Crazy Detective Chapter 538

Chapter 538 It Was A Qian Hexagram Again

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Just as Zhao Yu had expected, Feng Caoyang immediately withdrew his charges against Zhao Yu, leaving the defense team of the son of Qiu on their own.

To solve the issue of Feng Caoyang once and for all, Zhao Yu had used three of his precious devices. He first used an Invisible Camera to observe Feng Caoyang, then he used the Skeleton Key to unlock his office. Finally, he used another Hacker’s Command to get all of that secret information!

However, although Zhao Yu was able to obtain the confidential information, it belonged to Feng Caoyang’s clients, and was therefore protected under the privacy of lawyer and client privilege. If such things were to be exposed, Feng Caoyang would have his lawyer qualifications revoked!

So, after careful consideration, Zhao Yu decided to use the information to blackmail him into dropping the charges and leaving the defense team of the son of Qiu. After Feng Caoyang withdrawn himself from the team, it was difficult for the son of Qiu to achieve anything. On the other hand, the police detectives from the Ruyang Key Case Investigation Unit obtained several pieces of new evidence through hard work and cooperation from the victims.

Hence, with the newfound existence of witnesses and key evidence, the son of Qiu had no choice but to plead guilty of the crime that he had committed. However, although the matter with Feng Caoyang and the son of Qiu had ended, Zhao Yu’s forced holiday was still ongoing.

Everyday, Zhao Yu would get a new hexagram and complete the side quest. However, he returned disappointed every time. As time passed, his enthusiasm just wasn’t there anymore. Every time after he completed the quest, the reward barely meant anything to him.

Along with the slim hopes of finding Miao Ying, his bad habits from his previous life were also beginning to affect him again! He got right back into heavy drinking, fighting, and stirring up trouble. The time seemed to rotate backwards, as Zhao Yu returned to being a ruffian!

Zhang Jingfeng, Li Beini, Liang Huan, Liang Bo and his other close friends saw Zhao Yu’s deteriorating behavior, which made them anxious. But, no matter how they advised Zhao Yu, he wouldn’t listen.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed, but Zhao Yu was still pissing away his days. However, just when Zhao Yu got himself a hexagram one day, he was suddenly awakened from his muddled state! He had gotten a Qian Dui hexagram!

Zhao Yu quickly got out of bed and kicked away the beer cans that were scattered around the floor. He came before the working desk to figure out the side quest’s time and location. The miracle location was four miles away, and the time was in fifteen minutes!

It can’t be, right?

So soon?!

Zhao Yu cursed under his breath and ran to the living room to put on some clothes. But, he had yet to do so properly, when someone knocked on the door! This startled Zhao Yu, who quickly pulled the door open.

He saw a man and a woman standing at the door. He knew the woman as Huahua, and she was wearing a white long dress. He didn’t know the man, but he seemed be a delivery man, according to his clothing and the fact that he was holding a parcel!

“Bro Yu, you are at home!” Huahua saw Zhao Yu and immediately told him the purpose of her visit, “I have recently saved twenty thousand dollars, and wanted to return this to you!”

Huahua took some money out of her purse.

“Hey miss, I am here to send a parcel! So let me finish my job first!” The delivery man quickly passed Zhao Yu the parcel, then asked, “Is this Mister Zhao Yu? Your parcel”


When Zhao Yu saw the parcel, he shouted. He quickly dragged Huahua behind him and roared, “Don’t move! Po Police!”

Then, Zhao Yu even made a gesture of withdrawing his gun.

“What?” The delivery man was shocked. He quickly asked, “Mister? What is going on?”

“Huh” Huahua didn’t know what was going on either, so she quickly screamed, threw up her hands, and hid behind Zhao Yu. But, as she had been holding the cash in her hands, the money flew everywhere!

“This” The delivery man held the parcel and was dumbstruck.

As he had gotten a Qian hexagram that day and never bought anything online, Zhao Yu naturally suspected that there was something wrong with the parcel! Zhao Yu instinctually used an Invisible Detector to confirm this suspicion.

If there were any dangerous items in the parcel, like a bomb, the detector would issue a warning alert. However, it remained silent, signaling that there wasn’t any danger on the scene.

Zhao Yu wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead, seeing that it was merely a false alarm.

“Are you okay?” The delivery man quickly left the parcel and fled, completely shocked by Zhao Yu’s strange behavior.

“Huahua, it’s fine! It is just a regular parcel!” Zhao Yu quickly picked up the parcel and told Huahua, “Look at yourself, why are you returning the money out of nowhere?”

When Huahua saw her money, which was now scattered, she quickly picked it up and said, “I was worried that you needed the money.”

“Listen to me, you don’t need to return me the money!” Zhao Yu quickly told her that the police had already returned the money to him. He also assured her that Fat Sausage and his gang were involved in a major case, so no one would come after her anymore in the future.

Huahua started crying after she heard this good news. She couldn’t believe it at first, thinking that he only told her such things out of kindness. She was completely moved.

As he was helping Huahua pick up the money, he looked at the time. He quickly told Huahua, “Huahua, I have something urgent that I need to attend to. When you are done here, please lock the door behind you. I must leave now!”

Then, Zhao Yu grabbed his keys and the parcel, then dashed downstairs.

“Hey?” Huahua called after him, “Bro Yu, you are really such a kind man. If you ever need anything, you can still call me anytime!”

Even though Huahua had shouted loudly, Zhao Yu couldn’t hear her, as he was already long gone! Miao Ying’s Volkswagen Phaeton and Landrover were both parked downstairs. Previously, Zhao Yu had investigated the cars’ information and found out some shocking news. The two cars were registered under his name! Obviously, Miao Ying had done this purposely for some reason.

Zhao Yu was tall and brawny, so it made more sense for him to drive the Landrover. He quickly unlocked the door and prepared to rush to the location of the side quest.

However, just as he unlocked the door, there were three old folks that popped up next to his car, blocking him. The three persons were Liao Jingxian, Jin Zhenbang, and Zhou Andong.

“Hey, Zhao Yu, where are you going?” Liao Jingxian shouted with a dull face, “Hurry up, we have something to talk to you about”

“Oh Mm” Zhao Yu looked at his watch. If he delayed any longer, he wouldn’t be able to reach the location in time.

“Hey? Aren’t you on holiday? Where are you rushing to? Did you do something immoral? Are you planning to run away?” Liao Jingxian teased him.

Zhao Yu suddenly became furious. After he opened the car door, he pushed Liao Jingxian in directly.

“Hey Are you crazy, what are you doing”

Liao Jingxian got a shock, and Jin Zhenbang and Zhou Andong quickly came forward to stop Zhao Yu. But Zhao Yu did the same to them, shoving all three of them into the car.

“I really have something urgent to do!” Zhao Yu roared, “How about this… Why don’t the three of you follow me? I assure you that this will be a real adventure!”

Then, Zhao Yu closed the door and got into the driver’s seat to drive

Of course, although Zhao Yu said that it was going to be an adventure, he had no idea what they were going to encounter. He thought to himself, I got a Qian hexagram today, so the side quest shouldn’t be anything ordinary!