Crazy Detective Chapter 535

Chapter 535 Call Me Zhao Tianba

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“Long time no see! How have you been?” Yao Jia, who was slim and graceful, came before Zhao Yu leisurely. Directly after asking this, she then saw the bandage on his right arm.

“What happened?” the chief nurse asked. “Is it serious? Come, let me bring you to a doctor.”

“No It’s okay!” Suddenly, Zhao Yu felt nervous, at loss for how to answer her.

“A few days ago, I called you a few times, but you didn’t answer. Have been very busy?” As she spoke, Yao Jia looked at Zhao Yu with deep affection, which made Zhao Yu panic.

“I already got my stitches, so I’ve taken care of it. Really, it’s no big deal Hehe” Zhao Yu smiled bitterly, as he gave her an irrelevant answer. The entire conversation grew even more awkward.

Coincidently, a nurse suddenly shouted at Yao Jia, “Chief nurse, hurry up and take a look at this patient. His wound is swollen again!”

“Okay” Yao Jia nodded at Zhao Yu lovingly, then said, “Police Officer Zhao, wait for a minute, please. I will come back very quickly”

Looking at Yao Jia leaving temporarily, Zhao Yu finally relaxed.

Why am I so nervous upon seeing Yao Jia?

While I am looking for Miao Ying wholeheartedly, of all things, the system or fate decides to send Yao Jia before me! What does it all mean? Although Yao Jia used to be the woman I loved, it was a totally different space and time. This is going to be so awkward

“Stand aside, stand aside” Then, a medical staffer in a surgical uniform was shouting, as he was moving a hospital trolley with a patient on it. They suddenly flew past Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu quickly moved to the side, then entered another corridor. It was so packed, even the corridor was filled with sickbeds!

Zhao Yu sighed. At that moment, he finally remembered the whole purpose of his trip. So, he quickly opened the map on his cellphone to find the exact location of where the miracle adventure would take place.

However, just when he unlocked his phone, Zhao Yu saw that there was a nurse nearby, who was putting a needle in a woman for an infusion. The woman had bright red hair and was dressed in a flirtatious yet strange way. Next to the woman, there was a middle-aged man, who was wearing a big gold chain and squatting next to her. The man was wearing a black T-shirt and holding a leather pouch. His face was flushed and his eyes were dim, making him look like he had too much to drink!

Either the nurse was very nervous, or for some other unknown reasons, but she didn’t manage to put the needle in, even after two tries!

“Aiyo, you’re hurting me!” The redhead scolded the nurse, “Can you do it? If you can’t, get me another nurse! You’re hurting me. I am here for treatment, not to be used as a human pincushion!”

“Hehehe” Hearing that, the man wearing the gold chain chuckled.

This only made the nurse become more nervous, so she didn’t succeed on the third try either. The redhead bellowed and jumped in pain.

“Ouch! What kind of standards do you have here? Are you treating me as a test specimen? Get away!”

The nurse’s face grew pale. She quickly grabbed the needles and wanted to leave. However, unexpectedly, the man wearing the gold chain, who was squatting by the side, suddenly sent a death glare at her as he got up. He then raised his leg and kicked the nurse’s thigh.

“Aiya!” The nurse suddenly fell onto the ground, the medicine platter also dropping on the ground. As it did so, it made a ringing sound.

Hearing the noise, other nurses ran over to check out what was going on. When Yao Jia saw the scene, she shouted nervously, “How could you do that to her? She’s pregnant!”

“You! How can you hit people?” The other nurse quickly held her fallen colleague, then turned to roar at the man and woman, “I am going to call the police!”

“Humph! Go ahead! Call the police!” The man smiled coldly. “You can’t even put a needle in! You were going to break my girlfriend, and I would have had to sue you! Hehehe”

Looking at the man, who was obviously drunk, the nurse who had just spoken was suddenly frightened. She quickly pulled the fallen nurse further away from the man and woman.

“Humph!” The redhead said arrogantly, “Call the police! This is such a joke! You don’t even know who you are dealing with! We were only here to get some treatment, and you arranged for us to be treated in a stairway! Plus, you can’t even put the needle in properly! Your hospital is a disgrace!”

Zhao Yu then saw that there were two fat men that had just run in from outside the ward. He could tell that the two men were hooligans with just one glance. They had tattoos all over their arms and looked suspicious.

Then, they barged in and one of the men asked the couple, “Bro, sister, what happened?”

“Humph,” The redhead said in disdain, “Someone broke my hand and wanted to call the police to arrest us!”

“Humph!” The gold chained man scoffed, “And I kicked a nurse, so what? Believe me or not, I could this whole hospital, too?!”

“You How could you behave like that?” Yao Jia was raging with anger, and quickly interjected in the conversation, shouting at the people, “It’s our mistake for not being able to put the needle in properly, so we can admit our mistakes! But, you are at fault for your crazy reactions! You can’t just hit people as you wish. Just you wait, we will call the police now. We are not done with this matter yet!”

Then, one of the fat men walked before Yao Jia perversely and roared coldly, “I’m telling you, forget about the fact that our bro kicked your nurse. Even if he pushed all of you down the staircase out there, what could you do about it? Do you know who we are, mm?”

Then, the fat man rolled up his sleeve, revealing a wolf head tattoo on his arm. Although normal people wouldn’t understand this symbol, those present could guess that the symbol definitely meant that this bunch of people belonged to some special organization!

“I I don’t care who you are!” Yao Jia bellowed angrily. “That nurse is pregnant! If she has any mishap, you will have to take legal responsibility!”

“Humph!” The fat man took two steps forward. “Legal responsibility, eh? Alright, I shall take more responsibility than that, right now!”

Then, he raised his arms like a fan, then slapped it towards Yao Jia’s face! However, Zhao Yu, who was standing behind Yao Jia, raised his uninjured left arm, holding onto the fat man’s wrist.

“Hey!” Just as he caught onto the person’s wrist, Zhao Yu let out a long sigh, as though he was bemoaning the hard times and misery of these people. He then scolded, “What is it with people today? Why are there so many idiotic bums that keep popping up?”

Suddenly, Zhao Yu’s mind was perfectly clear. The fight before him was exactly the side quest that he needed to deal with today!

Why would this be the arrangement the system picked?


Zhao Yu suddenly understood.

It must be that my bro system knew that I didn’t feel quite right in the head, so it decided to arrange an opportunity for me to vent my anger!

SoI definitely can’t waste it!

“Hey!” As the fat man’s wrist was grabbed by Zhao Yu, he saw that Zhao Yu was one size smaller than him. Seeing this, he thought to seize Zhao Yu by pushing him down via sheer force. He tried, only to realize that his arm felt like it was being clamped by pliers. Thus, he couldn’t move an inch!

“Bloody heck!” Then, the other man saw this and cursed immediately. He then locked his shoulders in place and dashed over at Zhao Yu, charging towards him like a train.

Zhao Yu smiled coldly, then flipped the fat man’s shoulder with his left hand, causing the fat man’s body to be slanted. Then, the two hooligan men collided and fell on the ground.

“Huh? You Who are you?” The man with the gold chain was surprised, then quickly asked.

Zhao Yu knew that if he revealed his identity as a police detective, the battle would end there. But, he had just started, so how could he just let it end like that?

Hence, Zhao Yu spread his arms, then said, “I am from Shunfeng Street, and my name is Zhao Tianba!”

“Zhao Tianba?” The man with the gold chain shook his head. “Never heard of you.”

“You’ll learn about me really quick, then!” Zhao Yu smiled in disdain, then said, “I’ll give you ten minutes. Call your backup! Once they get here, let’s all have some fun”