Crazy Detective Chapter 530

Chapter 530 I Will Find You

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“How could this be? You have been seeing each other for so long!” In one of the offices in the municipal station, Liao Jingxian asked, his eyebrows creased, “How could you not know where she is? This is such a failure.”

“What can I do, if she doesn’t tell me?” Zhao Yu roared with rage. “I only know her birthday, and that she is older than me by a few months!”

“Then What are her parents’ names? Is she their only daughter?” Liao Jingxian clapped. “You don’t know about any of that, either?”

Zhao Yu shook his head helplessly. He was obviously flustered and exasperated. “Well what about you? Miao Ying was already a captain, and you just found out that the archives center didn’t have her files? Is she a ghost? How do you get any work done? Is this a joke?”

Liao Jingxian fired back immediately, saying, “Back then, I was still at a lower ranking! How would I know about the matters of the municipal station? The only thing I knew was that everyone was talking about things, like how strong Miao Ying was and how one shouldn’t provoke her!”

“Impossible!” Zhao Yu said. “How did she get transferred from the Ruyang Branch to the Rongyang Branch then? Didn’t you higher ups know about that?”

“I really don’t know. I’ve already asked Bureau Chief Hong about it, too!” Liao Jingxian shook his head and said. “He told us that it was a transfer order from the provincial office, which was to be carried out immediately. Although he was the chief of police, he couldn’t go against the command by refusing it.”

Zhao Yu was burning with impatience. “Then I’ll go to the provincial officer to search! Don’t you dare believe that I can’t find anything!”

“Calm down, okay?” Liao Jingxian said loudly. “Please calm down and think this through. Maybe we overlooked something.”

“I’m telling you, can’t you see? Miao Ying wasn’t lost for no reason. She at least came to say goodbye, right? And, all of her information was erased. You know that the only ones, who could make such things happen, is the government! So, don’t panic. At least we know that there’s no problem regarding Miao Ying’s safety!”

After Liao Jingxian had verbally analyzed the situation, Zhao Yu calmed down. What Liao had said was logical. Miao Ying came to bid farewell, which at least meant that she hadn’t been kidnapped. And, if she had decided to leave him, there must have been a good reason.

At the beginning, Zhao Yu thought that Miao Ying had left because of family conflict, but it didn’t seem to be so anymore. There must be something much more major that had happened to her!

If the government took such a huge effort to erase Miao Ying’s information, it meant that the government wanted to protect her, too…

Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought of a possibility.

If Miao Ying were to erase her identity, was she thinking of becoming a spy? Then Isn’t that too dangerous?

After Zhao Yu analyzed this carefully, he felt that the possibility of this scenario wasn’t too high. Firstly, if Miao Ying really became a spy, she would have no reason not to tell him. Plus, she wouldn’t be a spy forever, even if she did become one, so why would she tell Zhao Yu to forget her? Besides, Miao Ying’s mother always worried about her daughter’s safety, so she naturally wouldn’t let her become a spy!

While thinking of Miao Ying’s mother, Zhao Yu quickly told Liao Jingxiang, “Liao, I know one thing. It is that Miao Ying’s mother is very amazing, to the point where she could easily decide on the personnel change in the police station. From bureau chief to admin, she could promote anyone and demote anyone. Itn fact, it’s a piece of cake for her to transfer anyone!”

Hearing this, Liao spit out a mouthful of tea. He then declared to Zhao Yu,”We are not in a feudal society now, where the Emperor decides everything! Any personnel change has to be made according to strict rules and regulations. Regardless of the person’s power, such immediate transfers wouldn’t be possible.”

Zhao Yu quickly gave a past example, telling of when Miao Ying was in the Riyadh Branch. At that time, not only did she hit the deputy Bureau Chief, she also exiled him to the county station!

Liao Jingxian emphasized hos point once more, saying that, besides a mental patient, he couldn’t think of anyone, at any position, who would be able to say the things that Miao Ying’s mother had said.

Liao Jingxian spoke honestly, “I honetsly have never encountered any situation like Miao Ying’s! How about this, I’ll use all of my connections to see what I can find out from the higher ups. Don’t you know the people from the provincial office? Go ahead and ask them, too.”

Liao Jingxian continued, exhorting Zhao Yu once again, “I know your temperament, but you have to think seriously. If Miao Ying or her family were really in some sort of danger, the government’s erasing their information was definitely done to protect them. But… If you make a scene about it, I’m afraid It would be harmful to Miao Ying!”


Liao Jingxian made sense, so Zhao Yu could not help but suppress his anxious emotions, as he started to consider the truth of his words seriously.

That’s right! If Miao Ying’s family were to encounter any danger, my looking for them publicly might harm her! But, if I don’t look for Miao Ying, how could I be at ease?

I can’t give up yet, but it can’t be widely publicized either… What can I do?

Beep beep…

At that moment, Liang Huan sent a photo that he had taken with his hand phone to Zhao Yu. The photo was the one that they had taken back when they were camping in Qinshan.

In the photo, Miao Ying wore a huge pair of sunglasses and was fashionably dressed. As he looked at it, Zhao Yu was suddenly taking a stroll down memory lane.

“Zhao Yu… Zhao Yu…” Liao Jingxian called him twice, bringing Zhao Yu back to reality. “You’d better listen to the things that I’ve said. You can investigate, but you must be careful!”

“I know. Thanks Liao!” Zhao Yu cupped his hand on his other fist, then turned around to leave. But, after only takinga few steps, he suddenly remembered something.

He then took out a stack of forms and passed them to him. He said, “This is my application form for the cash reward. It will need a signature from Bureau Chief Hong and the municipal finance department. Help me get this done!”

Then, he placed the document on the table, not waiting to see if Liao Jingxian agreed with it, and he left. After he had left the police station, Zhao Yu felt even more uncomfortable. According to his understanding of Miao Ying, he felt that, even if there was something major going on, Miao Ying would have discussed it with him, instead of just leaving things like that!

After he got back into his Landrover, Zhao Yu felt even more stressed. He finally realized that Miao Ying’s departure wasn’t merely about her alone! Most likely, there was something major going on in her family! Miao Ying only opted to bid farewell with him because of her family. Otherwise, Zhao Yu couldn’t think of any other reasons she would have had.

Sitting in his car, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but recall the crazy scene from the night before. Miao Ying’s beautiful muscular body was still leaning in his embrace, so closely…

But, the voice recording that she left for him on the hand phone was so realistic and clear: “Zhao Yu, promise me two things. First, be Sherlock Holmes! Second, forget about me”

“No!” Zhao Yu held the steering wheel tighter, then said decisively, “I will never forget! Miao Ying, just you wait. No matter the price, I will definitely find you!”