Crazy Detective Chapter 532

Chapter 532 Pandoras Magic Box

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Although the newly obtained system devices were great, none of them could help Zhao Yu look for Miao Ying. Looking across the device bar, Zhao Yu thought that there were only two devices that might be useful. One was the Invisible Tracker, and the other one was the Hacker’s Command.

The Invisible Tracker was similar to a dog’s nose. After putting it to use, Zhao Yu might be able to follow Miao Ying’s scent. He would then be able to follow the route that she had taken.

However, Zhao Yu had already used the device, back when he was chasing after Le Chao in the Falling Off Building Case. As for the Hacker’s Command, Zhao Yu assumed that the device could search for Miao Ying’s information online. However, after he looked into the introduction carefully, he realized that the device could only function on a formulated memory, which was not suitable for the internet.

Plus, even if the Hacker’s Command was efficient for online purposes, Zhao Yu dared not use it recklessly. After all, if Miao Ying’s family was in danger, the hacker invasion could expose their secret, forcing them into an even more dangerous situation. Hence, it seemed like the system device wouldn’t help much.

However, Zhao Yu still wasn’t disheartened. Although the device wasn’t functional, his system was still there for his use! As long as the magical miracle system was there, he still had his chance to find Miao Ying.

Then, Zhao Yu suddenly realized that he had been so busy looking for Miao Ying, he totally forgotten to get another new hexagram! Hence, he quickly redirected his focus to obtain a new hexagram from the system interface. In the end, the system gave him another Zhen Li hexagram.

Generally speaking, every time Zhao Yu solved a case, a Zhen hexagram, which represented position, would be given. However, the hexagram that he wanted to see the most was the Kan hexagram, which represented romance and a woman! Only with the Kan hexagram would allow him the possibility of finding Miao Ying.

In great disappointment, Zhao Yu placed all of his hopes on the side quest. However, when Zhao Yu had resolved it, he realized that the time of the side quest was nine in the morning, which had past long ago!

Zhao Yu slammed his fists on the steering wheel.

I never expected that the side quest wouldn’t care what time I got the hexagram! It was obviously prearranged long ago. As such, I would never be able to make it on time, since I got the hexagram late!

He determined that, from tomorrow onwards, since he wanted to find Miao Ying through the system, he had to get a hexagram very early each day, then complete the side quest accordingly. Although the system couldn’t always be counted on to be super consistent, Zhao Yu was determined to not give up.

Moving forward, he was still looking for clues regarding Miao Ying. Firstly, he gave Section Chief Su Yang, who worked in the provincial office, a call, requesting his help. Then, he made a trip to the restaurant that they had visited overseas.

But, the restaurant manager explained that they normally dealt online with the a card being used as payment and identification versus actually dealing with the card owner. As Miao Ying possessed the VIP card of their restaurant, she hadn’t needed to prebook to get a table in person.

Zhao Yu still didn’t give up hope. He had them check on the information from the card registration. However, the information had been erased completely.

Zhao Yu then went to the martial art studio and beauty salon that he had been to with Miao Ying to see if there was any news. However, it was all in vain.

Miao Yingseemed to have vanished into thin air. Not only was she physically lost, even the traces that she left in the world had been erased completely!

The phrase “give up” had never appeared in Zhao Yu’s life dictionary before, and he wasn’t about to start using it now! In the end, he even found Hu Bin, who let him collect Miao Ying’s fingerprint and hair samples from his Phaeton. He then was able to identity them from the DNA database.

That night, he even told Blondie and his gang to look at all of the train stations and airports, while Zhao Yu went to the surveillance control room to check the video of all of the passengers from that day.

Zhao Yu had a feeling that Miao Ying would have changed her identity, then taken a flight to escape. So, he wanted to go through every single passenger at least once, just to see if Miao Ying was hidden among the group.

He did this until well after midnight. Yet, after he finished watching all of the surveillance videos, there was still no trace of Miao Ying. In the end, Zhao Yu, who was mentally and physically strained, slept in his Landrover.

Yet, after not even enjoying a full hour’s sleep, he awoke with a start. He quickly checked the system in his head to find that the miracle adventure had ended. So, he immediately opened another hexagram.

Then, the hexagram finally appeared with a Kan! It was a Zhen Kan hexagram!

Looking at the Kan hexagram, Zhao Yu felt a tinge of hope again. He was looking forward to this new day.

As the side quest indicated eight at night, Zhao Yu prepared to go back to sleep. But, as he missed Miao Ying deeply, he couldn’t fall asleep. So, he opened the voice recording that Miao Ying had left for him and played it again

“I knew being lovesick was bitter”

Listening to Miao Ying’s sad singing voice, Zhao Yu’s heartstring were tugged again. He recalled his past with Miao Ying and felt a surge of emotions, all of which were rather depressing.

Eight fifteen in the morning, in the office of Qinshan Police Training Center.

“Jin, look, look” Liao Jingxian moved his face before Jin Zhengbang, pointing at his right eye and asking, “Did you see that? What did I tell you”

“No Do you have sand in your eyes?” Captain Jin sipped a mouthful of the tea that he had just brewed.

“What the heck?!” Liao Jingxian roared in exasperation. “Are you blind?! Didn’t you see that my eyelid was twitching? My right eye! Zhao Yu He must be up to something”

“Alright, okay!” Captain Jin put down his teacup, then said, “I understand that Zhao Yu’s matter is very thorny.But, if it is a matter that the deputy bureau chief can’t solve, what is the point for me to look for him?”

“Sigh!” Liao Jingxian sat on the sofa and slammed the armrest anxiously. “You tell me, what the heck is this? Miao Ying is a living person. How could she just disappear? Forget about Bureau Chief Hong, I even asked the people from the municipal party about it! No one knew anything!So, I can only call my brother-in-law and ask for any news from the central station! Sigh What is going on?!”

“Why don’t you ask Bureau Chief Liang from the Ruyang station?” Captain Jin suggested. “I heard the way that he spoke, which made it sound like he knew something.”

“That is none of your business!” Liao Jingxian stared at Jin Zhenbang, then said, “I am worried about Zhao Yu now! You must figure out a way! Jin, we both understand how important Zhao Yu is to us! If there were to be any mishap, your dream would be destroyed!”

“But I really have no way” Captain Jin drank another mouthful of tea.

“Miao Ying’s disappearance would definitely provoke him!” Liao Jingxian was obviously worried. “In his body, it is like there is a hidden Pandora’s magic box. Once it explodes, the outcome would be beyond imagination! Why aren’t you anxious about this at all?”

“How dare you call yourself a deputy bureau chief?” Captain Jin spat. “Liao, being lovesick must only be healed with love medicine. If he can’t even control the demon in his heart, how could he become a top detective? So, just go with the flow! Maybe it isn’t all as bad as we have imagined”