Crazy Detective Chapter 560

Chapter 560 Informal Interrogation

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“That’s not right! The smell It wasn’t here earlier!” Pang Yong sniffed the air again, as he moved towards the door. “It seems like It’s coming from outside So smelly!”

Just as he walked closer to the door, Cui Lizhu, who was lying on the ground, suddenly jumped up. She first kicked one of the hatchet men, then she dashed through the group, intending to escape out of the back window. However, the hatchet men were well prepared. One of them blocked Cui Lizhu’s way.

“Humph humph Wanting to run? We haven’t even taken a good look at you yet!” One of the hatchet men smiled maliciously, as he said, “Miss Cui, you are our dream goddess! Your body is too tempting”

Then, the few hatchet men began to encircle her.

“Don’t come any closer! I will call the police!” Cui Lizhu roared, then she suddenly realized that she had just changed into her sleeping gown after her shower. She didn’t have her cell phone in her pocket!

Looking at Cui Lizhu’s innocent face and huge boobs, as well as the sight of her wearing very little, the few hatchet men drooled. They couldn’t hold back any longer and pound at her!


At that exact crucial moment, Zhao Yu finally barged in from outside! As Pang Yong was examining the source of the foul smell at the door at the exact moment that Zhao Yu barged in, Pang Yong was knocked away by the door.

“Don’t move! Police!” Zhao Yu shouted, while making a gesture of drawing his gun.

“Huh?!” The hatchet men got a shock, as they looked towards Zhao Yu.

“You are hemmed in!” Zhao Yu shouted, yet he still hadn’t pulled out his gun.

The hatchet men under Pang Yong’s lead were habitual thieves, who were good at picking locks. The biggest difference between robbers and gangsters were that they were extremely afraid of police, just like when rats saw cats!

Hence, the moment that they heard Zhao Yu call himself a police officer, they immediately started to flee! The two that were nearest to the back window jumped out, one after the other.

Pang Yong and the rest of the hatchet men broke the other windows and escaped, as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, they were all gone!


Zhao Yu stood at the door and was dumbfounded. He had initially planned to fight a great battle with the men. Unexpectedly, they were gone so quickly!


Cui Lizhu saw Zhao Yu and was even more frightened than he was. She quickly ran towards the back window, too.

Zhao Yu had come specifically for the female cat burglar, so he naturally couldn’t let her escape. He quickly picked up a chair and threw it over, blocking the window.

Cui Lizhu saw this and gave up the back window idea, then turned towards a small window in the bedroom. However, Zhao Yu got there before her and grabbed by her clothes!

Then, something ridiculous happened for the second time, as Cui Lizhu was wearing a loose sleeping gown, and Zhao Yu’s grabbing it so brutally had caused an imaginable outcome! The sleeping gown slipped down along the smooth body of Cui Lizhu, and when she ran to the window, she was surprised to discover that she was already naked!

Cui Lizhu went crazy and grabbed the curtain to cover her body. She still intended to escape out of the window. Zhao Yu leapt forward again and grabbed her ankle.

“Come over here!” Zhao Yu shouted, as he pulled Cui Lizhu away from the window. In the end, Cui Lizhu didn’t hold on tight enough, so the curtain that was covering her body fell off. As it did so, she was being carried upside down by Zhao Yu.

“Humph!” Zhao Yu pouted and humphed. “This time, let’s see what else you can use to hit my knee!”

What Zhao Yu said reminded Cui Lizhu of their earlier encounter, which inspired her to swing hard in the air and hug Zhao Yu’s calves. She then opened her mouth and bit him! She had bit Zhao Yu’s calf, and now there was blood seeping through his pants!

Zhao Yu was in great pain, so he quickly threw Cui Lizhu on the ground. He had never expected such a barbaric attack from the woman!

But he did not have too much time to think, as right after Cui Lizhu was thrown on the ground, she suddenly vomited. Zhao Yu quickly dodged one of his legs away, only narrowly avoiding being puked on!


Zhao Yu saw that Cui Lizhu was vomiting on the ground still, so he decided to just handcuff her legs instead. At this point, Cui Lizhu barely noticed, as she was still vomiting disgustingly.

Zhao Yu pondered, Could it be That she is pregnant?!

Zhao Yu couldn’t watch her any longer, so he came forward to pat her back out of kindness. She was getting a little better before he patted her, then, as he patted her, she started vomiting even more severely!

“Help Help” Cui Lizhu struggled, her body shivering. “Too Too smelly”


Zhao Yu smelled his shirt and realized the problem instantly. She was so sick and puking because of the perfume that was left on his clothes! She had bit him on his pants earlier, so that explained it!

That’s embarrassing…

Suddenly, Zhao Yu recalled the scene earlier.

Was the reason that the robbers fled so quickly also because of the unique smell that I had on me?

No way!

Zhao Yu looked around. As those men had just left not long ago, if they realized that he was alone now, they might return! So, he knew that they had to leave soon. Hence, Zhao Yu helped Cui Lizhu to put her sleeping gown back on, then forcefully carried her back to the car. Of course, as her legs were handcuffed, Zhao Yu could only carry her on his shoulders.

Zhao Yu thought about it repeatedly, then decided not to bring her to the police station. Instead, he brought her back to his hotel. The reason why he did this wasn’t out of selfish motives, but merely because he was really too smelly to arrive at the station.

In fact, he had noticed that the pig scented perfume seemed to have gotten even more pungent! In the end, he figured that, if he didn’t return to shower it off soon, he just might vomit too!

After entering the hotel room, Zhao Yu clearly knew that Cui Lizhu wasn’t any ordinary thief. Even if she was locked down by twelve pairs of handcuffs, she could unlock them all easily. Hence, Zhao Yu tied her limbs tightly behind her back and looped the rope over her neck. Only then could he shower in peace and not worry that she would escape.

In the shower, Zhao Yu nearly finished the entire bottle of body shampoo. Only then did he finally feel that he had washed off the pigsty smell!

When he was done with his shower and was putting on his clothes, Zhao Yu sighed heavily. He felt that, although he had found a woman that looked exactly the same as Gege, and she just happened to be a female cat burglar that dared to rob a mental hospital, the entirety of the situation hadn’t really seemed to have much of a result.

As he hadn’t gotten any clue about the Hasty Murder Case, and the new day was going to come soon, he had to wonder if the murderer was going to launch an attack at a fourth victim!

As it was related to human lives, it was an urgent matter to consider! Naturally, it would be most important for him to focus right now on solving the case.

However, he still couldn’t help but be curious and sidetracked by his thoughts about the female cat burglar. He was pondering, I might as well seize the chance to interrogate her now, then send her to the police station later!

So, after his shower, Zhao Yu first released Cui Lizhu from her bindings, then he sat on his hotel bed to start an informal interrogation