Crazy Detective Chapter 534

Chapter 534 Never Loose

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The eldest son of Qiu was beaten beyond recognition by Zhao Yu in the toilet. As such, he was wailing in pain. Zhao Yu didn’t even speak to him the entire time, but only kept beating him!

At the beginning, that spoilt son had still been cursing. Yet, as the time passed by, he gradually realized that the demon-like figure not only wanted to beat him up, but obviously wanted to take his life!

Hence, he changed, now begging Zhao Yu for mercy. He even knelt down on the ground, whimpering. But, Zhao Yu couldn’t be bothered to listen. When he was tired of hitting him, he pressed his head into the toilet bowl!


Faintly, Zhao Yu had an illusion of time flowing backwards. When he was pressing the eldest son of Qiu’s head into the toilet, watching him struggling in the toilet bowl, he felt as though he had returned to his past, where he was unworthily mixing with the less than savory people around him!

Memories swirled, including the flashing of blade rays and brutal fights. He had learned many lessons back then, causing him to now remember keenly that the moment you showed one bit of kindness, your enemy would possibly return with another bite!


Recalling this bloody past, Zhao Yu felt the rage boiling in him and couldn’t stop himself. He lifted his head and roared. He then grabbed the eldest son of Qiu’s head with his left hand, while he landed a heavy punch on the water tank of toilet with his right fist!


Along with a loud thud, the water tank shattered into pieces, sending porcelain debris all over the place! As the eldest son of Qiu happened to lift up his head from the water at that moment, he saw Zhao Yu’s wild and violent action.


Cough cough cough cough

The eldest son of Qiu coughed out the toilet water, as he was scared stiff by Zhao Yu’s brutality. Suddenly, with a thud, he knelt down on his knees and told Zhao Yu, “Flunitrazepam Flunitrazepam”

As he spoke, the arrogant son cried. He was crying his heart out, as he said, “I tell you, I’ll be honest I used Flunitrazepam! There were six girls in total. I did it! Please Stop hitting me Woo I’ll tell you all of their names Woo”

Listening to what he said, Zhang and the rest, who had just barged in, were surprised. They had thought that Zhao Yu was only bashing up the guy in order to vent everyone’s anger, but instead, they now saw that he had forced the guy to blab all of his wrongdoings!

Flunitrazepam was a known powerful hypnotic drug. It seemed like the police really didn’t get it wrong by accusing him! Those girls were really his victims!

“Quick quick quick..” Zhang quickly beckoned his underlings, who immediately went into action. Some recorded the eldest son of Qiu’s confession, while some treated his wounds. The rest cleaned up the scene.

Su Jinmei saw that Zhao Yu’s arms were bleeding, so she quickly dragged Zhao Yu away quietly. After the confession, the eldest son of Qiu gradually awoke from his fright. He opened his eyes, looking around for Zhao Yu in a panic, but did not see him among the crowd.

“You You” Once he had finally regained consciousness, he shouted in surprise, “How dare you allow me to get beat up? What you did was against the law”

“Hey, please don’t speak mindlessly, okay?” Zhang scoffed, “Open your eyes and look around. The one who hit you wasn’t us! So, it’s really none of our business!”

“Eh?” The eldest son of Qiu suddenly sat straight up and opened his now swollen eyes. “Then Who was it?”

“How would I know?” Zhang played dumb. He then said, “I thought he was your friend!”

At that moment, Zhang sent an eye signal, causing someone to came with handcuffs to lock the eldest son of Qiu’s up again.

“Woo woo”

In the emergency room, looking at the doctor, who was giving Zhao Yu stitches, the timid Su Jinmei started crying.

“Hey,” Zhao Yu shouted, “I’m not dead yet. What are you crying for?”

“I I didn’t stop you. Now you have to get stitches Woo woo” Although Su Jinmei had stopped wailing, her tears were still falling.

“It’s okay. The person getting stitches ain’t you.” Zhao Yu gave his disciple a funny look, then couldn’t help but laugh.

“Sifu, good-heartedness often meets with recompense. I know you will definitely find who you are looking for! Definitely!” Su Jinmei said with determination.

As it turns out, Su Jinmei could tell from the very beginning that the reason why Zhao Yu was so brutal wasn’t merely because of his anger at the eldest son of Qiu alone, but was also a result of the depression in his heart.

“Alright, alright, I hope so, too! I’m okay” Zhao Yu kept his smile, then said, “I just don’t like looking at the dude, so I felt like bashing him up! Disciple, there are two kinds of people in this world: one talks and the other does! I belong to the latter group! The things that I don’t like, I solve them with my fist!”

“But” Su Jinmei was worried and said, “I heard that the eldest son of Qiu isn’t someone to mess with. Not only does he have wealth and power, but the lawyer that acts in defense of him is famous! Sifu, although he pleaded guilty, the confession, which was given under such a situation of duress, would be difficult to escape the suspicions of the courts! I’m afraid it would be harmful for you!”

“Alright, don’t worry!” Zhao Yu saw that his wounds were taken care of, so he quickly waved Su Jinmei away. He then said, “I have work to do! Got to go!”

As Su Jinmei walked Zhao Yu to the Ruyang Branch’s door, she summarized for Zhao Yu the current situation with the Falling Off Building Case. As of that moment, thet knew that, although Ai Lili had admitted that she had paid Le Chao ten million and hired him as a killer, the mastermind of the crime was Le Chao himself. Hence, the punishment for Ai Lili would be lighter than they had first predicted.

They might have to wait quite a while to hear the final outcome of such a complicated case, as it involved two young lives. As such, everyone involved in the conspiracy had to undergo their own trial.

After exiting the Ruyang Branch, Zhao Yu followed the address that Bureau Chief Liang had given him. He soon found the senior higher up, who might possibly know the background of Miao Ying’s family. Unfortunately, the senior higher up was very old and had recently been diagnosed with dimentia, so he couldn’t remember much!

Thus, Zhao Yu had run around for the entire afternoon, but he had very little reward to show for his efforts! Every day that passed, Zhao Yu felt that the chances of finding Miao Ying in Qinshan were becoming smaller and smaller. Even so, he arrived at the location of the side quest in time, looking forward to encountering something there.

It was a Kan hexagram day, after all!

What if I could find clues related to Miao Ying via this side quest?

However, when Zhao Yu arrived at the location, he seemed to foresee something that made him suddenly disappointed. As it turned out, the side quest directed Zhao Yu to a place that he was already very familiar with. It was Qinshan Central Hospital, in the department of Orthopedics.

Firstly, he knew that Yao Jia was the chief nurse there. Secondly, after he had fought the SWAT soldiers, he had stayed in this very same hospital for half a month.

It was already eight at night, but the ward was still bustling. The nurses were either pushing carts or carrying medicine platters, while walking to and from the wards.

“Hey? Police Officer Zhao, it’s you again!”

Just when Zhao Yu was looking for the exact location of the side quest, he heard a familiar yet heartwarming voice. He lifted his head and looked to see that the one standing right before him was really the slim and graceful chief nurse, Yao Jia! She was wearing her nurse uniform, but it couldn’t hide her beautiful figure.

It can’t be, right?

Zhao Yu complained in his heart to the system, “Are you really this ridiculous? Miao Ying left, so you You wanted to give me Yao Jia? What are you planning to do? I’m telling you, although I am inhuman, when I am loose, but then again,I am never loose!”