don’t” Su Jinmei quickly stopped him. “I am just saying, your plan is too Too crazy! Not that I want to call it off”

“Hehe Because it’s crazy, it is possible that it could unearth the truth!” Zhao Yu put a entire dumpling in his mouth. He then said, “If we were to play by the rules, such a conspiracy within a scheme, which was so carefully plotted, would never come to light!”

“But I still feel” Su Jinmei creased her eyebrows, then sighed. “This seems more like a gamble. What if we lose?”

“You overthink everything!” Zhao Yu smiled. “With this strike, it will make everything even easier. If it fails, flee immediately. Don’t worry, Ai Lili will never know which one of us is correct! Plus, I found a bunch of outsiders to help.”

“Oh, that’s great, that’s great” Although she said the words, Su Jinmei was still astonished at Zhao Yu’s insane plan. She felt nervous and looked unusually worried.

On the other hand, Zhao Yu had a good appetite today. He had eaten almost all of his dumplings, as well as hers! Then, when he was done, his handphone rang.

“Great!” Zhao Yu pulled out a napkin to clean his mouth. He looked at the message that he had just received on his handphone. He then told Su Jinmei, “Now that we have been refreshed with food and drink. Let’s get back to work!”

Then, he and Su Jinmei left the dumpling restaurant and drove to the hospital. After he parked the car, they walked directly to the lift at the first floor of the hospital. There, they met three men.

The three men had been sent over by Ji Chunhua. After they saw Zhao Yu, they simply exchanged greetings. Zhao Yu beckoned for them to get to action separately. After which, the three persons then took the lift upstairs. Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei didn’t follow, but took another lift to the respiratory ward on the twelfth floor.

The both of them came to the ward where Chen Bingguang was. They quickly heard bereaved people wailing for their lost loved ones. All kinds of people, who were neatly dressed, were gathered outside of the ward.

Many of these people were sobbing quietly. Upon closer inspection, one could see that these were the leaders of various departments of the Bai Shi Li Group. Then, Captain Zhang and his team, who had been waiting, immediately went through the crowd to stand before Zhao Yu and Su Jinmei.

Zhang passed Zhao Yu a pen drive and said, “This is important evidence, please don’t spoil it. It’s under my signature!”

“Don’t worry!” Zhao Yu took the pen drive, while dragging Zhang to the side and asking, “What’s the situation like right now?”

“Chen Bingguang has passed away!” Zhang said softly. “He passed away about half an hour ago! The pastor just visited him. Now, in the ward, are the people that were closest to him. They are discussing the arrangements for the funeral!”

“Who are those people?” Zhao Yu asked.

“The board of directors and Chen Bingguang’s family, I guess?” Zhang said. “Ai Lili is here, too!”

As they spoke, Zhao Yu looked towards the ward, suddenly seeing that the general manager, Li Chen, was there, too!

“No way!” Zhao Yu thought and said. “Tell Li Chen to come out. If he were to stay in there, there might be a disruption!”

Then, he hurriedly called Li Chen, telling him to get out of the ward!

As soon as Li Chen had exited the ward, Zhao Yu immediately sent signals to the three men from the elevator earlier. The three men then fixed their collars and rushed in.

Li Chen saw that Zhao Yu wanted to say something, but Zhao Yu pulled him away, beckoning him to stand next to him at the door, as there would be a quite dramatic play going on in the ward soon!