Crazy Detective Chapter 541

Chapter 541 Depart

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The second morning, Zhao Yu drove Miao Ying’s Volkswagen Phaeton to the capital for his examination.

When the car was already on the Qing River Bridge, he remembered that a long time ago, he had been on that same bridge when he caught the murderer of the Mianling Case, Hao Gang. Actually, the solving of the Mianling Casehad been the grounds for establishing Zhao Yu’s position as a detective in the first place.

Due to the difficulty of the case and its broad influence, the solving of the case caused a great stir nationwide, gaining Zhao Yu fame. Because of this notoriety, Zhao Yu had qualified to enter his name for the selection of special investigators for the National Criminal Investigation unit.

In the document that was sent by the Central Criminal Division, it described the nature of the special investigator’s job. Besides reinvestigating the state-level pending cases, it would involve assisting with each criminal case that was extremely thorny.

In other words, once Zhao Yu passed the examination and became a special investigator, he would have to go around the country to help solve extra difficult cases. To Zhao Yu, this was both a challenge and a hope.

Zhao Yu had thought it through carefully. Bureau Chief Zhou Andong was right, when he said that, if he were to plant his feet steadily in the central level special investigation team, he would be in touch with a higher jurisdiction. Then, he might be able to discover Miao Ying’s whereabouts. Besides, he had his magical miracle adventure system with him, which he felt that he might be able to rely on to heighten his chances of finding Miao Ying.

Lastly, and also the main point, after going through the challenges with the Rongyang Branch, Zhao Yu had fallen entirely for the profession. He loved the process of unearthing the truth via looking for evidence!

However, he knew that the competition was rather ferocious. If he didn’t succeed in the examination, he would possibly miss out on the most important opportunity of his life!

So, he had to be fully focused! As he was already on forced holiday, if he were to return after failing to achieve his ambitions, he would be even more embarrassed!

Zhao Yu drove so fast, he was on the highway to the capital in the blink of an eye! By then, the miracle adventure that he had gotten the previous day had already ended.

According to the system’s interface display, the completion rate for his previous miracle adventure was 130 percent, and he was awarded with a pack of five normal devices as a result. These devices were an Invisible Voice-changer, an Energy Booster, an Invisible Camera, an Invisible Fluoroscopic Device and a Skeleton Key.

Although the five devices were only normal devices, they were devices that Zhao Yu often used, which were currently out of stock. So, getting them at that time was like returning a fish to water!

Qian Dui hexagram!

As Zhao Yu re-read the hexagram poem from the day before, he felt a surge of emotions. Going through the third Qian hexagram, Zhao Yu had a new understanding towards it. He felt that his original speculation had been correct. The Qian hexagram didn’t represent anything major, but was a combination hexagram!

When many hexagrams were combined, the system would use a Qian hexagram to cover them all. As such, he received a notification message later that night, informing him that the tax free reward of thirty nine million eight hundred and forty-thousand that the country had granted him, had already been transferred onto his bank card!

Adding up all of his property, Zhao Yu discovered that he was already a millionaire! Because the amount of money was huge enough, the system put a Dui hexagram behind the Qian hexagram.

Besides the realization of the Dui hexagram on the other hexagram poem, Xhao Yu also recognized them from other situations. Firstly, he had met Huahua and Su Jinmei. Then, he was enlightened by Su Jinmei, who helped to resolve the knot in his heart. This was all considered to be within the range of a Kan hexagram!

Besides that, he also received the examination notice and decided to sit for the test for special investigator. He would thus start his new investigative journey, which naturally aligned with the Gen hexagram!

Also, in the afternoon the day before, Feng Lin and Feng Kuo, who were both released from prison, along with Lan Shuping and his family, came to the Rongyang Branch together to thank Zhao Yu.

Looking at her son, who had suffered ten years of injustice and was finally rehabilitated, Feng Lin shed tears of joy. She didn’t know how to thank Zhao Yu. Not only did she give him a silk banner, but she also gave him her precious sunflower scarf as a gift!

The scarf was one of Chanel’s limited editions from back in the eighties. The price for it back then was expensive, so now it would sell at an even more exorbitant price. Although Zhao Yu rejected her gift, Feng Lin insisted that he keep it. So, referring to the hexagram poem, it could be considered as a combination of a Zhen hexagram and a Dui hexagram.

In the end, during the night, the most superior higher up, Su Yang, purposely rushed back from the provincial capital to see Zhao Yu. The two of them went back to Liu He Shun Hotpot for some mutton and drinks. That was also considered to be a part of the Li hexagram, which represented friendship.

Hence, with all the factors combined, Zhao Yu was certain that a Qian hexagram was a combination hexagram. So, whenever a Qian hexagram was out, it meant that he would come across many different miracle adventures, but not necessarily anything major!

As the car continued driving steadily on the highway, Zhao Yu saw that the Qian Dui hexagram had ended. So, he immediately got himself a new hexagram. He wanted to see if he could foretell his examination luck through the hexagram.

If he could get a Zhen hexagram, it just might mean that he had nothing to worry about with his examination! However, it wasn’t what Zhao Yu had wished for. He got a Gen Li hexagram instead, Gen representing a job, and Li representing friends.

The hexagram couldn’t be changed, so Zhao Yu could only make the best of it! However, he was worried that, while he was making a trip to the capital, if the side quest happened to be in Qinshan, he wouldn’t know what to do! In the end, after he resolved the hexagram poem, he felt relieved. He saw that the side quest to take place near the capital. Zhao Yu then realized that the side quest would change according to his current position, so that he wouldn’t have to be fixed in any one city all of the time.

As Qinshan was located right where the north and south regions connected, it was quite a distance away from the capital. Zhao Yu had departed in the morning, but he only arrived at the capital in the afternoon around three.

After checking the coordinates carefully, Zhao Yu was surprised that his side quest was located right in one of the rest stops along the highway. The rest stop was within the jurisdiction of the capital, so he could simply exit the highway after the rest stop.

He never expected that his side quest would be so easy. Not only was the location suitable, the timing was great. He even had time for a quick toilet break! As the rest stop was very near to the capital, the rest stop was very crowded, packed with humans and cars.

When it was about time, Zhao Yu went to the exact location of the side quest, according to the map on his handphone. It was located on the outer side of the rest stop toilet. When Zhao Yu got there, he saw two cars stopped nearby, but no one was there.

Of the two cars, on the right was a blue seven seater Benz and on the left was a white Haima SUV. As the lot was very cramped, the two cars had parked very close to each other.

Very quickly, there appeared a middle-aged woman in a suit. She was wearing glasses and was walking over from the direction of the toilet. The woman had just washed her hands, so she held them in the air to dry. She walked next to the Haima and extended her hands into her pocket to get her keys.

Just when she unlocked her car, there were a few people that walked out behind her. There were several men and women, both old ones and young ones. Looking at their attire, they appeared to be tourists that had come to see the capital.

“Hey?” One of the men, who held car keys in his hand, came in front of the Benz and was suddenly shocked. He then pointed to his Benz and asked the middle-aged lady, “Hey, you Look, you scratched our car!”


The woman creased her eyebrows and came over to check. Then, she saw that the side of her Haima, which was facing the Benz, had a long scratch!

“It can’t be.” She said in surprise. “It wasn’t me! I just I just drove straight in earlier. I didn’t touch your car at all.”

“How dare you say you didn’t do this?” The man pointed at the front bumper of the Haima and said, “Look at it yourself. There’s even blue paint at the front of your car! How dare you say it wasn’t you!”

“I” The woman now saw that the front of her car had been scratched, too.

“Aiya! We just bought this car!” Then, there was a young lady that said tenderly, “How could you be so careless?”

“Yeah!” The man, who was still holding his car keys in his hand, told the middle-aged lady, “What else do you have to say for yourself? Hurry up and pay for this!”