Crazy Detective Chapter 545

Chapter 545 Bias

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At first, when Zhao Yu stated his answer, he wanted to reprimand the three examiners! He thought the interview questions that the three of them gave him were crazy! Such ridiculous questions weren’t suitable for mere detective selection, but were more for genius selection!

Plus, Zhao Yu could tell that the three examiners had scholarly temperaments. They might be knowledgeable experts in the field of higher education, but they definitely had no idea how real a investigation was carried out!

Do they think that solving a case depends on figuring out a few silly quizzes? This was an interview for higher levels than mere detectives. Wasn’t this a careless act on their part?!

However, just when Zhao Yu was thinking of these things and about to throw a temper tantrum, he suddenly took a different approach, suppressing his anger. He suddenly thought that, since the examiners were giving out such crazy and difficult questions, that could actually be beneficial for him! After all, not many of the people outside could answer those same questions!

Plus, Zhao Yu had the aid of the system devices, and the others didn’t! So, the more crazy the questions were, the more beneficial it would be for him. Having come to this conclusion, Zhao Yu left the scene, feeling much more relaxed.

Just as he exited the meeting room, the detectives outside couldn’t wait but approach him and ask what kind of questions the examiners asked. They also asked him if the examination had been easy.

Zhao Yu told them, “You’d better hurry up and prepare yourself! After you go in, the examiners will want you to perform a talent!”

“Really?” Although they were detectives, they naively believed in the nonsense that Zhao Yu was saying to them. They immediately got their phones out and searched for lyrics, thinking perhaps they’d do some karaoke numbers.

“The examiner even said that those who know how to do hawaiian dances would be admitted first! Wahaha” Zhao Yu continued his ruse.

Then, those who were searching for lyrics, realized that they were being made fun of. They suddenly sent Zhao Yu death stares. Then, the other candidates took entering the meeting room for their scheduled interviews. Zhao Yu imagined the ridiculous responses that they were going to give, when asked the difficult questions, and he felt delighted!

It didn’t take long for twenty candidates to finish their interviews. According to the notice, after the interview ended, the results would be announced soon after. So, everyone was waiting for the news.

Especially for the detectives, who had came from all across the nation, it was a very important interview. Although the work in the future would be dreadful and required traveling around and leaving family behind, there was an indescribable honor ascribed to those who earned the role of criminal investigator.

Plus, if they really could solve major cases and obtain impressive results, it would be very beneficial for their careers in the future. Even if they weren’t chosen by the high level units, they would still be able to climb up the ranks when they returned to their respective local police stations!

The applicants didn’t have to wait too long before the two staff members from the Central Criminal Division opened the door of the meeting room. One of them read aloud, “Fellow police officers, the results are in. The top five applicants, who scored the highest in the interviews, will be employed immediately. Whoever’s name we call out, please come in now!”

The other staff quickly added, “Those whose names are not called, don’t give up just yet. We are still going to be open for recruitment next year. Thank you all for your participation!”

“In fifth place, we have Wei Honglin from Caohai, with a score of ninety-one points.”

The staffer read the first name, and a middle-aged police officer quickly raised his hand and shouted for attendance. Then, he walked into the meeting room enthusiastically.

“Fourth place, Chi Bin from Linfu”

“Third place”

“Second place”

It was already at the listing of the second place, yet Zhao Yu’s name still hadn’t been called! Zhao Yu’s heart was already in his throat!

“First place, Zhao Yu from Qinshan, with ninety-five points!”

Zhao Yu suddenly jumped and cheered. Not only had he fulfilled his dream to become a central special investigator, but he had won first place! This was all so satisfying!

Zhao Yu held his fist tightly and spoke to himself, I, Zhao Yu, did not go back on my promise. I actually became a special investigator! And, I am a team leader, too!

However, after the initial thrill abated, Zhao Yu also realized that, although he won first place, his hadn’t achieved his victory by any landslide. In fact, his score was merely four points higher than that of the fifth place candidate.

Zhao Yu suddenly felt a deep reverence towards the older detectives. They had actually been able to field such crazy and difficult questions. He had indeed underestimated them, especially as he had the aid of the system devices! But, these old detectives had had to rely on their own abilities alone! That was too terrifying.

However, Zhao Yu wasn’t the one who was shocked most by the scene. The older detectives also thought that they had really underestimated Zhao Yu. They had never expected that the only young man among them, who was also the first interviewee, would manage to win first place!

When Zhao Yu and the other winners entered the meeting room, the two staff members congratulated them, then asked them to fill out some forms. Then, the two staff members asked them to sit for a regular psychological test in the classroom on the fifth floor. After their testing, they were then invited to have some food at the canteen.

After that, they could wait for the results of the other selections from other positions. Once all of the selections were completed, the other investigators, who were in charge of other positions, started forming their teams.

Zhao Yu followed the four selected candidates upstairs. As they finally had gotten their qualifications as team leaders, they were naturally delighted. Without so much pressure on their shoulders, everyone was much more relaxed and jovial. Not only did they introduce themselves to each other, they also talked about their interviews earlier, especially about the crazy questions they had been asked!

After hearing their discussion, Zhao Yu was surprised that the questions that the others had were entirely different from his own! Their questions were all logical, not weird or crazy at all!

Zhao Yu cursed in his head, as he thought, the three rookie examiners gave me an entirely different question set than the rest? Isn’t it obvious that they were trying to trap me into failing miserably? Luckily, I had system devices to help me out! Otherwise, I could have been sent home!

He couldn’t understand why the three examiners would make it so difficult for him. He wondered if it was because he was younger than the others.

Although he had won first place, Zhao Yu still felt unhappy. He wanted to find the three examiners and talk to them!

After the psychology test was over, he didn’t go eat with everyone else. Instead, he tried to find out where the three examiners were.

He felt that the three of them would most likely be teachers from the central police school, so he started his search by looking around at the school. After a while, he suddenly recalled something else.

He thought of the Zhen Li hexagram that he had gotten that day! As he had only been thinking about the interview, he had totally forgotten to resolve the side quest for that day!

So, he quickly resolved the hexagram poem and found the coordinates. When he compared them to the map, he was shocked! He never expected that the side quest location would be right within the Central Criminal Division headquarters! He looked at the time, seeing that he only had about five to six minutes left!

The miracle system deserved its name, as the location was perfect! Zhao Yu looked up and saw the Central Criminal Division building, which was right next door to the police school. He felt that this miracle adventure was going to be extremely important for him!