Crazy Detective Chapter 525

Chapter 525 525

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Then, Zhao Yu simply told everyone how he had chased after Le Chao, and how Le Chao had fallen at the cement factory roof and died. Everyone was dumbfounded. They couldn’t imagine how the contract killing case could be so complicated.

“Actually, when Le Chao and Chen Bingxian met, Le Chao had already given himself some room to maneuver,” Zhao Yu continued. “He left the evidence at his home that could prove that Chen Bingxian contracting the killing, as well as paid him the one million deposit. He did this so that the police could find them!”

“And, just to cover all of his bases, he also informed his wife of the evidence via express delivery. That way, the police were sure to find the evidence, and it would also prove that his wife had no idea about the deal, so that she wouldn’t be implicated in the crime after the fact.”

Zhao Yu continued. “The reason that Le Chao went to look for Ai Lili and presented her with his terrifying yet perfect plan, besides to protect himself, was so that he could earn a sizable income for the murder!”

“Once Le Chao’s plan succeeded, Ai Lili would no doubt become the biggest beneficiary. Not only would she then inherit the company and property, she would also remove Chen Bingxian from power. Most importantly, she could take herself entirely out of the matter, without being suspected by the police at all! So, to Ai Lili, this plan was simply like a pie in the sky! Why wouldn’t she have agreed with it?”

“You Bull” Ai Lili couldn’t listen any further, but refuted immediately, “You intentionally made this up! You are making an unfounded attack!”

“Don’t worry,” Zhao Yu said with confidence. “If I did not have sufficient evidence, how could I bring an arrest warrant for you today?”

Then, Zhao Yu gave Captain Zhang an eye signal, which Zhang immediately obeyed by taking out an arrest warrant to sway before everyone. However, the arrest warrant wasn’t real. After Zhang finished showing it, he quickly tucked it away again. As everyone was still in a state of extreme shock, no one paid close attention to the actual document anyway.

“Some mightwonder if Ai Lili would be afraid that Le Chao would change his mind, fooling her in the end. This is because, with merely a few words, he could make her believe in him.” Zhao Yu answered himself, “However, if Le Chao had wanted to convince Ai Lili, he would give her reassurance, which was the video that revealed that Chen Bingxian had contracted him as a killer! Thus, with that video, Ai Lili had no further worries!”

“Besides, the reason why Le Chao had included his life in the deal, was more and less so that Ai Lili’s mind could be at ease! After all, he’s dead, so how could he change his mind?”

“And, one more thing. That ten million was also considered to be a huge insurance!” Zhao Yu looked at Ai Lili and said, “I’m guessing that the ten million would be withdrawn by Le Chao, right? Le Chao bet his life on it, so he naturally would ask for a reasonable payment. Without ten million, no one would do it, right?”

“Then, Ai Lili agreed with Le Chao’s plan, giving the ten million to Le Chao directly!” Zhao Yu shook his head and said, “I don’t know how they negotiated the terms, so I am not sure if it was just a deposit or a full payment. Regardless, the money was in Le Chao’s hands!”

“After Le Chao got the money, he changed it into cash, then hid it in the storage cabinet at the tailor’s shop where his wife worked,” Zhao Yu said. “Then, he sent another express delivery that would only be sent three months later. Not only did he write his last words to his wife and children in this delivery, but he left them the key for the storage cabinet as well!

“Everyone, try to imagine…” Zhao Yu said to everyone, “Three months later, the Falling Off Building Case would have been closed. By then, who would pay attention to Le Chao’s wife having received the express delivery?”

“Thus, Le Chao’s plan was perfect. Every detail was designed by him ahead of time! So, he was actually the Falling Off Building Case’s planner!”

“But, honestly speaking…I really don’t know what Le Chao was thinking. He really kept his promise to commit murder! And And he pushed the pair of sisters off of the roof!” Zhao Yu said. “Everyone, the truth has been revealed! Regardless of who plotted the stratagem, Chen Bingxian and Ai Lili are both guilty, so they both have to take legal responsibility!”

“No! No no no!” Ai Lili heard this and immediately stood up with her chest out. She roared at Zhao Yu, “You are just saying things, without evidence! You are just bluffing. Where’s your evidence?”

“Evidence? Frick!” Zhao Yu stared at her and bellowed, “Is the evidence not conclusive enough?” Then, he pointed at the general manager, Li Chen, who was standing by the side. “I’m guessing that you don’t know. Chen Bingguang set up security features on his private account. The moment there was any transaction on the account, Li Chen would be alerted! Am I right?”

“I This” Li Chen was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that Zhao Yu would betray him. But, under public scrutiny, he could only cooperate, while he blushed with shame and nodded at everyone!

“You?!” Ai Lili sent Li Chen a death glare and said, “Those I simply spent the cash, but I didn’t”

“Aiyo, why don’t you understand?” Zhao Yu didn’t wait till Ai Lili was done, before he cut in, “Li Chen was your husband’s manager, so he knew the intimate details and terms of this account. Wherever you spent the money, he could tell clearly! Am I right?”

“Mm Yes I think” Li Chen’s cheeks were burning now.

“Im Impossible!” Ai Lili was shivering with excitement. She spoke as she trembled, “I don’t know Le Chao at all. I am innocent! I didn’t give him any money!”

“Sigh!” Zhao Yu sighed and said, “Ai Lili, what’s the point of quibbling unreasonably? Alright, I’ll show you, what is this? Take a good look to see if you recognize it?”

Then, Zhao Yu showed Le Chao’s pen drive, raising it in front of Ai Lili.

“Look closely,” Zhao Yu said. “After the two sisters fell off of the building and died, according to the first step of your plan, you had to be arrested as the first suspect for interrogation! In order to ensure that you could leave the police station, you naturally had to keep room for yourself to maneuver, right?”

“Otherwise, if the police didn’t find the evidence that Le Chao had left, didn’t you bet yourself it?”

“Huh?!” Looking at the pen drive in Zhao Yu’s hands, Ai Lili was stupefied. Her eyes were bloodshot and she was shouting, while quivering, “How How is it possible? You Where did you find this? You You stole it! You You Ah”

Then, Ai Lili already broke down entirely, as she looked up and roared!

“Ah Ah” She suddenly came before the sickbed, flipping open the white cloth on Chen Bingguang. She shouted at the deceased, “Chen Bingguang, you are so heartless! You’d rather donate all of that money than give it to me. You bastard, you are inhuman! Ah”

Then, she hammered the deceased crazily with her fists.


Everyone was shocked, as they all came forward to stop her. Li Chen also trembled with fright!

“Don’t stop me, don’t stop me! Ah” Ai Lili was wailing and pushing everyone crazily. “I am going to die together with Chen. I don’t want to live anymore Ah Woo”

The directors quickly stopped her, but the scene remained wildly chaotic. But, among the chaos, Su Jinmei suddenly pulled Zhao Yu to the side, signaling with her eyes to the pen drive in his hands. “Why did Ai Lili collapse, when she saw the pen drive? This pen drive belonged to Le Chao?!”


Before Zhao Yu answered, Ai Lili fell heavily on the ground. Her back knocked onto the cupboard, which was knocked faraway, its miscellaneous items falling out, too. Maybe they were worried that Ai Lili was injured, as the directors quickly let go and took a step back.

“Woo Woo woo” Ai Lili’s hair was in a mess, as she cried her heart out. She cried for a while, finally reduced to despair. She shook her head and said, “Yes! You won, you won, I gave Le Chao his ten million! Woo”

“I I was stuck in the house for way too long. The life I was living, was not one that you could ever imagine! None of them respected me, and they never treated me as a part of family! The two girls were ill-bred, and only cursed at me every time they would see me. I had had enough! He Heheh”

As she spoke, the ward was quiet. Only Ai Lili’s hysterical laugh, which sent goosebumps all over one’s skin, could be heard