Crazy Detective Chapter 528

Chapter 528 Be Sherlock Holmes

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The second morning, Zhao Yu touched his heavy head, sensing that he was in a befuddled state. He closed his eyes was all ears. Yet, he couldn’t even hear the rumble of thunder from outside the window. He just assumed that the rain had finally stopped.

After a few seconds, he slowly opened his eyes to look through the semi-transparent curtain. He could see the huge luminous light that the sun was shining through the window.

Mm It seems like it is really a sunny day!

Then, Zhao Yu extended his arms to the side, intending to touch his dear Miao Ying. However, as he extended his hands, he didn’t manage to touch anything.


Zhao Yu turned around completely now, realizing that there was no one on the other side of the bed! There was nothing but the crumpled mattress and sheets that were the telltale evidence of a night of vigorous activity!

“My dear, hey Where did you go? Sigh” Zhao Yu sat straight up, then felt his head spinning. Recalling the excited insanity from the night before, he couldn’t help but smile.

Hehe, it seemed to be a little dark and vigorous, but I liked it!

“Miao Ying?” Zhao Yu shouted again, but there was no response from Miao Ying.

He stretched and got out of the bed.


After he pulled open the curtain, the beaming sunlight poured onto his face. It was so bright that he couldn’t open his eyes fully yet. Although Zhao Yu thought that it was harsh to the eye, he felt extremely comfortable, bathed in the sunshine’s warmth.


After yawning, he exited the room to look for Miao Ying. He thought that Miao Ying was either in the washroom or the kitchen. However, when he got to the living room, he immediately realized that there was something wrong.

Looking at the clothes rack, there weren’t any of Miao Ying’s clothes visible. Also, there were no female shoes on the shoe rack either.

Suddenly, Zhao Yu saw that there were two handphones on the coffee table. One was his, the other was Miao Ying’s. Next to the handphones, a bunch of car keys were splayed about. Those were the keys for Miao Ying’s Volkswagen Phaeton!

Suddenly, suspicion flashed through his mind. The situation before his eyes didn’t seem right at all!

This What is going on?

He came forward to look more closely at the two handphones. When he unlocked his phone and checked it, the saw nothing suspicious. But, when he unlocked Miao Ying’s handphone, he realized that there were many things missing on her screen.

Specifically, WeChat, QQ, and all of those sorts of applications were gone! Even all of her contacts and her call record were entirely empty.

Zhao Yu was worried now. He held Miao Ying’s phone, while he walked around in the house. But, he couldn’t see any sign of Miao Ying at all. Then, he got to the balcony and looked downstairs, but he saw that both the Landrover and the Phaeton were parked downstairs beside each other.

Zhao Yu put on his clothes anxiously, wanting to search around downstairs. However, just when he put down Miao Ying’s handphone, he suddenly realized that there was a symbol of a voice recording, which was glowing on the second page of her screen.

Looking at the symbol, Zhao Yu didn’t hesitate, but tapped it open straightaway. In the end, Miao Ying’s voice was suddenly heard from the handphone.

“My dear, you don’t need to look around. I have left…”

Zhao Yu was suddenly dumbfounded. He quickly stopped and listened carefully to the rest of her message.

“Sorry, my dear” Then, Miao Ying’s voice choked with sobs. “Sorry, I I can’t solve all of those pending cases with you. But, from today onwards, promise me two things. First, be Sherlock Holmes! Be just like when we were fighting alongside each other back then. Unearth the truth of the crime case, then sweep crime off of the entire earth!”

The message continued. “Two, forget me!”

Hearing those words, Zhao Yu felt like he had been struck by lightning. He was completely stupefied. All he could do was just stand there. He couldn’t believe it.

The voice recording became silent for a while, then Miao Ying’s sobbing voice was heard again, “To end, let me sing you a song. Don’t complain about my singing, as I know it is bad. Before I knew you, I had no one to depend on. After I knew you, I became untreatable. At first, I thought you were just a short interlude, but I never expected that we would turn into an immortal legend”

In the handphone, Miao Ying’s singing was hoarse and pitiful. But in Zhao Yu’s ears, it was like a knife, twisting into his heart.

“I knew that being lovesick was bitter, but unfortunately, I am on pins and needles for youAnd, even now, I’d rather endure the pain”

In the end, Miao Ying was already sobbing, to the point where she was almost reciting the lyrics. Her voice was unable to continue finally. Along with a small squeak at the end, the voice recording ended.

“No no no” Zhao Yu was suddenly surging with emotions. He held the handphone tight, as he mumbled, “This is impossible! Why? Why?!”

He quickly searched on his handphone, wanting to find more clues. But, there was nothing!

“No No no no”

Suddenly, he unlocked his phone and checked even more carefully. Then, he found that, in his phone album, all of the photos that were related to him and Miao Ying were gone! Also, in his WeChat, Miao Ying’s account was erased! Almost everything about Miao Ying had been deleted entirely!

“Why?!” Zhao Yu looked up into the sky and roared. He couldn’t accept this sudden and brutal change.

Last night

Zhao Yu patted his head heavily. Actually, when he was rolling around in the bedsheets crazily with Miao Ying, he had already felt that there was something off with her! Then, he didn’t see any of the usual joy of meeting again between them, even after a long time of separation. On the contrary, Miao Ying’s eyes seemed to have been filled with some sadness and resentment.

Zhao Yu understood at that moment, Miao Ying was bidding him farewell the night before!


Was it because her parents didn’t like me? But, according to Miao Ying’s character, her parents wouldn’t be able to stop her, even if that were true!

Then What else?

Zhao Yu was extremely worried. He wondered if there was any danger that had happened in Miao Ying’s household to bring this about.

No way!

Regardless, I must find her!

Then, he quickly went back into his room to grab his wallet from the bedside table. He suddenly saw that there was a medicine bottle that he had never see before, right next to his water cup. Grabbing the medicine bottle, he saw the word “Zopiclone” printed on the label. Looking at its function description, it was actually a hypnotic agent, used to treat insomnia!

Zhao Yu then understood why he was in such a deep sleep! It was actually because Miao Ying had fed him those sleeping pills!

Miao Ying Why are you doing this? Why do you want to leave me?

Casting the medicine bottle aside, Zhao Yu grabbed his wallet, readying to leave the house. Just then, the system in his head suddenly blinked. When he looked at the system interface, he realized that the “Qian Kan” hexagram from the day before had already ended!


Looking at it, Zhao Yu then suddenly realized

All this time, the real “Kan” hexagram was here waiting for me!

Miao Ying’s departure was the miracle adventure that I would encounter with a woman!

Miao Ying, where the heck are you?!