Crazy Detective Chapter 533

Chapter 533 Fail To Show Restraint

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Eleven in the morning, in the office of the Bureau Chief of the Ruyang Branch.

“Police Officer Zhao, hold this address.” The Ruyang Branch Bureau Chief Liang extended both of his hands politely, passing Zhao Yu a piece of paper. He told him, “When Miao Ying first came to report to our unit, she was specially recommended by a senior higher up, who is also my teacher. Here’s his address. You can try to ask him any questions that you may have. I think he might know more about Miao Ying’s family situation.”

“Alright, thanks!” Zhao Yu kept the note and thanked the chief with his hand cupped on his other fist.

“Don’t worry, as actually I should be the one saying thank you!” Bureau Chief Liang declared. “I heard from Zhang about that the rich man’s daughters’ Falling Off Building Case. If it wasn’t for your assistance, we definitely wouldn’t have been able to solve the case so quickly!”

The chief continued, “And don’t worry! In the case conclusion report, we will report accordingly regarding your involvement! Also, I will definitely bring this up with the municipal station, so that it will provide you with a satisfying outcome!”

“You don’t need to do that!” Zhao Yu replied. “It’s a small matter. Don’t mention it at all, really! The Ruyang Branch is in Miao Ying’s hometown. So, it’s perfectly reasonable that I would provide assistance!”

The moment he brought up Miao Ying, Bureau Chief Liang couldn’t help but sigh. “Miao Ying is a great comrade. She was honest and brave, as well as being well-versed in both police protocol and martial arts. She rendered great services for our branch during her time with us!”

The chief continued in his remembrances. “However, for some reason, she didn’t seem to have many sincere friends. Sometimes, I could feel that the child was really having a tough time! So, Police Office Zhao, I hope that you can find her soon! If there’s any help that you need from us, feel free to let us know!”

“Alright, thanks!” Zhao Yu cupped his hand over his other fist again, thanking him. He then bid farewell and left the office.

His front leg had just exited the door, when he saw Zhang and Su Jinmei, who were waiting to greet him.

“How did it go? Any new clues?” Zhang asked anxiously. “Bureau Chief Liang should at least know something, right?”

Zhao Yu shook his head helplessly, then described the current situation for the two of them again.

“Sifu,” Su Jinmei analyzed, “Captain Miao has been living in Qinshan for so long. Would she really be able to be erased, without even a single trace? Why, don’t we go and investigate the surveillance videos nearby to try to find out where she actually is?”

You’re right. Actually, I was just considering that, too!” Zhao Yu said. “With so many surveillance cameras around, it’d be impossible for her to delete all of their footage, right?”

“Yeah, is there anything like a car monitor in her car?” Zhang asked. “If we check that, at least we could pinpoint her whereabouts for the past few days, right?”

“I’ve tried that. The memory card in the car monitor was already erased!” Zhao Yu shook his head.

As they spoke, the three of them arrived at the stairs. As they continued chatting, they walked down the staircase. As they came to the second floor, there was suddenly a crowd waiting.

Zhao Yu was quite familiar with the Ruyang Branch, so he immediately recognized that most of the people in the crowd were police detectives from the Ruyang Key Case Investigation Unit. At that moment, all of the police detectives were surrounding a man, who was shirtless. Some people were cursing, obviously aggrieved.

“How is this happening?” The man raised his hands, which were handcuffed, in the air aggressively, as he roared at the police detectives in disdain. “You’re lucky that I didn’t sue you for arresting and falsely accusing me! What else do you want from me? Hurry up and unlock these handcuffs!”

Listening to his bellow, Zhao Yu stole a glance at the man. He saw that the man had a tattoo on his chest, as well as a few gold teeth. As he spoke, he had an intensely ferocious look!

Zhang saw this surveillance, so he quickly introduced information about the man to Zhao Yu, as he shook his head. “This person is the eldest eldest son of Qiu from Dadonghai. We suspect that he has drugged and raped many young girls, one of whom even attempted to commit suicide with the drugs, nearly losing her life!”

Su Jinmei then added more information. “At first, a file on the case was placed for investigation, and it almost solved even! But, somehow, the witnesses suddenly changed their testimonies. Even the girl that tried to commit suicide withdrew her charges against him!”

“Needless to say,” Zhang sighed, “They were either bribed or threatened!”

“Hurry up!” They heard the voice of the eldest son of Qiu, who was still clamoring about arrogantly. “What? Do you want to wait for my lawyer? His name is Feng Caoyang, and you’ll be terrified of him! Quick, hurry up…”

Feng Caoyang?!

Zhao Yu pouted and scoffed, upon hearing the name. He recalled that Feng Caoyang was the same guy that had spoken in defence of Hao Gang back then. The guy was arrogant and supercilious.

After the eldest son of Qui finally stopped shouting, Zhang nodded helplessly to one of the police detectives, who unlocked his handcuffs.

“Yes… That’s right… Hehehe…” The eldest son of Qiu rubbed his now freed wrists, then spat with anger, “You lousy policemen, where’s your bravado now? Where did it go? Hehehe…”

Zhao Yu and the other two continued to move forward. Just when they had walked past the eldest son of Qiu, he looked at Su Jinmei and smiled perversely, saying, “Hey, this girl is pretty good looking! Are you interested in me? I’ve got tons of money…”

“Ugh…” Since Su Jinmei was only a Police trainee, she had yet to come across such disgusting people. As such, she immediately covered her eyes and quivered in fear.

“Hey, that’s enough!” Zhang scolded. “Hurry up and leave, as we have unlocked your handcuffs! Don’t think that we don’t know exactly how you escaped the legal punishment! I’m telling you, it’s just matter of time before you are in our hands again!”

“Humph, who are you trying to scare?” The eldest son of Qiu gritted his gold teeth. “Do you have any evidence? If you do, why did you have to let me go? Humph…”

He sent another stare at Su Jinmei, then scoffed, “Girl, don’t go thinking you’re cool, just because you have your uniform on. I slept with a bunch of female police detectives before! As soon as they see how much money I have, they couldn’t wait to take get with me…”

The eldest son of Qiu had yet to finish his sentence, when a palm slapped right onto his face.


Upon impact, the eldest son of Qiu spun around, then landed on the wall!

“Huh… ahhh?”

The eldest son of Qiu was dumbfounded. He supported himself by holding onto the wall, before trying to again stand up straight. However, before he could stand, there was a hand, like an eagle claw, that grabbed onto his hair brutally, then dragged him out onto the ground.

“Hey? Eh eh? Someone’s hitting me. This is… Ow ow ow ow…” The eldest son of Qiu’s face was contorted with pain, but he had no strength to wage a counter attack. The person who had grabbed ahold of the eldest son of Qiu was naturally the fearless Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu didn’t like the eldest son of Qiu, who was arrogant and supercilious. Also, the eldest son of Qiu had just humiliated a female police detective! That particular point had really been the one that pushed Zhao Yu past his limit of patience.

At that moment, Zhao Yu dragged the eldest son of Qiu by his hair to the male toilet near the stairs…

“Captain Zhang! What should we do?” The police detectives saw this and were terrified. “This is surely illegal! Should we stop it?”

“Quit your interfering!” Zhang scoffed. “Hurry up and head to the surveillance room. Destroy the surveillance records of this scene just now! In the future, whenever anyone asks about it, just tell them that the video equipment malfunctioned!”

As Zhang had just finished giving his command, they could hear the tragic wail of the eldest son of Qiu from the toilet…