Crazy Detective Chapter 555

Chapter 555 Barging Into The Mental Asylum At Night

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The murderer was really not after the money, after all!

After receiving the news, Zhao Yu sighed. He was looking at the monitor that had the case information scattered all over it.

Through careful police inspection, it was certified that there was a kind of additive for combustion that had been wiped on the inside of the rubbish bin. So, when the hobo lit the lighter, the fire suddenly became ferocious, immediately swallowing up the five million dollars of ransom money in flames!

The worst part was that the fire extinguisher on the ninth floor was empty, and they did not know whether the murderer did this intentionally or if it was mere coincidence! In the end, the criminal police detectives had to grab some fire extinguishers from other floors to put off the fire. Due to the quick spreading of the flames, the five million was almost entirely burnt up!

Finally, Captain Li Luoyun realized that the motive of the murderer was not the money at all! They had been fooled!

Also, he understood why the murderer intentionally requested that they carry the ransom in a plastic bag. It was because the plastic bag would burn faster! Had it been placed in a case, it might not have been burnt at all!

Moreover, the hobo was really a hobo! He said that someone gave him a lighter and five hundred dollars for him to take the actions that he did. He thought that it was just a prank, so he had followed the instructions that were given to him without question. After taking him into custody, the police found that the hobo had mental disabilities, making it impossible for him to be the conniving and cunning murderer of the Hasty Murder Case!

From what it seemed, all of these things were planned ahead of time by the murderer. His being able to burn the five million signified that he didn’t do it for the money, and it also meant that he held personal grudges against the Changxin Tailong Pharmaceutical Factory, as burning money was an obvious act of revenge!

The most terrifying part was that the murderer burnt the ransom, which also meant that the hasty massacre had yet to cease. Surely, it would be continued! The next day, there might possibly even be a fourth victim!

At that very moment, Li Luoyun had already sent out more men to gather any clues left behind in the Nebula Commercial Building. He thought that, if the murderer were to have messed around with the rubbish bin, it would be impossible to hide his actions from all of the surveillance cameras!

However, Zhao Yu didn’t agree with this line of thinking. He felt that the murderer of this Hasty Murder Case wasn’t so simple-minded. He had already proven that he could kill so many people, without leaving behind any traces!

As expected, when Captain Li sent his men to go through all of the surveillance camera footage, although there were many people who were seen to have thrown rubbish into the bin, those captured on the film were all staff, who worked on the ninth floor. Not to mention, the person in charge at the commercial building knew all of them closely, and could rule them all out as being the culprit.

Li Luoyun then made a judgement that the murderer might not have taken action at the scene, but may have instead rubbed the additive on the rubbish bin ahead of time, elsewhere. Even though there weren’t any useful clues found at the commercial building, the police did find another clue, when they went through the blackmail message that the murderer sent again.

That blackmail message was sent through WeChat to one of the higher ups of the pharmaceutical factory’s phone. Through tracking devices, they found the owner of the phone that had sent the WeChat message!

However, when the police checked, the phone’s owner said that her phone had been stolen, and that it had just happened that very morning! Obviously, such a result was disappointing, but Li Luoyun didn’t give up! Instead, he just sent more manpower to investigate further!

Looking at the screen, Zhao Yu became suspicious again. He felt that the murderer of the Hasty Murder Case wasn’t someone that could act alone! These cases were too meticulously accomplished!

He tried to imagine a single person being able to plan how to kill without leaving any traces, then plot how to burn the five million dollars ransom, and then have to figure a way to steal a phone to send a blackmail message. It was such a detailed and complicated task, he couldn’t imagine how it could be done alone.

So, Zhao Yu touched the screen and told himself, It is impossible that the killings in this Hasty Murder Case were committed by one person only!

The other party that he was going to face might be a high-tech criminal gang that could do meticulous planning and effective execution, like Zhao Qing! If it was so, the Hasty Murder Case was much more serious than he had imagined earlier. In fact, it might even be heightened to the level of terrorism!

That exact moment was the first time that Zhao Yu felt the pressing of time! If he couldn’t lock down the target soon, once there was the fourth victim, the consequences would be even more severe!

However, as he had expected, even though the murderer killed three people already, had burnt the random, and had committed so many crimes, the police could only get their hands on a few clues. Although they had already launched a heavy investigation, their results were so miniscule!

With each passing moment, Zhao Yu felt extremely pressured! In the end, the Jinping police force had no choice but to consult with the board of directors of the pharmaceutical factory, then send a security confinement order to all of the staff members in the factory, notifying them to take care of their personal safety by taking precautions. In fact, they were specifically ordered to stay at home.

The resulting situation, after the order was sent out, was that the pharmaceutical factory staff was thrown into complete chaos! After the three people had died, the factory was already filled with gossip and rumors. Then, when the security confinement order was added to that, it confirmed everyone’s worst fears!

Suddenly, the factory was filled with even more worries and turmoil. Many departments were forced to halt their operations entirely. There were even people that gathered at the police unit, as they were afraid to go home!

Moreover, the explosive news spread even to the branches of Changxin Tailong. The bad influence that it caused they could only be imagined

Although the buzz surrounding the Hasty Murder Case was getting out of hand, Zhao Yu still drove towards another place at eleven at night to handle a personal matter. However, due to the fact that he had gotten a Kun hexagram that day, Zhao Yu thought that the personal matter might possibly turn into an official duty!

According to the system, the side quest would happen at eleven fifty-nine, just before midnight. After consulting the map, Zhao Yu was surprised that the location was a hospital!

The most surprising part was that, not only was it a hospital, but it was Jinping Huaxin Mental Hospital! In fact, it was actually a mental asylum!

Honestly speaking, Zhao Yu was really curious as to why the side quest that day would be directing him towards such an interesting place. He looked at the information that he had found, which said that, although Huaxin Mental Hospital was a private hospital, it was the biggest mental hospital in Jinping! What’s more, one of the descriptions that he had read online said that more than half of the mental patients in Jinping stayed there!

Once Zhao Yu drove to the hospital and found the exact location for the side quest, he finally let out a breath of relief. He did this because the location wasn’t in the ward of the hospital, but rather in the backyard, which was right behind the wall of the north hospital building! After all, since it was the middle of the night, if he had been directed towards the ward, it would definitely not be fun to barge into the mental asylum at that late hour!