Crazy Detective Chapter 524

Chapter 524 A Plan No Ordinary Person Could Imagine

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“This is”

When Zhao Yu finished speaking, everyone at the scene was dumbfounded. Even Captain Zhang and Su Jinmei were surprised.

Everyone looked at Zhao Yu. Although Zhao Yu shouted “him,” he wasn’t pointing at anyone at the scene. Instead, Zhao Yu had taken out his handphone, then pointed on a photo on it.

“Actually the person that planned everything, is him!”


With great astonishment, everyone quickly looked at the photo. It was a photo of a middle-aged man.

“This This person Isn’t he the murderer?” Li Chen recognized the person in the photo, then said, “What’s his name again?”

“Le Chao!” Zhao Yu nodded and said, “That’s right! The plan was actually devised by him!”

“But” Li Chen creased his eyebrows, then asked, “Isn’t he dead?”

“Yeah,” Zhao Yu smiled. “Because he is dead, he managed to escape everyone’s attention!”

“What are you talking about?!” Ai Lili asked. She then pointed at him and said, “If he is the murderer, and he is dead, then Why do you suspect me?”

“Humph!” Zhao Yu immediately replied, “Although Le Chao was the planner Without you and Chen Bingxian aiding in the crime, such as the ten million that you gave him, how could his plan ever have been realized? So, the three of you are guilty!”


The scene burst into another uproar, while Ai Lili’s body quivered and her face grew pale.

“Don’t panic. Even though it seems to be hard to understand right now, as long as I tell you the entire story, all of you will be able to understand!” Zhao Yu spread his hands and said, “Actually, everything started about three months ago, when Chen Bingguang fell into his heavy stupor!”

Then, Zhao Yu saluted the deceased on the sick bed, cupping one of his hands on his other fist. He then said solemnly, “Chairman Chen, don’t blame me! It’s not that I wanted to bring up your intimate affairs, but I am trying to do justice for both of your daughters! So, please protect me from above”

Watching Zhao Yu talk to a dead person, everyone was quiet. A sense of eery fear caused them all to get goosebumps all over.

“Hehe Everyone listen to me. The police have investigated this carefully,” Zhao Yu said. “Regarding Chairman Chen’s coma, it might have been merely an accident! But, this accident has led to serious circumstances, and one very serious one in particular!”

“Chen Bingxian, for example, saw that his brother was in a heavy stupor, so he wanted to seize the chance to take over the chairman’s position, in order to take control of the entire group!” Zhao Yu then pointed at Ai Lili. “But, our chairman’s wife did everything possible to safeguard the position, so that Chen Bingxian couldn’t take advantage of the situation. In the end, it became a stalemate!”

He continued his explanation.”Then, Chen Bingxian couldn’t withstand it at first. This was because he realized that Ai Lili was also a woman that played her cards well. Even if his brother was no longer there, he still wouldn’t become the chairman! As everyone knows, in the stock ownership reorganization fight a few years back, not only did Cheng Bingguang defeat Chen Bingxian, he also took away a large amount of money from Chen Bingxian! Thus, he had been deeply embarrassed and had lost a great amount of money! How could Chen Bingxian withstand that?”

“So, driven by hatred, Chen Bingxian, who was dissatisfied, decided to take the risk of contracting a killer to remove all dissidents! After he made the decision, he quickly found a suitable person, which was Le Chao!”

“At that time, Le Chao had been stripped of his post as a policeman, his family was in a financial crisis, and his younger son had eye cancer, so they really needed money. Most importantly, Le Chao had lymphatic cancer as well, so he knew that he didn’t have much time left to live. So using Le Chao for murder was the best and obvious choice! Actually, Chen Bingxian kept it small and simple at first. He merely wanted to kill Ai Lili, who he saw as being a stumbling block. Once Ai Lili was dead, the company would be in his hands!”

Zhao Yu spoke, then Su Jinmei and Zhang suddenly exchanged shocked looks, as that knew that this part was definitely notin Chen Bingxian’s testimony! Obviously, it had been added by Zhao Yu! But, they naturally wouldn’t expose Zhao Yu, so they kept quiet and continued to listen.

Zhao Yu continued. “However, Le Chao was a cunning fox. He gave Chen Bingxian the idea himself, telling him that killing Ai Lili directly wouldn’t be of any good. As soon as Ai Lili died, the police would investigate Chen Bingxian first!”

“So, why not go for a more cruel route? He suggested killing the two sisters directly and framing Ai Lili! Then, not only could Chen Bingxian get the company, he could also get his brother’s property, while also removing himself from the police’s suspicion! A plan that involves killing three birds with one stone, why not?”

“Listening to Le Chao’s incredible idea, Chen Bingxian was convinced. Although the sisters were his nieces, they weren’t very close to him at all. So, Chen Bingxian and Le Chao came to a mutual agreement. He agreed to pay him five million later, then paid him one million on the spot! Everyone, pay attention, as then came the most crucial moment!”

Zhao Yu looked at everyone at the scene, then said, “When Le Chao and Chen Bingxian struck a deal, he wasn’t in a rush to carry out his contract killing. Instead, he figured out a way to get close to Ai Lili, then told Ai Lili the entire plan!”



Besides being shocked, everyone couldn’t help but redirect their focus onto Ai Lili. Ai Lili suddenly blushed with embarrassment, her chest heaving up and down. She wanted to defend herself, but Zhao Yu continued.

“Everyone, try to guess why Le Chao did this?!” Zhao Yu spoke mysteriously, but without waiting for anyone’s response, he gave an answer, “Le Chao felt that, if he only worked with Chen Bingxian, it wasn’t a sure thing!”

“The murder conspiracy in a wealthy family would always be driven by an obvious and enormous benefit chain. So, Le Chao felt that, if he were to cooperate with Chen Bingxian alone, the police might find him. By then, once Chen Bingxian had exposed himself, the five million that he kept for his family would be in vain!”

“Try to imagine, Le Chao was betting on his life in order to get aid for his family. He figured that he must find a more steady, certain way! The most crucial person of this whole scheme was, in fact, the chairman’s wife, Ai Lili!”

Then, Zhao Yu pointed at Ai Lili, starting to speak in a louder voice, “Le Chao then found Ai Lili. Not only did he present her with Chen Bingxian’s stratagem on a silver platter, he also suggested to Ai Lili an even more shocking and perfect scheme! The scheme was the very one that I talked about earlier, a conspiracy within a scheme!”

“Le Chao was really smart. He had thought about all kinds of details. Plus, his plan was amazing. An ordinary person could never have imagined it! The plan was that he would kill the two sisters, according to his deal with Chen Bingxian. Then, he wouldn’t be arrested by the police, nor would he identify and testify against Ai Lili. Instead, he would end his life, making it appear like it was an accident. Thus, he bet on his life in order to ensure that the plan could be carried out smoothly!”


Then, there was an uncontrollable uproar again.

“Yeah!” Zhao Yu said honestly, “What other courageous plan could be greater than betting one’s own life? But, Le Chao did it! Because this was such a sneaky scheme, he made us police get very sidetracked!”