Crazy Detective Chapter 523

Chapter 523 Crime Deal

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After the three men walked into the ward, the leading tall man, who was dressed in a checkered suit, told the people in the room, “Everyone! We are from the Qinshan Lawyer Association. Mr. Chen Bingguang entrusted us to take care of his affairs before his death. These are the documents and contracts of our association!” As he spoke, the people behind him showed the documents.

“As Mr. Chen has passed away,” the man continued, “According to contract regulations, we now need to announce his will in public. According to the law, the will goes into effect immediately!”

Listening to this, while standing at the door, Zhao Yu patted Li Chen’s shoulder. Li Chen had been instructed personally by Zhao Yu to return to the ward quickly, so that he could pretend to check the documents.

As Li Chen had been the closest person to Chen Bingguang, and he had dealt with the affairs of Chen Bingguang, everyone at the scene, including Ai Lili, had no doubt about him. Li Chen looked at the document carefully, then nodded to everyone, signaling that the document was legal..

Then, the checkered suit man took out a sealed document bag from a locked portfolio, which he then showed everyone. He did this so that everyone could clearly see that the document bag was perfectly sealed.

At the same time, one of the three men opened his camera, filming the entire procedure. They definitely looked very professional!

After the checkered suited man tore the document bag open, he took out a document carefully. He then slowly flipped open the document, staring to recite to everyone.

As a wealthy businessman in the shoe industry, Chen Bingguang’s will was naturally unusual. Before reading the will, there were a few paragraphs of introduction that were voiced, such as Chen Bingguang’s personal resume and the situation of him writing up his will, etcetera. It took a few minutes for the man to finish reading it.

Chen Bingguang, as the chairman of Bai Shi Li Group, wanted to be sure to avoid any property conflict that could result in his serious injury or death, so he had written a will ahead of time. In the will, he had also listed a few witnesses, as well as information regarding issues that he had entrusted to a few famous big lawyers and the lawyer association.

Then, he simply described his property information, such as individual properties, stock ownerships, savings, etcetera. Finally, in the main body of the will, the actual segregation of his property was discussed.

However, when the checkered suited man finished reading about the segregation of property, it had shaken everyone. In fact, they were completely stupefied!

“For the above mentioned property,” the checkered suited man recited, “Besides Chu San Dong Road estates number fifty-three, which is for my wife Ai Lili and my daughters, I will donate all of my remaining properties to various charitable organizations!”



“That can’t be right!”

Then, the room was filled with astonished people, especially Ai Lili, who had been listening by the side of the bed. She looked like she had been struck by lightning, suddenly jumping up!

The will reading continued. “I realize that I had been taking from society, but contributing extremely little. Every time that I thought about this, I felt extremely guilty and ashamed. Hence, this will was specially written, with the hopes of my contributing to society with what little strength I have left. Regarding the actual segregation of property, it will be handled by the Qinshan Lawyer Association entirely, with Xu Qianmiao taking charge.”

“Nonsense!” The checkered suited man hadn’t finish reading, but Ai Lili was already raging with anger. She came before him and bellowed, “Impossible! My husband, he wouldn’t write such a ridiculous will! You All of you Are Liars!”

When Ai Lili roared, the three checkered suited men’s foreheads were covered in a cold sweat.

“It’s true!” At that moment, the general manager, Li Chen, took the will. After he checked it carefully, he nodded and said, “Chairman Chen did mention to me once, that he was weary of his career and family, and that he had never done anything that was beneficial to society. So, he then said that he had the intention to donate all of his property to help society!”

Originally, the board of directors was doubtful, but after Li Chen said this, they believed it.

“Im Impossible” Ai Lili stumbled, suddenly lowering her body, in listless spirits. She then mumbled to herself, “He wouldn’t be so heartless”

“Lawyer Xu Qianmiao is on the way here. If anyone has any objections, you can call him to inquire about the matter further!” The checkered suited man straightened out his tie, then told Ai Lili, “The will has been announced. In order to prevent amendments, we have to keep the original copy. We will make a photocopy and send it over later!”

Then, the checkered suited man turned around to leave.

“Ah! Ah”

Ai Lili had suddenly lunged forward crazily, grabbing the checkered suited man, who had yelped in surprise! She bellowed, “Impossible! You are lying to me, Chen, he He wouldn’t treat me like that! It’s impossible”

After Li Chen saw this hectic scene, he quickly came forward to pull her off, placing the checkered suited man safely behind him.

“Ah” Ai Lili bellowed. She then turned around and roared hysterically at the deceased body on the sickbed, “Chen Bingguang, you are so heartless! How could you treat me like this?! How could you? Woo”

Ai Lili was wailing.As tears streamed down her face, her body began to shiver. The checkered suited man waved his hands at his colleagues, signaling that it was time for them to leave. They then quickly left the ward.

On their way out, they passed by Zhao Yu, who gave them a big thumbs up secretly. He then told Zhang and Su Jinmei, “Are you ready? Now, it’s our turn!”

The two of them nodded. Although there was excitement in their eyes, their bodies was shivering from nervousness!

“Strike an imposing manner! You must take note of your manner! This is the most important thing to pretend, understand?” Zhao Yu exhorted them again, as he pushed the door open, taking huge strides into the ward.

He came before the sickbed, flashing his police ID. Then, he spoke to Ai Lili with a loud and clear voice, “Are you Ai Lili? We are from the Ruyang Key Case Investigation Unit. We suspect that you are involved in a contract killer case. Please follow us back to the police station for questioning!”


Then, there was another surprise at the scene

Ai Lili was still in a state of extreme excitement, when she heard Zhao Yu speak. She immediately turned around and asked, “What?! What do you want from me? What contract killing?”

“Don’t play dumb!” Zhao Yu stood straight, speaking cooly. “You used ten million to bribe Le Chao to kill the two sisters. Then, you framed Chen Bingxian. Are you still trying to deny your crime?”


The board of directors at the scene were dumbfounded. They had no idea what was going on. However, Ai Lili’s body was clearly tensed. She was obviously surprised and nervous.

“What are you talking about?” Ai Lili stared and said again. “The killer of both my daughters, isn’t it Chen Bingxian? Chen Bingxian tried to frame me, okay? You How could you confuse what’s right and wrong?”

“Humph Still stubbornly refusing your wrongdoing?” Zhao Yu shook his head and told Ai Lili, “Alright! If you are still in denial, I will tell you the whole story in front of everyone. Then your crime will be revealed to all! To be frank with you, I was in a long-standing fog of cluelessness, thinking that you were the big boss behind the scene! But, I now realize that the one that plotted this perfect plan was actually… Him!”