Crazy Detective Chapter 569

Chapter 569 Misjudged

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In that instance, Zhao Yu raised his gun! Although he couldn’t go through the metal fencing, the bullet could! If Zhao Yu were to shoot, Cui Lizhu certainly couldn’t dodge that bullet.

However, Cui Lizhu seemed completely unafraid. Although she saw him raising his gun, she cheekily sent Zhao Yu a flying kiss. She then walked further into the depths of the sewer

Zhao Yu naturally had no intention to shoot her. Looking at Cui Lizhu’s receding figure, he felt a surge of empathy towards her instead.

Maybe Cui Lizhu was afraid that I don’t keep my promises…

If it was merely about her stealing medicine from the mental hospital, Zhao Yu naturally could let that slip. However, when Zhao Yu weighed the entire situation carefully, he felt that the reality was really not as simple that.

Although, Cui Lizhu helped us to find the thieves’ lair, was Liu Yu even really there?

And, what if Cui Lizhu is involved in other cases? She wanted to escape, was that because she was worried that all of the cases that she was involved with before would be unearthed?

No way

The more Zhao Yu thought, the more he felt that he couldn’t just let Cui Lizhu escape. Hence, he quickly came before the metal fencing and pulled at it with all his strength. But, the metal fencing was new, so it didn’t even move an inch.

Tsk tsk

Zhao Yu felt defeated. He had more than twenty types of devices in his device bar, but there was nothing that could help him resolve the metal fencing dilemma before him. In such a hopeless situation, he could only contact his other members of the force for backup through his walkie talkie.

At that very moment, Ran Tao and the rest of the police troop surrounded the wholesale market. When Zhao Yu told them about Cui Lizhu’s escaping through the sewer, the three of them immediately flew into action.

Zeng Ke got the distribution map of the sewer, then separated his men into two troops, led by Ran Tao and Wu Xiumin. Then, they departed to all possible exits to block off Cui Lizhu.

Just as Zhao Yu returned to the basement parking lot, Li Luoyun updated them, reporting that they had ambushed the wholesale market and swept the thieves’ lair out entirely! The fifteen burglars at the scene were arrested! Not one escaped!

However, although the police found a large sum of stolen goods, the outcome was overall disappointing. They searched through the scene, but there was no trace of Liu Yu!

One hour later, Jinping Police Station Special, Investigation Group office.

Pieces of bad news showered down like snowflakes, one after another. Firstly, Ran Tao and the troop looked through the sewer exits, but still didn’t find Cui Lizhu anywhere. The female cat burglar’s escape skills were very outstanding.

Secondly, Pang Yong, who had previously tried to sexually harass Cui Lizhu, was really in the lair. As such, he was arrested by the police. However, during the interrogation, Pang Yong declared that he didn’t know Liu Yu at all!

The police interrogated other thieves, who all gave the same testimony, saying that they had never seen Liu Yu or even heard that name!


After receiving that update, Zhao Yu then realized that he was most probably cheated by Cui Lizhu! The thieves’ lair and Liu Yu might not be related at all. It was all made up!

The reason why she did this was because of two reasons: Firstly, the police flipped over Pang Yong’s group and helped her sweep away her enemy. Secondly, she could use the opportunity to escape! That last fact alone proved that she really did it!


Zhao Yu couldn’t help but feel angry.

Cui Lizhu, I really got it all wrong! I never expected that, at such a young age, you would dare to scheme me like that!

Just you wait. The next time I catch you…

Due to these discouraging results, the special investigation team office seemed to be extra low on morale. After all, Liu Yu wasn’t arrested, and Cui Lizhu had escaped.

“I never expected that the girl would be so cunning.” Wu Xiumin was puffed up with anger. “If I knew that she had something up her sleeve, I would have interrogated her properly! Team Leader, why didn’t you tell us earlier?”

“I had no idea, either!” Zhao Yu was also upset. “I only coincidently saw her stealing things before!”

“She looked quite pretty! Her body was quite hot, too!” Ran Tao asked Zhao Yu curiously, “Team Leader, you saw it with your own eyes. She snuck through the metal fencing? Even if she knew bone-shrinking skills… How did she…”

“I didn’t see it with my own eyes” Zhao Yu also felt perplexed.

“If so” Zeng Ke guessed, “She was just lying to us? She didn’t know Liu Yu at all. So, we would just leave her aside and investigate Liu Yu! It’s already afternoon, so Liu Yu should be giving the factory a blackmail phone call by now! I wonder if I could target him?”

“No That’s not right” Zhao Yu shook his head and said. “I’ve noticed Cui Lizhu’s expressions. I feel that she has seen Liu Yu before. However, it was not at the thieves’ lair!”

“Oh?” Zeng Ke was curious. “Team Leader, that’s weird. If the girl really does know Liu Yu, but wasn’t willing to say so, would it be They are in some unusual relationship?”

“Or maybe” Zhao Yu seemed to think of something, but he couldn’t say it accurately. He pondered about it, then recalled the scene at the mental hospital. He then asked Zeng Ke, “Zeng Ke, Butyrophenones, have you about them?”

“What?” Zeng Ke asked, stunned. “What you are talking about? Is that a kind of medication that treats psychiatric disorders?”

“Yes!” Zhao Yu said. “Is it very expensive? Maybe something that could be used to make into drugs?”

“Such a joke!” Wu Xiumin immediately replied. “Team Leader, I study psychology, so I know. Butyrophenones treat psychiatric disorders and contain certain calming ingredients! But drugs are stimulants. Thus, the effects are entirely the opposite!”

“Oh?” Zhao Yu was stunned. He never expected that his guesses would be inaccurate. The reason Cui Lizhu had escaped was not because the medicine could be made into drugs, after all.


“The medicine that you were talking about is very expensive and is prescribed medication, so you can’t get it on the market!” Wu Xiumin said. “Only mental hospitals could have that access!”

Tsk tsk…

I’m so careless…

Suddenly, Zhao Yu felt confused and could barely think.

If Cui Lizhu had only stolen medicine, she could totally tell the truth about it. There was no need to con the police and take the risk to escape.

She should know that her escaping would be a great matter! If she were to fall into their hands again, she would be in big trouble!

Then Why did she do it?

Zeng Ke was right. If Liu Yu had nothing to do with her, why didn’t she just tell them about Liu Yu? When she left the sewer, she had the chance to tell him, too!

If she was not willing to say anything, would it be that she and Liu Yu were friends, that wanted to protect Liu Yu? Or, Liu Yu and her are relatives Or maybe Maybe


Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought of another new possibility.

Would it be that Liu Yu had some sort of leverage on her? And, once the police caught Liu Yu, her crime would be exposed, too?

So, that’s why she doesn’t want to reveal Liu Yu…

Then… Besides stealing medicine, Cui Lizhu also committed another crime?


Could it be like that?!