Crazy Detective Chapter 526

Chapter 526 Faking Has Its Limits Too

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“Hehehe” Ai Lili looked at Zhao Yu, flashing an insane smile. There was a hint of creepiness in her voice, too. “Don’t you want to know how Le Chao and I negotiated? Actually, we didn’t negotiate, we just slept together!” Hehe”

“About six years ago, I had a short friendship with Le Chao, back in the capital. He had gone there to investigate a case, so we ran into each other. We clicked instantly. In fact, I think that he most likely had even thought about our old friendship, and had purposefully come to look for me!”

“Sigh Actually, after I gave the money to Le Chao, I had hoped that he was a liar, and that he could run away with the money, hehe” Ai Lili said in desolation, “I didn’t even send anyone to check on his medical records or address. Besides sleeping with him, I didn’t do anything else”

“Don’t you want to know what I was thinking?” Ai Lili’s face suddenly flickered with hatred. “I will tell you! I am just a woman, so what can I think? My husband was in a heavy stupor, and left me with a mess! My two so-called daughters treated me like the enemy. In fact, they were just dying to kick me out of the house! My brother-in-law even wanted to send a killer to kill me! So, which one of you cared one bit about my feelings, then?”

“Even if I had refused Le Chao’s offer, Chen Bingxian would have just sent another Le Chao to kill me!” As she spoke, Ai Lili clenched her teeth. “As he sent people to kill me, why can’t I frame him? If ithad been you, what would you have done, huh?!?!”

Ai Lili continued to roar, while everyone at the scene shook and quivered with fear.

“Haha Hahaha Chen, are you happy now?” Ai Lili turned around, mock talking to the dead body that was lying on the sickbed. “Your family has really officially broken up! Your daughters died! You died! Your brother and his wife are imprisoned! Are you happy now? Hahaha What’s the point of having so much money, now? Hahaha’

Watching Ai Lili’s emotions spiraling out of control, Zhao Yu quickly sent Zhang an eye signal. Zhang then responded by quickly handcuffing Ai Lili. When he was putting on the handcuffs, Ai Lili, who had been reduced to total despair, did not resist at all.

“Oh Who would have expected that the truth would be so crazy?” Su Jinmei nodded at Zhao Yu, then said, “Sifu, this was exactly the crime case, with a plot accompanied by a coincidence, that you were talking about! We had been focusing on the beneficiary, but forgot about the middleman that gave them the idea in the first place!”

She continued, very excited now. “And, Le Chao, he was really an amazing policeman, especially to be able to plot such a complicated stratagem! If he hadn’t been discharged from his post, he would definitely be an outstanding police like sifu by now, right?”

“No!” Zhao Yu shook his head and said, “Regardless of a person’s setbacks in life, they should never have a reason for killing someone else! Hence, with what Le Chao did, even if he hadn’t discharged from his post, he is not worthy policeman!”

“Oh That does make sense, but”

Su Jinmei immediately wanted to ask Zhao Yu more, but Zhao Yu turned around to talk to Ai Lili instead. “Ai Lili, the same goes for you. If you were truly a good and kind person, it would have been useless for Le Chao to even give you a hundred ideas to do wrong! It’s about who you are, that would totally have found another option!”

He continued his life lesson. “So, the outcome was due to the bad choice you made. You can’t blame anyone else!” Zhao Yu said coldly. “And, I do not believe that you don’t have nightmares about the two sisters’ tragic deaths when you try to sleep at night!”


As if it was a prophecy being fulfilled, just when Zhao Yu said that, there was a rumble of thunder outside of the window. Everyone in the room was shaken by the thunder, Zhao Yu being no exception.

Ai Lili looked grieved, as she slumped on the ground. Very quickly, under the command of Zhang, several police detectives in uniform from the Ruyang Key Case Investigation Unit swarmed in. They then arrested the suspect Ai Lili, transporting her back to the police station.

Zhao Yu seized the chance to return the pen drive in his hands to Zhang. The moment that she saw the pen drive, Su Jinmei thought of her suspicions earlier. She quickly dragged Zhao Yu to the side to ask, “Sifu, hurry up and tell me, why did Ai Lili plead guilty the exact moment that she saw the pen drive? The pen drive belonged to Le Chao!”

“Hold on a second,” Zhao Yu walked to a quiet corner near the stairs to make a call to Mister Ji Chunhua. “Mister Ji, I’m done on my end. You are done, too. You can let Lawyer Xu Qianmiao reveal himself now!”

“Mm I know. You helped me in a big way! I, Zhao Yu, swear that I will never steal your tea leaves anymore, okay? Hehehe”

After Zhao Yu hung up, Su Jinmei tugged playfully at his arms and complimented, “Sifu, you are so amazing!”

“Pfft, don’t flatter me. I will become too proud!” Zhao Yu joked. Then, he told Su Jinmei the truth about the pen drive. “Actually, the pen drive was merely a trick to scare Ai Lili. I didn’t expect that it would really be a lucky guess!”

“The truth is, I once thought that, in order to make Ai Lili believe that his plan would work, Le Chao must have given Ai Lili a copy of his video, which was pointing to Chen Bingxian’s contracting him as a killer. And, Ai Lili would not destroy the evidence so easily, because once she was suspected by the police, she could protect herself with it!”

He continued to explain, “I then thought that, what if Le Chao saved the evidence in a pen drive, and the copy that he gave to Ai Lili was actually that same pen drive? So, I used the pen drive to con her, making Ai Lili think that I found the pen drive that she had hidden! Think about it this way… If we really did find the pen drive that Ai Lili hid, wouldn’t it mean that Ai Lili and Le Chao were related? So Hehe”

“Wow” Su Jinmei gawked and complimented, “Sifu, I am so impressed! Only you could think of such a treacherous idea! But If Le Chao gave Ai Lili a CD, or any other pen drive? Wouldn’t it be a blooper?”

“A blooper?” Zhao Yu laughed. “Don’t forget, from the beginning till the end, did I ever mention that the pen drive was from Ai Lili?”

“Humph! If I couldn’t fool her, I would have been talking about other things, like Ai Lili’s fingerprints, or how Le Chao left some evidence of Ai Lili’s giving him money. In short, I had to let Ai Lili be in constant fear and confusion, without giving her any chance to think straight! Otherwise, all of our efforts would been in vain!”

“Oh” Su Jinmei finally realized what he was saying. “So, why did you have to put in so much effort to fake a will? Was this just one of the measures that you took to knock down Ai Lili’s mental defenses?”

“Someone had progressed!” Zhao Yu lifted Su Jinmei’s chin and said, “However, this fake will was the most important factor in reducing Ai Lili to despair!”

“Wow! That’s amazing!” Su Jinmei exclaimed, “To be honest, before this, I wa especially worried. I thought you wouldn’t succeed! AndI worried that what we were doing was really immoral!”

“I really did not have any other ways to use!” Zhao Yu sighed. “Think about it this way… We did not have any evidence. Even if we could have proved that Le Chao’s money was given to him by Ai Lili, if Ai Lili denied her guilt and would not admit her wrongdoing, even if she go to court in the future, we still wouldn’t be able to charge her for her crime! She could say that the money was given to Le Chao because she pitied him. So, againI ask, what other ways did we have?”

“True.” Su Jinmei nodded.

“Then, Zhao Yu suddenly thought about something that Miao Ying had said. He then said, “That’s right. The way that we fake it till we make it is immoral. But, if Ai Lili were to have a clear conscience, it would not have worked, even if we faked things. That’s how we never let any bad guys slip past us, nor do we treat a good guy unjustly! This principle helps us to operate within the justified limits of a true criminal investigator!