Crazy Detective Chapter 558

Chapter 558 Pig Scented Perfume

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It’s sheer fantasy!

Zhao Yu felt goosebumps all over his body and his scalp grew numb. He simply couldn’t believe what he just seen.

This woman, why does she look so much like

Whimper Whimper

The two wolfhounds were afraid of the pig scented perfume, so they dared not come forward, but they were not willing to leave either. Zhao Yu was worried that, if the perfume wore off, they would still charge at him. So, he quickly climbed to the top of the wall and left the factory area.

Yuck, it sure stinks

It wasn’t an ordinary foul smell. That pungent scent lived up to its name! Zhao Yu felt like he had just fallen into a pigsty. He almost threw up, the smell was so bad. However, the perfume was an Invisible Perfume, so even though he took off his coat, he couldn’t get rid of the stench!

Due to the running he had done earlier, Zhao Yu was no longer sure of his direction. He wandered around the quiet alleys for quite a while, until he found the Huaxin Mental Hospital building.

As he walked towards his Phaeton along the hospital building, he found the female cat burglar’s backpack, along with the medicine boxes and bottles that had been scattered all over the floor. Everything was still there. It was clear that the female cat burglar hadn’t risked coming back to pick up the medicine.

Zhao Yu picked up the items and threw them into the trunk of his car. He then opened the car door and sat in the driver’s seat. However, the pig scented perfume was still really suffocating! The moment he entered the car, it smelled like a pigsty! Zhao Yu quickly entered the system in his head and found the Invisible Perfume Device, forcefully turning it off.

He read the description of the device in detail again, when he went to turn it off. After which, he nearly wanted to knock his head on the wall! As it turned out, the main ingredient for pig scented perfume was androstenone, which was a chemical that was extracted from the urine and saliva of a male pig that was in heat! Although it was a foul smell, it was extremely effective to fight off a dog’s attack.

At that very moment, even though the perfume device had been turned off, the scent that it had emitted earlier still lingered. Zhao Yu felt disgusted and threw up. He then quickly turned on the ventilation system in the car, hoping to get rid of the foul smell as soon as possible.

His thoughts then began to replay all that had just happened

How could it be her?!

After Zhao Yu had accidentally rubbed the female cat burglar’s mask off, he was shocked to find that the female cat burglar looked exactly like the dead body that he had once seen from a past case. A few months back, when Zhao Yu was investigating the Tomb Murder Case, he had solved a Female Corpse in Ancient Costume Case along with it. Later on, it was discovered that the deceased victim in the Female Corpse in Ancient Costume Case was actually a cultural artifact reseller, whose nickname was “Gege.”

However, it wasn’t until a Taoist priest named Yuan Shucai was executed that the identity of Gege was revealed. Even then, no one knew her origins nor her real name.

Zhao Yu remembered clearly that, back when he was working hard to solve that case, Gege’s dead body had already rotted and decayed beyond recognition in the tomb. So, he requested a portrait expert to produce a replica of Gege’s likeness.

Needless to say, as Zhao Yu spent so many nights analyzing the case, he had looked at Gege’s portrait countless times. Hence, Gege’s face was deeply imprinted in his mind. This was also the reason why he was so terrified when he came across a person that looked exactly like Gege!

Compared to an ordinary person, Zhao Yu was considered to be insensitive. But, when he suddenly saw such a close likeness to a dead body that he once was familiar with, it struck a deep chord within him. Even he couldn’t deal with it! In fact, he was so terrified at the sight, his heart was palpitating and his face grew very pale!

However, once Zhao Yu returned to his car, he gradually calmed down. Then, he slowly realized something.

Oh No way

He felt instantly relieved. Even though the female cat burglar looked like Gege, they couldn’t be the same person! This was because, if Gege was still alive, she would have been forty years old by now! The female cat burglar was obviously way too young, as she was maybe not even in her twenties yet!


Zhao Yu stuck his head out of the window and breathed hard. The smell of the pig scented perfume was still so suffocating.

After making sense of the situation, Zhao Yu’s fear had finally vanished into thin air. But, he still thought that there such a coincidence was very strange indeed! This led him to think that, as the female cat burglar looked exactly the same as Gege, maybe the pair were blood relations.

Zhao Yu started his car engine, ready to leave the place. However, he was not planning to return to the hotel or to Jinping Police Station, but continued instead to look for the female cat burglar!

As it turned out, the moment that the female cat burglar had escaped, Zhao Yu had instinctively shot out an Invisible Camera, which had locked directly onto the female cat burglar. In other words, Zhao Yu could clearly see whatever the female cat burglar experienced and could trace her whereabouts via the video!

So, as Zhao Yu drove, he turned on the camera to trace her escape route. When he turned on the screen, Zhao Yu suddenly realized two things. One was that his camera was slanted, as it sat perched on the female cat burglar’s shoulder. As such, the camera shook tremendously and the video image was muddled.

Secondly, although it was blurry, Zhao Yu could see the image was flashing by quickly. In short, the female cat burglar had definitely left in a car, which was now driving at a very fast speed. However, the video also seemed to show that the female cat burglar was driving alone, without any allies.

Tsk tsk

The more he found out from the camera footage, the more curious he became. He especially wanted to know what was the system’s purpose for arranging the side quest for him to run into a Gege lookalike!

After Zhao Yu observed the footage seriously for a few more minutes, he suddenly saw that there was a steady pause. He reckoned that the female cat burglar was waiting at a traffic light near a crossroad, perhaps resting her elbow on the side of her door.

From the camera’s angle, Zhao Yu could see the street view clearly. At present, he saw a huge billboard, which he was certain that he had seen before.

Hence, Zhao Yu sped up and drove towards where he remembered the billboard being. It was the middle of the night, with minimal traffic, so Zhao Yu found the billboard soon enough.

Then, through the surveillance camera in his head, he slowly clarified the direction of the female cat burglar and followed her. After ten minutes, Zhao Yu saw the female cat burglar drive into a housing area. The housing area was located in a remote suburb, filled with mostly single-story houses.

Soon, the female cat burglar parked her car in front of a two-story house that looked really old and run-down. The second floor was made of cheap foam board. The female cat burglar opened the small door that connected to the second floor. Then, she walked upstairs along the outdoor stairs.

Zhao Yu noticed that the female cat burglar was walking very quickly, like she was in a hurry. He soon understood why the female cat burglar was in such a hurry. As it turned out, she had just entered her house and couldn’t wait to take a shower! She dashed into the bathroom and took off her clothes at lightning speed


Zhao Yu then realized that the female cat burglar definitely couldn’t stand the smell of the magical perfume either…