Crazy Detective Chapter 548

Chapter 548 New Journey

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Zhao Yu looked at the middle-aged woman, who looked simply ordinary in his eyes. He never thought that she could be a division chief!

Looking back, he considered his previous actions at the rest stop as merely attempting to stop a family from successfully staging a fraud. He never But When Zhao Yu recalled the white Haima, he couldn’t help but crease his eyebrows. If she was the division chief, why would she have been driving a car with a license plate from another province on it?

“Division Chief Jiao, how come you are here?” Section Chief Niu asked curiously, though he was careful to sound very polite.

The Division Chief let out a heavy sigh, “I just got a notice that the regular Chief, who was assigned to this sector, got into a small accident and couldn’t fulfill his duties! So, I had no choice but to take over. Hehe”

Zhao Yu suddenly understood the entire situation more than anyone else. Section Chief Yang and his secretary Liu had been attacked by an odor bomb and had fainted. They had then been rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment!

“Zhao Zhao Yu, right?” Division Chief Jiao turned around and flashed a smile at Zhao Yu. “You said that you are were a policeman from Qinshan, but I never expected that you were coming here to interview for the Special Investigation Group. What a coincidence! Then, since you qualified to appear here, that means you must be quite outstanding!”

“Aiyo, he got first place in the interviews! And, he interviewed for the post of team lead!” Section Chief Niu quickly boasted on Zhao Yu’s behalf.

“Yeah?” Division Chief Jiao replied happily. “I would believe that, because I have seen your capability with my own eyes! Thank you so much for helping me out earlier!”

“You’re most welcome!” Zhao Yu flattered in return. “Actually, I was just showing off before such an expert as yourself!”

“Don’t say that. You acted bravely for a just cause, and with an awe-inspiring righteousness! Our police team is in desperate need of great policemen like yourself!” Division Chief Jiao complemented sincerely. “Don’t worry. If you have any difficulties in the Central Criminal Division in the future, come and look for me! I think so highly of you!”

Zhao Yu quickly put his hand on his other fist, thanking her. After she left, Section Chief Niu turned and patted Zhao Yu heavily on the back, then exclaimed in surprise, “Zhao Yu, aren’t you cool?! You know the Division Chief, too? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? If I had known you were this close, why would I have put in so much effort?”

“Actually, I’d like to have known it earlier, too!” Zhao Yu replied frankly. “I honestly just found out who she really was!”

“What do you think, little brother,” Wu Xiumin was smiling at Zeng Ke. “My inference was accurate enough, right? Look, this is a fact! Our future team lead has a powerful backer!”

“Amazing!” Ran Tao scratched his head and said. “I feel like I followed the right person!”

The undeniable fact was right before their eyes, and Zhao Yu couldn’t argue about it, so he could only redirect the topic. So, he asked for more information from Section Chief Niu.

As it turned out, Division Chief Jiao was the deputy division chief of the Central Criminal Division. She had just been promoted not long ago. Also, due to the fact that she stayed in another province, she drove a car with a license plate from that province.

“What happened to Section Chief Yang seems quite tricky,” Section Chief Niu said, then posed a question to Chen Zhuo. “How could he faint out of nowhere? And in the washroom, too?”

“Yeah, his secretary was there, too!” Chen Zhuo added. “If he had been alone, maybe it could be explained by his having high blood pressure, a heart attack, or something of that sort! But, the two of them both fainted, so how could this be explained? Would it be There was methane in the washroom?”

“The h*ck!” Ran Tao held his chest, obviously terrified. “This really must be the Central Criminal Division, as there are traps everywhere! There’s even a trap in the washroom?! Luckily”

What Ran Tao said sounded like sarcasm in Section Chief Yang’s and Chen Zhuo’s ears. Then, Zhao Yu tried to ask for more details about Section Chief Yang. Zhao Yu felt that Section Chief Yang had tried to exclude him, calling him by his name so accurately, but, the reason for his doing so didn’t seem like it was as simple as his merely trying to take care of the old detectives!

Thinking on this more, Zhao Yu could faintly smell the whiff of a scheme. He felt that there seemed to be some secret regarding Section Chief Yang.

Of course, Section Chief Niu knew nothing. Hence, Zhao Yu felt that he should find out more about Section Chief Yang, once he had the chance to in the future.

After forming the team, the higher ups from each department arrived and the inaugural meeting of the Special Investigation Group was about to commence. At first, Zhao Yu thought about reporting his unfair treatment during the interview to Division Chief Jiao. As there was video recording at the interview, once Zhao Yu complained, he would definitely cause a big enough stir, which would cause the three examiners a lot of trouble!

However, he changed his mind, thinking now that the person who had really wanted to frame him was Section Chief Yang! Yet, if he were to lodge a complaint now, not only would it not shake the the chief’s position, it would also expose his identity!

Moreover, although the three examiners had been instigated by this bad guy, they had realized their consciences at the crucial final moment, and did end up giving him first place. That at least signified that they had some moral conscience! As he could join the Special Investigation Group as he wished to, those debts could be resolved later on!

Zhao Yu reckoned that it shouldn’t be too long until the entire Central Criminal Division would find out that his relationship with Division Chief Jiao wasn’t ordinary. So, until Section Chief Yang woke up, he would definitely not dare to pull any wicked tricks on him!

Soon enough, the meeting started. Although the rank of the meeting was high, it was basically a mere formality. They first gave a welcoming speech, which emphasized the importance of their forming the Special Investigation Group in the first place. That was followed by speeches from the higher ups and representatives, and so on

After all of the formalities were over and the higher ups all left, the most important part of the meeting finally arrived. Now, it was time for task delegation.

Of the five teams, only Zhao Yu’s team was in charge of investigating pending cases. Actually, regardless of the location, the task of solving pending cases, especially those pending cases from long ago, was firmly believed to be the utmost thankless job!

Oftentimes, due to time having passed and the corrosion of age, witnesses and evidence would often disappear or be rendered useless. As such, the difficulty that this posed in solving the pending cases was nearly immeasurable! As such, if one was looking back at the history of Special Investigation Group, there were hardly any records of solving a single pending case!

Due to this woeful success rate, people in the Central Criminal Division called the team that was in charge of pending cases the Suicide Squad! They could even foresee the job situation of the team clearly. After the formation of the team, they would be given a year or so for fruitless investigation purposes, and then the team would be dismissed. At least this was the pattern that, for years, seemed to be the unchangeable fate of the pending cases teams.

Hence, to Zhao Yu,who was the team lead for his pending cases team, this new investigation job was very stressful! Before departing, it was already posing many challenges.

However, Zhao Yu felt extremely excited about the post, too, as he could now officially investigate those national pending cases, which he had seen in the yellow notebook!

He still remembered clearly that Captain Jin had spent a lot of time and effort to find his successor. He also remembered when Miao Ying saw the pending cases on the notebook, the overwhelming excitement in her eyes. She had obviously wanted to unearth the truth with him!

However, in just a few short months, the same things were there, but the people had changed. Hence, Zhao Yu determined that he could only carry his own bag and step one foot in front of the other on this new journey, completely on his own!

Miao Ying, don’t you worry

Zhao Yu spoke to himself.

No matter how difficult the future will be, I will definitely find out the truth! I will remember your words and be Sherlock Holmes!