Crazy Detective Chapter 550

Chapter 550 Explosive Ordnance Disposal

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“Sifu, you’re so insincere” Su Jinmei was questioning him over the phone. “I just started to learn from you, and then you left to become a special investigator! You are embarrassing your disciple!”

It was already eleven at night. Zhao Yu was about to go to bed at the hotel when his disciple called him.

“Hehe,” Zhao Yu could only play dumb and laugh it off. “I never thought it happen so suddenly! I applied, and made it to the interview my first try! I am even the team lead. How crazy is that?”

“You just keep teasing me! Humph!” Su Jinmei rebuked him. “When I take my vacation, I will come and look for you! I’ll deal with you then!”

“Don’t be crazy.” Zhao Yu was dumbfounded by her. “I am here for work, not for fun.”

“I don’t care. You are my sifu, so you are obligated to teach me! You can’t just walk out on me!” The girl was acting spoiled, then she became curious. “Sifu, what kind of a case are you investigating? Quick, tell me! Have you solved the case yet?”

“Not yet!” Zhao Yu replied. “We just started!”

“Then, hurry up and tell me, what kind of a case is it? It must definitely be complicated! I’m so excited”

Knock knock knock

Ding dong

Zhao Yu was still on the call, but someone was knocking on his door. It seemed like whoever it was was in a hurry! The person knocked and even rang the doorbell, too.

“Who is it? I’m coming!” Zhao Yu went to open the door, while he told Su Jinmei over the phone, “Alright, that’s it. I have to work now. I will talk to you soon.”

“That’s such a lie! It’s already midnight, so why would you have to work so late? I bet it’s a woman”

Without letting Su Jinmei finish her sentence, Zhao Yu hung up the phone quickly, then shut the door. And, alas, Su Jinmei was right! There really was a woman standing outside the door. She was the forensic psychologist, Wu Xiumin.

“Team Leader, hurry up” Wu Xiumin saw Zhao Yu open the door and immediately shouted, her eyes wide open, “Please deal with that Ran Tao! What kind of person is he?! Ever since the dinner, he has been harassing me! He keeps calling me and telling me obscene jokes. He even knocked on my room door! Please report him to the higher-ups, so they will fire him!”

“Motherf*cker!” Zhao Yu heard this and spat out the words angrily, “Now this Ran Tao is going overboard! Sis Wu, don’t worry, I am good at dealing with these kinds of people!”

“Really?” Wu Xiumin was thrilled, then quickly asked, “How?”

“It’s simple!” Zhao Yu announced. “Tonight, you stay here with me! Then, I assure you that Ran Tao will never dare to disturb you anymore!”

Wu Xiumin looked shocked. “You What kind of an idea is this? How could I stay in your room? What if you do something to me” As she spoke, Wu Xiumin pulled at her clothes subconsciously.

“That’s even better! As long as we are rolling around in the bedsheets together, Ran Tao wouldn’t dare do anything to you!” Zhao Yu raised his eyebrows and winked at Wu Xiumin. “Isn’t my idea great?!”

“You!” Wu Xiumin glared at him with rage. “Oh God, what evil deeds did I commit in my previous life to deserve this?” She wailed in disbelief at her predicament.

“It’s an opportunity not to be missed! I am going to shower. Care to join me?” Zhao Yu said, his words alluding to something perverted, scaring Wu Xiumin away.

Zhao Yu then smiled maliciously and thought to himself, I am a Team Leader, not a nanny!

Although Ran Tao was at fault for harassing Wu Xiumin, she should have taken care of the matter herself. After all, if she couldn’t even solve these little problems, she didn’t deserve to be a team member of the Special Investigation Group!

Also, Zhao Yu and his team were just beginning the case investigation, so he surely did not have time to deal with the trifling personal matters between his underlings. After Zhao Yu closed the door behind him, everything returned to its previous tranquility, allowing him to finally settle down for the night.

However, having been bothered by all of these trivial matters, Zhao Yu could not turn his brain off long enough to get properly sleepy! So, he opened the information files on the case and started looking through them.

Regarding the Headless Female Corpse Chain Murder Case, Zhao Yu had a feeling that it was different from any other case that he had investigated in the past. This was because the six victims were from different cities. Also, besides being women with fair complexions, they shared no other similarities. In contrast, with the other cases that Zhao Yu handled before, the victims and the murderers were all somehow more closely connected.

But, in this Headless Female Corpse Case, the identities of the victims and the methods of murder pointed to the murderer having selected his victim at random. Plus, the police detectives and the experts all thought that the murderer seemed to be completely psychotic!

According to the information shown, the six victims were all young ladies. Although the murderer chopped off their heads and left them all naked, there was no sign of their having been tortured or raped.

The most confusing part was that, after the murderer killed the victims, he thoroughly cleaned them up, even making them look almost alive! To kill numerous women, and in such a brutal and psychotic way, signified that the murderer must truly be psychologically unsound. So, obviously, there must be something wrong with his mental health!

Moreover, this Female Corpse Case really made people fearful. The way the murderer committed the crime was extremely courageous and unapologetic. Hence, it caused great trembling in the people’s hearts.

Who is the murderer? Why did he kill so many people? And, why did he stop after that, or did he?!

Zhao Yu was thinking about the case when the system interface in his head suddenly blinked to notify him that he had completed the miracle adventure for that day! He got another Zhen Li hexagram! Zhen represented the change of his position, while Li represented his making new friends.

He had indeed gained both a new job and new colleagues that day, so the hexagram was accurate! Then, surprising Zhao Yu, he received a special Invisible Bomb Disposal device!

On the information attached to it, the system said that the Invisible Bomb Disposal could easily remove a simple bomb, even without using any pliers!


Zhao Yu complemented sincerely, thinking that the device was so cool, it was like having an Explosive Ordnance Disposal of his own! After looking at his device for a long while, Zhao Yu saw that it was already well past midnight, so he got another hexagram for the new day, as usual.

After the system upgrade, it had become easier to get hexagrams. Now, he only needed to think in his mind in order to get one!

Zhao Yu took a look at the hexagram and was suddenly dumbfounded. He saw two big characters right in the middle of the system interface.

“Kun Zhen!”