Crazy Detective Chapter 531

Chapter 531 New Devices

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In a Taekwondo Studio.

A white shadow flashed! Zhao Yu was knocked back several feet by Lei Bin’s whirlwind kick.

“Zhao Yu, if I don’t send you to the ICU today, my name is not Lei!” Lei Bin clenched his teeth and roared. “Last time, you used your dirty tricks! How dare you come here again today?”

As Lei Bin spoke, Zhao Yu had already gotten up from the ground and was charging at him again. Learning from the previous tragic lesson, Lei Bin dared not delay this time, quickly assuming a posture to greet his enemy’s attack.

Zhao Yu dashed over like a raging bull. Lei Bin saw that Zhao Yu’s front was wide open, so he immediately snorted in disdain. He then raised his long legs and gave Zhao Yu a slam on his head.

He had been training for a dozen years and had already achieved the level of breaking bricks and stones! He thought that, with that slam, he could knock Zhao Yu out completely!


Along with the loud thud, Lei Bin slammed his hand down heavily on Zhao Yu’s head! Theoretically, with such a strong force, Zhao Yu should have been slammed onto the ground and knocked out!

However, Lei Bin was surprised to see that, not only was Zhao Yu not on the ground, but he had merely shaken faintly, due to being caught off balance for a moment. Zhao Yu bellowed and continued to dash forward ferociously!

Lei Bin didn’t manage to respond in time, as he was frozen in such a frightened state. Then, he was suddenly knocked by Zhao Yu. Luckily, Zhao Yu was quick to act and seized the chance to grab Lei Bin’s right leg, flipping him into the air. Then, Zhao Yu gripped the ground, and exerted his full arm strength to start spinning Lei Bin like a top.

“Ah” Lei Bin was yelping in fear, when his bunch of disciples quickly came to the rescue. Zhao Yu let go of his grip, then threw Lei Bin towards the group of people. After another loud thud, Lei Bin was like a bowling ball, landing heavily on his disciples, then scattering them all around!

Zhao Yu didn’t give them any breathing space but dashed into the crowd like a mad man immediately. As he made his way, he hit anyone that he came across!

Due to Miao Ying’s sudden departure, Zhao Yu flared up with violence and grief! He had nowhere to vent his emotions. But, after he barged in, he was like a tiger that had run into a flock of sheep! He kicked and punched haphazardly, causing chaos. Great wailing was heard among the crowd.

However, their Taekwondo disciples did have actual fighting experience, after all. So, at the same time that Zhao Yu was beating them up, they also found quite a number of opportunities to launch counterattacks.

However, Zhao Yu was like a man made of metal. Oblivious of their punches and kicks, Zhao Yu didn’t respond at all!

The disciples were terrified, having many thoughts that were running through their minds.

Could this be the legendary devil muscle man?!

In a few minutes, the Taekwondo disciples lost their power of resistance. As such, they were beaten black and blue, rolling around as they wailed in pain.

But, looking at Zhao Yu and his bloodshot eyes, he appeared as though he had just gotten to the climax of his energy and experience. He grabbed Lei Bin by his Taekwondo uniform, landing ferocious punches on his face.

After five or six punches, Lei Bei’s whole face was once again lacerated and contorted in pain. He was absolutely covered in blood!

Looking at Zhao Yu, seeing that he didn’t have any intention to hold back his fists, Lei Bin then knelt on the ground and shouted, spitting the blood in his mouth all over. “Hero, it’s my fault! Spare my life I I will never do that again”


Zhao Yu gave him a tight slap on his lips, then Lei Bin fell to the ground.

Zhao Yu spat and stepped on Lei Bin’s back. He said viciously, “I wanted to talk nicely to you, but you had to go and try to show off. Didn’t you want to act all high and mighty? Where did your spirit go?”

“It’s my fault, my bad” Lei Bin lied prostrate on the ground, quivering as he spoke. “It’s my fault, hero! I really don’t know where Miao Ying is. Although we trained at the same place, I’ve never once seen her parents. She has always been alone! I only saw someone, who drove a Cadillac, pick her up But, I really don’t know who they are!”

Zhao Yu wiped away the blood stain from the corner of his lips and roared, “Why didn’t you say this earlier? Tell me, who would know Miao Ying’s family situation?”

“My master might, but My master has already passed away!” Lei Bin spoke in a tearful voice.

“Alright, in a few days, I’ll come and fight with all of you again. Then, we’ll see what we can learn from each other,” Zhao Yu bellowed viscously. “By then, if you still say you don’t know, I will destroy your entire place!”

Zhao Yu staggered as he left the Taekwondo studio. After Zhao Yu left, one of the disciples said worrisomely, “Master, why don’t we close down the studio for a bit”

Returning to the Landrover, Zhao Yu first wiped off the blood stains on his face, then rinsed his mouth with mineral water. Although Lei Bin and his disciples were brutally crushed by Zhao Yu, the injuries that Zhao Yu himself suffered were by no means mild!

In fact, if it wasn’t for the Energy Booster, it would have been impossible for him to have really defeated Lei Bin. That very moment, after the Energy Booster had worn off, all of his limbs ached, and many of his joints had even been dislocated. Moreover, his wounds were sending spasms of pain throughout his entire body.

Zhao Yu touched his head and cursed, while he thought to himself.

It seems like Lei Bin’s connection was no good! I still couldn’t get any info about Miao Ying’s family!

He then pondered about what Lei Bin had said.

It seems like, when Miao Ying was very young, she was already keenly aware of how protective about privacy her family was. Going to school and going to training, she was always protected and closely guarded by her family.

No wonder Miao Ying didn’t have many friends!

After getting into a relationship with Miao Ying, Zhao Yu could sometimes feel that Miao Ying would unintentionally show an unknown wistful sadness on her face, as though her childhood had been extremely lonely and she was remembering it.

Thus, it could be seen that Miao Ying’s family situation was definitely extraordinary. She had an amazing mother and a mysterious father, both of whom were rich and powerful. This made him wonder who exactly her family was.

As Lei Bin won’t work, what other clues can I go after?

Zhao Yu took out his notebook, thinking of a strategy. He prepared to try his luck at the European restaurant. Back then, Miao Ying once treated all of her colleagues to a luxurious dinner in the restaurant, which was filled with foreign waiters.

This choice was not only about the expensive price tag, but also about prestige and status, as it was extremely difficult to book a table there. It normally required making a reservation two to three months in advance to secure a table!

But, Miao Ying had merely made one phone call, and the restaurant prepared the best table on the rooftop for them! So, Zhao Yu wanted to check with the manager of the restaurant in hopes that he would know something about Miao Ying’s situation.

However, before starting the car, Zhao Yu thought about the Energy Booster that he had consumed. Suddenly, a new idea popped into his head. He slapped his head and blamed himself silently.

I am so silly! I have so many magical devices in my head! Why didn’t I think of using these devices to look for Miao Ying sooner?

Then, he quickly tapped open the device bar and looked through the devices in it. Since the previous Qian Kan hexagram had ended, not only had he achieved a high completion rate of one hundred and eighty-three percent, but he had also gotten five new devices!

Due to Miao Ying’s disappearance, he had yet to check in greater detail. That very moment after he looked, he realized that the five devices were new and had never appeared before! Among the five, there were three normal devices, one level one device, and one special device!

The three normal devices were the Invisible Microscope, which could carry out the function of a microscope, the Invisible Odor Bomb, which would release smelly gas, and the Invisible Spring Launcher, which would allow someone to jump very high up and very far away.

Added to those, the level one device was also quite interesting. It was called the Teeth Regenerator. After activation, it could grow another new tooth in the location of an absent tooth! With the device, Zhao Yu never would need to worry about being punched and losing his teeth!

The last special device was called the Emergency Alarm. According to the introduction, once the user was approaching any life-threatening danger, the alarm would be automatically triggered as a warning.

It was considered a special device because the method of using it was similar to the Invisible Heart Pacemaker. In other words, it would be automatically activated when it was needed. For instance, should Zhao Yu ever run into danger, like someone making an attempt on his life, the alarm would alert him immediately!