Crazy Detective Chapter 540

Chapter 540 A True Saying

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In the bright and pleasant sunlight, Su Jinmei smiled a dazzling smile and looked radiant. Suddenly, Zhao Yu was dumbfounded by her.

The girl’s smile seemed to have a magic power, breaking through the gloomy clouds had been suppressing Zhao Yu for a very long time.

Su Jinmei ran over and grabbed Zhao Yu’s arms, “Hurry up, let me introduce you to my classmates! They have been wanting to meet you!”

“This Hold on!” Zhao Yu quickly raised his arms and asked, “Jinmei, what is going on? What are all of you doing here?”

As he was asking, Zhao Yu looked around. He was using the detector in his head, but it didn’t give out any warning signs.

Su Jinmei joked, “Sifu, you are a great detective, so how can you not know already? Are you trying to make fun of me again?”

“Mm What I wanted to say is, I just happened to be passing by. Do you believe it?” Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows.

Su Jinmei finally noticed that Zhao Yu was not joking. She then lifted up the brochure in her hands and said, “We are collecting charity funds to help Xin Xiaoru! Look, we have already gathered over forty thousand dollars!”

“Mm?” Zhao Yu scratched his head, “Xin Xiaoru, that name sounds familiar. Oh” He suddenly remembered. “Isn’t Xin Xiaoru Le Chao’s wife? Why”

“Yeah!” Su Jinmei blinked her big bright eyes and said, “Le Chao’s wife. You forgot? Le Chao’s second son has eye cancer. Now that Le Chao isn’t here anymore, Xin Xiaoru’s life has naturally become even tougher! So, my classmates in police school and I appealed to everyone to help her!”

“This” Zhao Yu couldn’t fully understand, so he asked straightaway, “But Isn’t Le Chao the murderer?”

“Eh? Sifu, you disappoint me!” Su Jinmei pouted. “The one who is guilty is Le Chao, not his children.”

“But” Zhao Yu still couldn’t understand, so he asked again, “But, they live in Yunzhou, not Qinshan”

“Hey, sifu, you can’t be like this!” Su Jinmei pouted and said, “As your disciple, I can’t believe that I have to teach you a lesson! Although Le Chao is a murderer, and although their house is in Yunzhou, his wife and his children are still very pitiful and need our help.”

Regarding Le Chao’s wife and children being pitiful, Zhao Yu had really never thought about it.

“It could even be said that, because Le Chao was the murderer, we should be even more attentive towards his wife and children now!” Su Jinmei said with awe-inspiring righteousness. “Sifu, think about this… As we are the police authority, besides upholding the law and sweeping away the wicked, shouldn’t we take up more responsibility for helping our society and community?”

“Le Chao’s crimes and death were already tragedies! If we were to treat his family coldly, it would possibly lead to an even greater tragedy!” Su Jinmei said. “Sifu, evil never ends, but great love knows no boundaries!”

Listening to Su Jinmei’s true saying, Zhao Yu seemed to be awakened by a forceful knock to his heart. He was suddenly stirred up with a surge of emotions.

Evil never ends, great love knows no boundaries!

In the past, he had only heard about the idiom of great love knowing no boundaries. But now, he had a new interpretation of it. Just now, it felt like hearing the words had anointed his head with the purest cream, suddenly enlightening him.

Suddenly, crime scenes from the past flashed before Zhao Yu’s eyes, one after another. From Li Dan of the Hand Chopped Case to Lin Meifeng from the Slaughter Case, and beyond. This made Zhao Yu finally realize something…

Why wasn’t I happy, even after I had solved the cases and arrested those suspects?!

It was because, even after the cases ended, he couldn’t stop thinking about them…

In fact, after solving every case, he would think about one same question in his heart

Wouldn’t it be great if such a horrible crime never happened?

He would also wonder what could have been done to prevent the crimes. For instance, if someone had paid more attention to Li Dan, there wouldn’t have been the Hand Chopped Case. If someone had given good counsel to Fang Yi, there wouldn’t have been a Bank Robbery Case. If Qiu Xinyang, who lost his mother, could have faced reality and walked out of his depression, there wouldn’t have been a Hidden Corpse Case

“Sifu!” Su Jinmei interrupted his thoughts. “Your ringtone always sings the word hero, but have you ever thought about the true meaning of the word? Sifu, you are courageous and have no fear. You fight against corruption and evildoers. You deserve the title hero!”

Su Jinmei then showed him the brochure. “But, I think that what I am doing here today is an act of a heroism, too. So, I could call myself a hero as well!”

Then, the sun shone brightly on Su Jinmei. Although she was short, today she seemed tall and mighty!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu awakened inside. He patted the top of Su Jinmei’s head. “You’re right! I understand now. If I want to become an outstanding criminal police detective, I must not stop at simply revealing the truth!”

“Yes!” Su Jinmei held Zhao Yu’s arms happily. “If we put in the effort and give care and attention, maybe we could prevent more crimes from ever happening!”

Su Jinmei waved the brochure at him again. “Don’t you want to put in some effort right now?”

“Alright, I will donate fifty thousand!” Zhao Yu took out his phone,to donate the money.

What Su Jinmei said had enlightened Zhao Yu entirely. He then understood that the Qian hexagram that day didn’t seem to deal with any terrifying major event, but instead represented the spiritual baptism that he was going to receive!

He suddenly understood that a spiritual baptism was more important than going through an ordeal of fighting! Suddenly, he was reminded of what Miao Ying had once told him…

Be Sherlock Holmes!


Then I’ll be Sherlock Holmes!

“Come on, sifu,” Su Jinmei covered Zhao Yu’s ears and whispered, “now it’s my time to show off!”

Then, she held Zhao Yu’s arm happily, as the pair walked towards her friends.

“Everyone, this is my sifu, the famous detective, Zhao Yu” Su Jinmei beamed with joy. “That’s right! Do you know who solved the Mianling Case? Do you know who found the Golden Buddha”


There was suddenly a collective exclamation of awe among the crowd

Looking at Zhao Yu, joking around with the volunteers and blending in with them, Liao Jingxian and the other two old folks nodded in approval. The three of them heard clearly what Su Jinmei had told Zhao Yu.

“Sigh!” Bureau Chief Zhou Andong sighed. “See that? The three of us tried so hard to talk to him, but we couldn’t win. And a few sentences is all it took that little girl!”

“Hehe!” Liao Jingxian smiled happily. “Zhao Yu finally won against the devil in his heart, right?”

“Sigh!” Jin Zhenbang let out a heavy sigh. “Behind every criminal case, there is a liter of tears! Today, the girl taught me a lesson, too! Sometimes, we think that closing a case means just writing a report. But today, we realized that we have been so lacking!”

“Evil never ends, but great love knows no boundaries!” Zhou Andong said. “I have to remember this! I could use this for propaganda”

“Pfft, you are in charge of economic investigations now, okay?” Liao Jingxian rolled his eyes at Zhou Andong. “This phrase now belongs to me. If we were to have another police officers meeting, it would definitely make a deep impression”

“Two insane officers!” Jin Zhenbang said in disdain. “What are the two of you fighting for? I am in the police training center, so I should be the one to use it!”

Just as the three old men were fighting over the saying, Zhao Yu ran over from the crowd. When he reached them, he immediately kept his smile, then declared with a mask of solemnity, “Bureau Chief Liao, Bureau Chief Zhou, Captain Jin… I will go!”

That moment, the haze that had for so long covered Zhao Yu’s face was swept off. His eyes were beaming with a glimpse of hope now. “Don’t you worry! Even if they were only going to pick one in a million, I would get that spot! This special investigator position, I will definitely get it!”