Crazy Detective Chapter 537

Chapter 537 Hello There The Great Lawyer

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In the basement parking garage of one of the high-class housing areas.

“Don’t worry! If I can’t even deal with this little policeman, how can I be a lawyer?” Feng Caoyang was talking on the phone, while unlocking his Infiniti with a remote control.

“Old Qiu, just you wait. That man named Zhao will definitely be finished. Besides taking revenge for our little master, I’ll get to vent my resentment, too! Because of what happened with Hao Gang the last time, he blocked me from making money. This time, I will make him pay!”

As he spoke, Feng Caoyang put his leather pouch aside to fasten his safety belt. “To be frank with you, I have gathered much evidence regarding his wrongdoings. Although he solved many big cases, this dude took a lot of wicked measures to do so. He trapped someone into a confession, faked evidence, used barbaric enforcements, and that’s not all! He is notorious! Don’t you worry, I will make sure that he gets in serious trouble.”

Then, he finally started his car engine, as he continued bragging with confidence, “Alright, just you watch. Once Zhao Yu is taken care of, your son’s case will definitely be considered as a confession that was extorted via torture. Forget about only Zhao Yu, as the entire Ruyang Branch would then be in big trouble!”

Feng Caoyang casually chatted for a while longer, then finally hung up the phone. He then shifted the car in gear and stepped on the gas pedal, ready to drive out.

Just then, there was a black car that dashed over. The car sped towards him, then hit Feng Caoyang’s car with a loud thud.

The loud collision knocked the Infiniti was a good distance away. Feng Caoyang was terrified and screamed his lungs out.

When Feng Caoyang finally regained his composure, he saw that his car engine was engulfed in smoke. He was burning with anger. He quickly unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car. He saw that the car that had hit him was just a normal Jetta.

Feng Caoyang ran towards the driver’s seat of the other car. He pointed at the driver and spat the words, “This is a parking garage, so why are you driving so fast? I should sue you for attempted murder!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” The driver of Jetta apologized, as he unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car. Feng Canyang saw that the driver had blonde hair and looked very scrawny.

“I’m sorry! I mistook my gas pedal for the brake!”

Feng Canyang was about to throw a tantrum, when he suddenly saw another huge Landrover charging towards him. The door swung open and Zhao Yu, who was naked above the waist, got out of the car slowly.

“Well, if it isn’t the great lawyer Feng?” Zhao Yu smiled. “Such a tragic car accident didn’t kill you? You must’ve fastened your seatbelt. So good that you have such a strong awareness for safety. Not bad, not bad”

“Mm?” The moment Zhao Yu appeared, Feng Caoyang suddenly realized something. He quickly took a few steps back, then asked in a panic, “Zhao Yu! What What is going on? Are you Are you trying to kill me?”

“Pfft. You can fart anyway you like, but please don’t say anything you wish!” Zhao Yu joked. “I wasn’t the one that hit you, so this is a false accusation!”

“Humph!” Feng Caoyang pondered this carefully, then said with his chest out, “I don’t think you’d dare! Zhao Yu, go ahead and laugh. I will see how long you can keep that smile on your face. You are already guilty of countless crimes. Prepare yourself for jail! And, you hit my car today. Do you know how much my car costs? You You have to”

Then, there was a bunch of noise, as many cars were honking. As they had been arguing, there were another four to five cars that had entered the parking garage. The cars all stopped around Feng Caoyang, and there were about twenty people that got out.

All of these people were dressed strangely. They either had tattoos or were dressed like punks, and some even had metal club in their hands! They came before Blondie at the Jetta, then bowed before him and called him “Boss!” Blondie waved his hands at his people, then moved to stand by Zhao Yu respectfully.

Suddenly, Feng Caoyang was terrified by his imposing manner. He stood trembling, then quickly asked, “What What are you trying to do? I am a lawyer. If you were to do anything, I will no hesitate to put all of you in jail!”

“Hehe” Zhao Yu laughed in disdain, then took two steps forward. He told Feng Caoyang, “The Great Lawyer, your car has been hit, and my bro will definitely pay for it! However, I have something to discuss with you. How about you don’t sue me? It wouldn’t be nice if there were to be a broken family!”

“Humph, you boast so shamelessly!” Feng Caoyang gritted through his teeth. “Zhao Yu, do you know? Using just that one sentence you said earlier, I could take you to court! Who do you think you are? You want me to drop the charges? Dream on!”

Beep beep Beep beep beep

Just then, Feng Caoyang’s phone rang. It was his daughter, calling from her secondary school. “Daddy, daddy, I was terrified. There was a dead rat in my bag.”

“Huh?” Feng Caoyang stared at Zhao Yu.

Then, his phone rang again quickly. It was his wife this time, “Caoyang, hurry up and come home. There are paint all over our windows at home! What is going on”

“You” Feng Caoyang hung up the phone as his face grew pale. He roared at Zhao Yu in anger, “Zhao, you treacherous man. How dare you take such despicable measures. I I will definitely”

“What does any of that have to do with me?” Zhao Yu played dumb. “I only remember that there was another car with the license plate of 6743A, a white Volvo, right?” Then, he pointed at Blondie. “Don’t only hit the same one next time!”

“Yes!” Blondie quickly bowed and nodded.

“You” Feng Caoyang was trembling with anger. Zhao Yu had been talking about his wife’s car earlier. He was obviously trying to blackmail him!

“Hehehe” Zhao Yu took another two steps forward, then said creepily, “Great Lawyer, my bro has insurance. The insurance company will take care of this! Why not let him pay you back with a new car! But If a car accident in the future were to cost any human lives, my bro couldn’t afford it”

“You Zhao Yu This is getting too crazy!” Feng Caoyang clenched his teeth.

“I’m too crazy?” Zhao Yu suddenly roared, his eyes wide, “Tell me then, wasn’t the son of Qiu, who drugged six young girls and ruined them, more crazy?”

“You have no evidence of such things, so you can’t charge him!” Feng Caoyang refuted.

“He has already admitted to it!” Zhao Yu fought back.

“That’s because you extorted his confession by torturing him. That has no legal standing as such!” Feng Caoyang didn’t back off.

Zhao Yu said cooly, “Great Lawyer, let me ask you. If he were to drug and rape your daughter, would you still reply with such confidence?”

“You I” Feng Caoyang was suddenly left speechless. He stuttered and replied, “As a lawyer, we have to speak only to evidence! The same goes for you. The moment the son of Qiu gets out of prison is when you will go behind bars! You’d better be prepared!”

“Yeah?” Zhao Yu leaned his head sideways and spoke with a weird look in his eyes, “It seems that you really want to fight! However, before you make a decision, I suggest taht you take a look at your phone!”

Feng Caoyang suddenly recalled the few documents that he had received earlier on his phone. He quickly took a look at the documents and was terrified. His face grew pale!

As it turned out, these documents were encrypted documents from his computer. They included his private financial accounts, important evidence regarding the case, and many other things that shouldn’t be exposed!

“You How did you Ah” Feng Caoyang suddenly felt a tightness in his chest.

“Oh, I almost forgot. I have another stack of information that I have gotten from the computer at your house. Your wife has very peculiar tastes. I dare not show you everything! Hehe” Zhao Yu shook his head and laughed. He then told Blondie, “Hurry up, give the insurance company a call! You hit someone’s car, so you have to pay for it. We are all men of honor, after all!”

“Yes, bro!” Blondie Zhou Yang quickly picked up his phone and pretended to make a call.

“For For Forget it!” Feng Caoyang was trembling. “I I will repair it myself!”

“Hehe” Zhao Yu beckoned to Blondie and said, “Great Lawyer, that’s right! There are many injustices in the world. As a law enforcer, you should protect their benefits and ensure that they receive just treatment.”

“Our seniors taught us that every human deed can never escape God’s eyes. You have to do everything with a clear conscience. If you could stop on the edge of the precipice and not go any further, it’s not too late for you yet. But, if you were to continue with your games, I, Zhao Yu, would keep you company till the end Wahaha”

Then, Zhao Yu saluted Feng Caoyang playfully. He then turned around and left with his troops in their cars