Crazy Detective Chapter 542

Chapter 542 Doing Anonymous Good Deeds

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Very quickly, both parties were found themselves in a stalemate situation. The middle-aged woman, who drove the Haima, refused to admit that she had scratched the other person’s car. Then, the man who drove the big Benz insisted that she pay him for the damages to his car.

Even though Zhao Yu didn’t see the ins and outs of the entire situation, relying on his experience, he could understand clearly what was going on. Although the family that drove the Benz looked decent enough, and their car really did look like it had been scratched by the other party, Zhao Yu instinctively knew that they were staging a con.

Even if he hadn’t had his history in criminal investigation, Zhao Yu could have easily been able to tell that, among the family members, only the man with the car keys was good at acting, while the rest of his family was dodging all eye contact!

In the past, Zhao Yu wouldn’t have bothered with other people’s business. But now, he was a changed man. Plus, if he wanted to get his accumulative miracle adventure points, he had to help to solve this problem.

The previous time, after getting an award worth almost forty-million, his miracle adventure rate had increased tremendously to over four hundred and sixty points. In fact, he was now very close to obtaining his second level up! At such crucial times, Zhao Yu naturally couldn’t let any opportunity to earn more points slip away.

Hence, he walked towards the place where conflict was taking place. On the way, he looked at his watch. As he had to report at the Criminal Division later that day, he intended to solve this matter quickly.

“No way! I remember clearly that, when I parked my car, I definitely didn’t touch your car. Maybe you’re the one that scratched me!” The woman had her chin up and her chest out, and said with confidence, “I suspect that you are trying to extort money from me. So, I am going to call the police! And, I have car camera, too. We only need to check it, and we could see clearly what really happened!”

“Alright, call the police.” The man with the big Benz was unwilling to be outdone, so he said, “See what the police have to say after they come. It’s even better if you have car camera. Go! Hurry up and look!”

“Alright, let’s call the police. There are policemen in the rest stop!” Then, the middle aged woman took out her phone.

“I don’t think it is necessary!” Suddenly, Zhao Yu took huge strides to come to the middle of the crowd. He told the woman, “There is no use calling the police! Didn’t you notice? Your car is parked within the blind spot area of the surveillance control.”

Everyone just looked at Zhao Yu, all of them completely surprised by his interjection.

“The car camera recording is even more useless!” Zhao Yu pointed at the Haima and said, “Look at your angle! The recorder couldn’t capture a clear shot of the location where the scratches happened anyway!”

“You Oh” The woman pointed at Zhao Yu, then asked, “Are you guys in on this scam together? Is this a staged crash? Do you know who am I? You Mm”

She had just said that, when she suddenly saw Zhao Yu flashing his police identification badge. The man who drove the big Benz was stunned, as he also now saw that Zhao Yu was a police officer. He and his family took a step back nervously.

“Sis, haven’t you realized?” Zhao Yu smiled faintly and pointed at the man that drove the big Benze. “They planned all of this, right down to the detail of your white car! Do you know why they wanted a white car? It is because their big Benz was knocked by a white car already! So, they chose a white car as their target!”

“Hey, what are you talking about? What scam are we supposedly hatching?” The man driving the big Benz opened his eyes wide. “Police officer, take a closer look. The evidence is right here, and it’s so obvious!”

“Are you silly?” Zhao Yu turned around and told the man, “The police appeared just in time, and you thought that it was an accidental phenomenon? I have been watching you for a very long time, okay? My police car is stopped just over there. Do you want me to check the surveillance video from it?”

“Surveillance video?” The man who drove the big Benz was dumbfounded. “There isn’t any surveillance camera here though.”

Zhao Yu didn’t reply, but instead swung his hand and revealed a pair of handcuffs. He then said, “Alright, although I am in a hurry, let me tell you the story from the very beginning!”

Zhao Yu pointed at the family who drove the big Benz. “Your car was hit by a white car earlier, but you didn’t manage to find the other party. Then, you thought of a way to still recoup your damages, which was to wait for another white car to scam. After the white Haima parked next to you, you rubbed some blue paint powder onto her car to make a false appearance of the scratch. Then, you popped out to con her!”

“No, that’s not it. She really hit my car!” Although the man who drove the Benz was arguing confidently, his face showed his fear.

“Don’t think your trick is convincing!” Zhao Yu pointed at the family that was with the man driving the big Benz. “Your family only appeared right when the Haima’s owner returned. Don’t you think that is a little too much of a coincidence?”

He then pointed at the scratch on the car, “And, look at your door! It was already dented. If that really happened when the Haima was parking, how could the car owner not feel anything?”

“Humph, exactly!” The middle-aged women chimed in, holding her chest out.

“Listen to me, bro!” Zhao Yu patted the man’s shoulders with the handcuffs and said, “This car was one that you rented, right? After you were hit, you were afraid that you couldn’t afford to pay the damages on it. So, you resorted to the scam idea, right?”

“You How did you know?” the man asked.

“Easy! I’ve never seen anyone else that drives a big Benz stage a crash before,” Zhao Yu said. “It’s not common, so you obviously have something to prove, and rented a car above your means. I can also tell that you brought your girlfriend’s family out for a trip! These must be your future in-laws. Am I right?”

“You How do you know everything?” Hearing that, the man who drove the big Benz nearly knelt before Zhao Yu.

“If you were bringing your own parents, you wouldn’t need to rent a Benz to play it cool!” Zhao Yu pointed at the woman behind him. ” This woman is wearing a couple’s T-shirt that matches yours, and she is not wearing any wedding ring. She is also just a few years younger than you, so she must be your girlfriend. In order to get to marry her, you bet everything and sought to impress her parents and siblings! But, bro, doing such a dishonest thing in front of your in-laws is awful!”

Then, he pointed at the two cars and said, “You cannot falsify the truth, nor verify lies. If you still feel aggrieved, I will send people here to determine if the paint from both of the scratches is identical.”

“It’s my fault, police officer!” The man who drove the big Benz hung his head low, embarrassed. He then put his hand over his other fist at Zhao Yu, then bowed at the middle-aged woman to apologize. “Sorry, sis! I rented this car and was afraid that I couldn’t afford to pay So”

Then, he quickly wiped away the traces of paint from the Haima, using his sleeves. After the blue paint powder was wiped off, the Haima looked perfectly fine

As the woman was a reasonable person, when she saw that there was nothing wrong with her car, she didn’t fuss too much. The conflict was then resolved easily by Zhao Yu.

Before Zhao Yu left, the middle-aged woman called out to him, “Which branch do you work at? I need to thank you!”

“It’s okay!” Zhao Yu shook his head, “We do anonymous good deeds! I am Zhao Yu, from the Qinshan Rongyang Branch’s Key Case Investigation Unit. I am the team leader of Team A.”

“Mm” The middle-aged woman was dumbfounded at Zhao Yu’s shameless character, so she asked, stuttering, “You You don’t work in the capital?”

“It’s okay, you can use express delivery to send any gifts you’d like to! If anything, you could opt for the recipient to bear the delivery cost. Thanks” Zhao Yu smiled cheekily then waved and said, “Sis, I am really in a hurry, so I’ve got to go!”

Then, Zhao Yu saluted, turned around, and left. When he returned to his car, the system suddenly sent a notification. He saw that his accumulative points for the miracle adventure were now up to 496 points! He was very close to leveling up!

He wondered how the system would look and operate after the second leveling up!