Crazy Detective Chapter 529

Chapter 529 Unusual Disappearance

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I’m too careless!

Looking at the completion notification, Zhao Yu thought to himself, knowing that it was too late for regrets. He hadn’t expected this outcome from the Kan hexagram! If he had known, he would never have allowed himself to be drugged with a sleeping pill by Miao Ying!

Currently, however, he had just gotten another Invisible Tracking Device on his device bar. So, if he were to use it to track down Miao Ying, he could find her right then!


This should have been a Qian Kan hexagram!

Unfortunately, he hadn’t reflected upon it properly at first. The night before, he had thought that Miao Ying’s return was the fulfillment of the Kan hexagram.

Miao Ying, what are you going through, and why can’t you discuss it with me? Why did you have to leave me? Is there someone that forced you to do this?

At that very moment, the system in his mind was constantly blinking. Besides being able to see the miracle adventure completion rate of 183 percent, there was also an Arabic number five.

The completion rate marked his new highest record, so it should be something to celebrate! But, Zhao Yu couldn’t feel one bit of happiness at the moment. If he could exchange that success for Miao Ying’s happy return, even if he was left with a negative completion rate, he wouldn’t be bothered at all!

Although he had recently received five new devices, Zhao Yu wasn’t in a mood to even look at them. His entire mind was consumed with thoughts about Miao Ying.

He packed everything up in a rush, then left straightaway. The rainwater flooded through Shun Feng Street. In the bright and beautiful sunlight, the entire street was sparkling and shining, and the two luxurious cars, which were parked at the door, were extremely eye-catching.

Zhao Yu was in no mood to watch the lovely scenery, so he just got into his Landrover and drove speedily towards the Rongyang Branch. On the way, he couldn’t wait to call Zhang Jingfeng. When she answered, he asked her to help him look for Miao Ying.

However, when he arrived at the Key Case Investigation Unit, Zhang Jingfeng told him helplessly that all info related to Miao Ying’s identity had been entirely erased! Neither the internal server nor the external internet had any information related to Miao Ying at all! This included nothing regarding her identity, assets, medical history, or even a gym membership or library card! There was nothing at all!


Hearing this terrifying news, Zhao Yu was once again shivering. He then realized that Miao Ying’s disappearance was way more complicated that he had originally imagined!

Not only was he not able to find her, but even Miao Ying’s entire identity had been scrubbed clean of all data. If she wasn’t involved in something truly major, how could that have happened?

Hearing that news, his colleagues were like cats on a hot tin roof. They didn’t understand why Miao Ying would disappear, especially without any clear reason.

“Head over to the municipal station!” Zhang Jingfeng suggested. “Look for the backup copy in the archives center. That will give you a paper trail, so it shouldn’t have been able to be removed!”

“Bro, Captain Miao’s disappearance is no small matter,” Li Beini said. “We should hurry up and report it to Bureau Chief Luan. Then, we could look for her with the help of official power and jurisdiction!”

“You are correct!” Suddenly, Zhao Yu also realized that Miao Ying had been a captain of the Rongyang Branch, so her disappearance wasn’t just a matter for him to deal with alone.

Then, Zhao Yu quickly told Li Beini, “Alright, you go and report it to him!”

Then, he gave Zhang Jingfeng a command, “Please inform the missing person department. Tell them to join us in the search!”

Zhang Jingfeng immediately got up and took action.

“Dafei, you and Xiao Bai immediately inform train stations, airports, and other places of transit! Have them look for Captain Miao’s whereabouts!” Zhao Yu said.

“Okay!” Dafei agreed, then turned around and said, “Could someone give me a photo of Captain Miao? I don’t have one here!”

Then, everyone looked down to search through their cell phones and computers, but no one could find any photo of Miao Ying.

“How is this possible?” Liang Huan shook his head and said. “I remember that, during the awards ceremony, I took a photo of Captain Miao and Zhao Yu. But Why is it gone?”

“Yeah, I” Xiao Bai creased his eyebrows and said, “Every bit of information that was related to Captain Miao, which was on my computer, is gone! Oh God, who did this?”

“Wow” Li Beini looked at Zhao Yu, shocked. “Bro, if someone could hack into our cell phones and computers, then This is serious”

“Mm” Zhao Yu mumbled and nodded.

Li Beini was right. With this new information, it definitely seemed that Miao Ying’s disappearance was somehow related to the government, as only the government would be able to delete so much information in such a short period of time!

“How else could a person, who has been living in Qinshan for so many years, be erased, just like that?” Zhao Yu gritted through his teeth, “I don’t believe this! Liang Huan, head over to the missing person department and ask their expert to draw a sketch of Miao Ying. Then, send them to all of the surrounding airports and train stations!”

“Okay” Liang Huan agreed, but he suddenly raised his hands and said, “Hold on, the last time we all went camping in the mountains, didn’t I bring my son with us? I remember that I took a lot of photos on that trip. And, I just printed them out a few days back! There must be a photo of Captain Miao among them!”

“Okay, hurry up and ask your wife to find those photos!” Zhao Yu was almost shouting.

“Okay, okay I’m on my way now” Liang Huan quickly left the office with Zhang Jingfeng, both heading to complete their respective tasks.

“I will head over to the municipal station to transfer the files and information,” Zhao Yu said loudly. “I’ll let all of you take care of things here! Miao Ying most likely is in some serious trouble, so we must find her as soon as possible!”


Everyone answered simultaneously, as Zhao Yu turned around and left at lightning speed.

On the way to the municipal station, Zhao Yu was constantly making calls. He first called Zhang Yu at the Ruyang Branch, asking him for help in checking for Miao Ying’s information from their side. He also asked him to inquire about this matter with Bureau Chief Liang.

Zhao Yu had heard from Miao Ying before that Bureau Chief Liang was close to her family. Hence, maybe Zhao Yu could find out something from him.

Zhang thought very highly of Miao Ying, so when he found out that Miao Ying had disappeared, he was naturally very anxious. He immediately agreed to help Zhao Yu.

Then, Zhao Yu called Liao Jingxian to ask if he knew that Miao Ying had disappeared. Liao Jingxian was shocked, then said that he would go and ask the head of bureau chiefs to help right away. He even informed the archives center to help in Zhao Yu’s search.

At first, Zhao Yu wanted to head over to the municipal station to meet up with Liao Jingxian. But, on the way there, Zhao Yu suddenly thought about something. There was one time, after a gathering, that he had dropped Miao Ying off in a suburban area.

That was the only clue he currently had about where Miao Ying stayed. So, he immediately turned around and drove towards the suburban housing area. The moment he arrived at the housing area, he used his precious Memory Flashback Device to replay the situation from that day.

Back then, Miao Ying had been pointing at one of the buildings, then told him that her room was on the sixth floor. She was pointing to the fourth window from the left. She even had said that she was staying with her auntie’s family.

After he found this memory, Zhao Yu went upstairs straightaway and found that same particular room that she had pointed out. But, even after he had knocked on the door for a very long time, there still wasn’t any movement behind it. In the end, he used his identity as a police officer to call over the management staff, demanding that they open the door.

However, when he entered the room, Zhao Yu realized that there was nothing there either. It was merely an empty room.

The management staff looked through their rental records, then told Zhao Yu some shocking news. According to their records, the room had been vacant for ten years!