Crazy Detective Chapter 561

Chapter 561 Secret Plot

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“I am a hero, rescuing a thief! If it wasn’t for me, you don’t even know what kind of end you would come to!” Zhao Yu complained to Cui Lizhu. “Please don’t mix up the good and the bad, okay?”

“You saved me? What a joke!” Cui Lizhu was in an even bigger rage than Zhao Yu. “You handcuffed me, tied me up, took off all of my clothes and And made me so stinky How could you be the good guy here? You are so boastful about yourself!”

“Hey, speak with a conscious, would you?!” Zhao Yu refuted. “I am a police officer, and you are a thief, so it is only right and proper that I handcuffed you! Besides, you are a professional lock picker, so I was worried that the handcuffs wouldn’t work on you, so then I tied you up! And, don’t bring up the clothes anymore. I am suspecting that you intentionally took off your clothes to seduce me!”

“You You are so shameless.” Cui Lizhu was furious now. “And you called yourself a police officer! Is there a real police officer that would ever interrogate a criminal in their hotel? I know the law, and what you are doing now is called illegal imprisonment and intended sexual harassment, okay?”

“Please, use your brain!” Zhao Yu spread his hands and said in disdain. “If I really wanted to do something to you, would you still just be sitting there casually and talking to me? My actions were truly fueled by the fact that I was really too smelly and needed to take a shower!”

“So, you admit it?” Cui Lizhu squinted her eyes and said. “You even took a shower! And yeah, I am still sitting here, but the night is still young. Who knows what would you might to me later? Anyway, you’ve seen me now”

“Hey? You think I wanted to?” Zhao Yu slammed his fist down on the bed mattress. “Who told you to wear such loose clothing?”

“My clothing may be loose, but you’re the one who flipped me upside down You You have seen everything” Cui Lizhu started to speak with a tearful voice.

“You? It was such a short period of time, so how could I have even seen you clearly?” All of a sudden, Zhao Yu didn’t know what to say. He then said in exasperation, “Alright, don’t panic. I will bring you to the police station now!”

“Let’s go! I’m not scared!” Cui Lizhu attempted to conceal any amount of fear in her heart.

Angry now, Zhao Yu roared, “I saved you twice, but not only were you ungrateful, you bit the hand that fed you! Alright then”

Just then, Zhao Yu took the handcuffs and handcuffed Cui Lizhu.

“Humph! If it wasn’t for you, I would have had such a great day!” Cui Lizhu knew that she wouldn’t win against Zhao Yu, so she didn’t attempt to struggle or resist.

Zhao Yu put the packet of medicine on the bed and said, “Why did you go to the mental hospital to steal the medicine?”

“I didn’t steal it!” Cui Lizhu rolled her eyes, refusing to admit her wrongdoings. “When did I go to the mental hospital? Did you have an illusion, perhaps? You should have maybe had your medicine, as actually, the medicine seems suitable for you!”

“You! Hey, you’re interesting!” Zhao Yu was entertained by her playacting and laughed. “It seems that you are really an old fox. You’re a regular visitor at the police station, I’ll bet!”

“If you are a real police officer, then bring me to the police station!” Cui Lizhu shot him a death glare. “But, if you are not a police officer, then do whatever you want with me, even kill me or cut me up. I have decided to not talk to you anymore regardless!”

“Tsk tsk”

Zhao Yu thought to himself

She is such an unreasonable female cat burglar! Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. If she were to know brother Zhao Yu’s previous tactics, she wouldn’t dare to speak as such!

Sigh! Oh well, I am a police officer now! And since she doesn’t believe me, I will send her to the police station. Then, we shall see if she believes me or not!

Then, Zhao Yu took out his police uniform from his wardrobe and put it on. He then found a loose top and put it over Cui Lizhu’s shoulders.

“Hey? You” As she was confused, Cui Lizhu’s facial expression changed. “You You are really a police officer?”

Zhao Yu didn’t bother to answer her but continued to prepare to depart.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t Wait a second, hold on” Cui Lizhu quickly asked him to stop, then said, “I don’t understand how you knew that I was going to steal medicine from the mental hospital. Only I knew that plan!”

“I am not a police officer!” Zhao Yu joked with a mask of solemnity. “I am actually a mental patient. Before I ran away from the mental hospital, I saw that you were quite into stealing things back then, so I decided to have some fun with you! I feel My condition is getting worse, as I have manic and violent tendencies…”

Listening to what Zhao Yu said, Cui Lizhu was frightened. She stared at Zhao Yu with extremely weird eyes.

“You You are scaring me! You’re obviously not serious, right?” Cui Lizhu spoke with an obvious hint of fear in her voice.

“Sigh! I’m not a psychopath, okay?” Zhao Yu sighed, as he took a rope from his bed. He then roared at Cui Lizhu, “Little girl, do you still want to play tricks? Put your hands up! Otherwise, I will attack you now!”

Zhao Yu roared, Cui Lizhu then unwillingly raised her hands. Unexpectedly, although she was handcuffed, she was somehow able to get out of the restraints!

This trickster!

Zhao Yu’s eyebrows were tightly knit. Although he could tell that Cui Lizhu had gotten out of her handcuffs, he couldn’t tell how she had done it.

“Police officer, if I were to be honest with you, could you please let me off,just this once?” Cui Lizhu seemed to have seen through Zhao Yu’s thoughts, so she quickly changed her tone and said, “I swear, I won’t ever do it again! To be frank with you, my mother was diagnosed with a serious mental issue, so she needs to take Butyrophenones. But, the medicine is too expensive and we really can’t afford it!”

“Are you asking for pity?” Zhao Yu mocked. He tied her up with the rope as he spoke. “To be able to descend from such a height, it shows that you aren’t any novice cat burglar! At such an expert level, you shouldn’t be short of money to buy medicine! Tsk tskBesides, I bet your sick mother is really only a code word for your illegal druggie trader!”

Just as Zhao Yu said this, Cui Lizhu’s face suddenly grew angry! She never expected that this person would know so much about her trade!

Seeing her guilty eyes shift, Zhao Yu knew he had hit a nerve. “Wow, bingo! I knew that you were not only stealing things!” he said. After Zhao Yu spoke, he suddenly relaxed. He had finally found out her secret!

“Police officer, don’t blab this around. I am just stealing some medicine!” Cui Lizhu had a cold sweat all over her forehead.

The first question is answered, so now for the second one!” Zhao Yu said, then asked, “Those men in your house earlier, why were they looking for trouble with you? Who is the Second Master that you were talking about?”

“Mm Nothing of interest there! The Second Master was a big figure, but he has already been put behind bars. You heard them say so!” Cui Lizhu said, trying to act unbothered. “I have no idea where the trail news came from. They said that I stole a box of diamonds from a millionaire! Don’t you think that’s funny? It’s obvious that someone was trying to frame me!”

“Mm!” Zhao Yu nodded.

“You Believe that I am innocent?” Cui Lizhu’s eyes were beaming with joy.

“Nonsense!” Zhao Yu roared. “If you already have diamonds, why would you be stealing medicine from the mental hospital?”

“Mm True that! Hey! You’re great!” Cui Lizhu complimented him. “You are a detective, right?”

“Don’t bullsh*t me. Now, on to the third question!” Zhao Yu said seriously. “Do you know a woman named Gege?”

“Gege?” Cui Lizhu scratched her head. “Return of the Pearl Princess”?

Zhao Yu found the portrait of the female corpse from the ancient costume case on his cell phone and showed her. Cui Lizhu’s eyes suddenly lit up in recognition, as she said, “Oh I finally know why you followed me to the mental hospital! It turns out that You are my secret admirer!”

“F*ck off!” Zhao Yu purposely held the rope tighter and shouted, “I’m asking you, do you have any relatives staying in Qinshan?”

“Qinshan?” Cui Lizhu creased her eyebrows. “I don’t even have any relatives, so how would I have a relative in Qinshan?”

No relatives? Would that mean that she is an orphan?!

Zhao Yu pondered this, deciding that later when they headed over to the police station, he would check her detailed information from their database! Plus, when they do the DNA test and fingerprints when they book her, they would find out if she was related to Gege.

So, I’d better seize this time to ask my crucial questions!

Then, Zhao Yu tied the rope tighter. He sat before Cui Lizhu and asked her, a mask of solemnity on his face, “Cui Lizhu, I will ask you one more thing! If you answer properly, I might really consider letting you off the hook this time! How are you related to the murder case in the Changxin Longtai Pharmaceutical Factory?!!”