Crazy Detective Chapter 562

Chapter 562 The Chaos In The Hotel

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The reason why Zhao Yu asked this question wasn’t because he had found anything, but was because he had a feeling that, as he had gotten a Kun hexagram earlier, the side quest that day might be interlinked with this main case.

Hence, practicing the theory of fake it till you make it, he decided to interrogate Cui Lizhu as such first! However, there was nothing to his hypothesis in the end.

When he brought up the murder case in the Changxin Longtai Pharmaceutical Factory, Cui Lizhu had only looked confused. She had never even heard of it! Actually, although the pharmaceutical factory was going through chaos internally, the news had yet to spread to the greater public.


Zhao Yu could tell from Cui Lizhu’s perplexed reaction that she had nothing to do with the case! Thus, it would be impossible to find any clue regarding it from her.

Cui Lizhu was merely a thief that stole medicine. Zhao Yu, as a special investigator, would definitely be embarrassed, were he to arrest some random robber in a murder case! But, Zhao Yu could tell that there seemed to be more criminal information behind the case of Cui Lizhu, too. So, he naturally wouldn’t let her go yet.

“I am now Starting to believe what you said earlier!” Cui Lizhu looked at Zhao Yu’s eyes and said. “I feel that you really have some mental problems! Noh” She beckoned to Zhao Yu, using her chin to the scatter medicine on the bed. “You can take that box of Perphenazine, one piece a time, effectiveness guaranteed!”

“Pfft” Zhao Yu rolled his eyes at her and teased back, “You are at the brink of death. And somehow, you can still be so annoying!”

“You are so illogical and don’t make sense, so you must have some mental problems!” Cui Lizhu seemed to be fighting against Zhao Yu, as she spoke fearlessly. “I know quite a few doctors. Do you need me to recommend one to you?”

“F*ck off!”

Although Zhao Yu said the angry curse words, he was entertained by the quick-witted and funny female cat burglar. Maybe it was because she looked like the female corpse in the ancient costume, Gege, but he suddenly realized that he had developed a special feeling towards the girl before his eyes. It wasn’t a clear like nor hate, but more like an empathy sentiment.

As though it was the loneliness of Miao Ying leaving him, he found some sort of consolation in his heart. At first, Zhao Yu wanted to make fun of her. But suddenly, he realized that the system in his head was blinking, meaning that there was a new notification.

After he opened the system, he realized that, not only had he completed the Kun Zhen hexagram, he had accumulated more than five hundred points accumulation points! He had reached the standard to level up!


I can level up again!

Zhao Yu was excited and quickly tapped on the level up button. Then, the image in his head flashed and a progress bar appeared on his system interface. As he waited, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but ponder

I wonder what other functions it will unlock, after this level up?

“Hey, look, look at you” Cui Lizhu didn’t understand what was happening, so she shouted at him. “Your eyes are lost in space, yet you say that you have no mental problems?”

“You” Zhao Yu didn’t want to argue with her, so he turned around and walked towards the bathroom instead.

Cui Lizhu saw that Zhao Yu had entered the bathroom, so she quickly struggled with all her strength to escape her binds, but the rope was too tightly tied. Thus, she had no choice but to bend down and run towards the room’s door!

Cui Lizhu’s hands were tied behind her back, so she had to back out of the room door, if she wanted to open the door with her hands. She also had to tiptoe!

In the end, she wasted all her effort, as she soon realized that the door was double-locked. Moreover, it must be opened with the room card!

“Dang it!” Cui Lizhu pouted, then immediately started looking for Zhao Yu’s room card.

As a female cat burglar, Cui Lizhu’s sensitivity and skills were still keen. She quickly recalled that Zhao Yu had put his room card into one of the pockets on his shirt earlier, and that that very shirt was now hanging on the hanger!

Then, Cui Lizhu performed her skills perfectly, stepping onto the desk and doing an extremely impressive pickpocket move. In mere seconds, she was able to get the room card!

Cui Lizhu was delighted and quickly went to open the door. As she had just gotten to the door, Zhao Yu heard her movements. He quickly dashed out from the bathroom and leapt towards her. He then pounced on Cui Lizhu and pinned her to the ground!

“Ah! Help Help” Cui Lizhu was frightened and she started screaming


Zhao Yu quickly covered her mouth with his hands. Just then, Cui Lizhu panicked and bit him!


Zhao Yu roared at the sky, struggling to get off of her. At the same time, the phone started ringing…

“Ah Hero, please stay back in my sweet dream”

It was in the middle of the night, so the phone call was definitely very important. However, Zhao Yu was meddling around with the female cat burglar, so he had no time to pick up the call.


Cui Lizhu struggled and screamed. She then crawled onto the floor, scampering away from him. Zhao Yu quickly followed, then locked her down. He then stuffed his sleeve into her mouth!

“The miracle adventure has been completed. The completion rate is a hundred and thirty-seven percent. Congratulations, please accept your three invisible devices!” Among the chaos, the system chimed in to join the fun.

“Woo woo woo Woo woo woo”As she struggled on the wet bathroom floor, Cui Lizhu’s clothes were dampened and disintegrated, leaving her exposed again.

“Ah” Zhao Yu was going crazy. He quickly carried Cui Lizhu and dragged her into the depths of the room. He then found some tape to place over her mouth.

Looking at Cui Lizhu’s seductively improper clothing, Zhao Yu really wanted to just give in to his temptations once and for all! However, he was a police officer, and if he were to do so, it really would make him a psychopath!

“You Stop this nonsense!” Zhao Yu stopped fooling around with Cui Lizhu, then said seriously, “I am really a police officer, and I am going to bring you to the police station right now. So, stop your nonsense, okay?”

Then, Zhao Yu tidied up her clothes as best he could and picked up the phone.

Apparently, this day was meant to be a day filled with trouble, as just as he picked up the phone, someone knocked on the door. There was a man at the door, who was saying, “Hello, we are staying next door and heard someone calling for help earlier. Are you okay?!”

“Mmmmmm.” Cui Lizhu heard the man and suddenly made noises.

Tsk tsk

Zhao Yu was at his wits end. Although he was really a police officer, he knew that it wouldn’t look good to be seen having tied up a woman.Helplessly, Zhao Yu came to the door and used the Invisible Voice-changer to change his voice into a woman’s voice.

He then roared, “Go away! You’re interrupting our fun time!”

The people outside heard his response and were embarrassed, so they suddenly left. When Zhao Yu returned, Cui Lizhu looked at him as though she was looking at a ghost. Her face grew very pale!

“Wahaha” Zhao Yu used the female voice of the Invisible Voice-changer to speak to her now. “How was it, little girl? Don’t I look beautiful?”

Just then, his phone rang again, its loud ringtone frightening Cui Lizhu.


Zhao Yu answered the call to hear Zeng Ke’s excited voice on the other end of the line. “Team Leader, why didn’t you pick up the phone earlier? Let me tell you some good news regarding the Hasty Murder Case! I have found some clues”