Crazy Detective Chapter 539

Chapter 539 Special Investigator

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“Zhao Yu, are you crazy?” Liao Jingxian roared, as he slammed into the back of the front seat. “What is going to be an adventure? The three of us came here to talk to you nicely, but you treated us like this”

“It’s alright. Let’s witness this adventure, then!” Captain Jin Zhenbang took out a cigarette and was going to light it up.

“Hey! Stop it!” Zhao Yu roared in anger. “Anyone who dared smoke in my car has entered ICU after doing so!”

“Yeah, Jin!” Bureau Chief Zhou Andong supported, “Be civilized, alright? Don’t make me take in second-hand smoke!”

“Zhao Yu, where exactly are you taking us?” Liao Jingxian creased his eyebrows and said, “What is so urgent? Can you tell us?”

“You’ll know when we get there. Here” Zhao Yu threw them the parcel and said rudely, “Open the parcel for me! I haven’t seen it yet!”

“Parcel?” Liao Jingxian and Jin Zhenbang shared a look. When they saw the information on the parcel, they were suddenly thrilled. Liao Jingxian quickly opened the parcel and found an official letter.

“That’s right, it’s the notice! That was pretty fast!” Liao Jingxian was delighted. He opened the letter, as he spoke to Zhao Yu, “Zhao, we looked for you today to talk about this! Your application to be a special investigator has been approved, and this is the notice! They called the municipal station a few days ago. I knew that you didn’t go to work, so I sent it to your house address!”

“What? Special investigator?” Zhao Yu then recalled that, before Miao Ying had gone missing, he had applied to be a special investigator. Once approved, he would enter the Central Investigation Unit to investigate the national level one criminal cases, like the kind recorded in the yellow covered notebook.

“Yeah!” Liao Jingxian quickly opened the document and explained to Zhao Yu, “But the nature of the special investigator team is more complicated than you might think. It is specially approved by the Central Criminal Division and brings with it many privileges. And, it involves not only pending cases, but also many other major cases. However, as the team members for the force were chosen elites from all across the nation, the number of people is too large So”

“So what?” Zhao Yu knew that was coming.

“So, the notice that you received today ain’t an admission notice, but a selected notice!” Liao Jingxian raised the document and announced, “In other words, you are only awarded the qualification of being selected for now. Whether or not if you will become a special investigator will depend on if you pass their examination! I reckon it should be like choosing one out of a hundred!”

“Then, hurry up and call your brother-in-law, “Zhao Yu joked, somewhat seriously. “Tell him to let me enter from the back door!”

Liao Jingxian felt awkward. “That won’t work. It is the central investigation team, so this is no joking matter!”

“As a special investigator, is the salary high? How are the benefits?” Zhao Yu asked.

“The salary is still standard, as it is issued by the Rongyang Branch, but your title would be much more impressive!” Liao Jingxian told him honestly. “As for the benefits, we shall see! Plus, the competition is strong. With just one mistake, you might be rejected!”

“Oh I shall reconsider this, then!” Zhao Yu shook his head.

“You twerp!” Jin Zhenbang suddenly couldn’t hold back. “You shall reconsider?! Do you know that in the entire Qinshan area, only one person has ever been selected? Do you know how great of an honor this is? You didn’t even work hard for it, and you still want to reconsider”

“One person? Who was it?” Zhao Yu asked, before quickly realizing he knew the answer. “Oh, Potter Jin is praising his pot!”

“Hey, how can you speak like that?” Liao Jingxian shouted. “Zhao Yu, Jin is considered your sifu. Jin was the only person that entered the special investigation team in Qinshan, and he once was greatly admired. Do you know that? And, did you forget about the yellow covered notebook?”

“Oh, you want the notebook? I’ll return it to you later!” Zhao Yu said in disdain.

“You!” Jin Zhenbang was suddenly burning with rage and roared, “Zhao Yu, take a look at yourself. Look at the nonsense that you have done recently! What’s the difference between you and the hooligans on the street? So, your girlfriend left you! Why can’t you just get back on your feet?”


Hearing that, Zhao Yu slammed his foot on the gas pedal and sent the car flying forward. The three old folks were fumbling around in their seats at the back.

“Hey, Zhao Yu, calm down!” Zhou Andong’s face grew pale. “I am also here to tell you that I have used all my connections to look for her for you. From what I know, Miao Ying’s family is way more complicated than you at first imagined! But first Slow down Slow down”

Hearing Zhou Andong bring up Miao Ying’s name, Zhao Yu slowed down.

“Although I didn’t manage to get all of the facts regarding the actual situation, seeing as how Miao Ying’s family vanished into thin air, they seem to be protected by the government! You shouldn’t be surprised that all traces of them were wiped out completely for their own protection!

He continued. “So, I personally think that Miao Ying left you because she had no choice, not because you had any problems together,” Zhou Andong advised sincerely. “Zhao, this is definitely a great opportunity for you! If you were to become a special investigator, you might be able to obtain higher investigation rights. Then, you still might have hope of finding Miao Ying!”

Bureau Chief Zhou finally got to his point. After Zhao Yu heard that, his eyes were beaming with renewed hope.

Then, they arrived at the destination. He lifted his head and saw the Victory Plaza of Qinshan city. According to the coordinates of the side quest, the miracle adventure would take place at the entrance of the plaza.

Zhao Yu looked at his watch and saw that he didn’t have much time left. He quickly left the car by the side of the road and dashed towards the location.

As Zhao Yu ran away, the three old folks exchanged looks. Liao Jingxian quickly teased the other two, “See? I told you not to bring up Miao Ying in front of him! Look, he completely broke down!”

“Bull!” Jin Zhenbang punched Liao. “Hurry up and get out of the car! This might really be something major!”

“Yeah, exactly!” Bureau Chief Zhou quickly opened the door, followed by the three old folks.

After Zhao Yu got to the plaza entrance, panting for air, he quickly saw that there was a bunch of people gathered there.

What’s going on?

Why is it so crowded?!

Zhao Yu, recalling that the system gave him a Qian hexagram, he felt his adrenaline rush. If it were to be a bomb or terror attack, it would be disastrous!

Zhao Yu decided to use another Invisible Detector. Then, he started walking through the crowd to see if there was any real danger.

Just when he walked into the crowd, he suddenly saw a bunch of young guys and girls wearing volunteer uniforms. They were handing out brochure at the stairs. One of the girls that was giving out brochures was none other than the little disciple of his, Su Jinmei!

Eh? Such a coincidence! Why is Su Jinmei here?

Zhao Yu stopped and scratched his head. He couldn’t guess what the side quest was at all.

“Hey? Sifu? Why are you here?” Su Jinmei looked up and saw Zhao Yu. She quickly ran towards Zhao Yu, the brochures still in her hands