Crazy Detective Chapter 570

Chapter 570 Breaking Into A Private Residence

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Jinping Police Station, interrogation room.

Pang Yong, from the thieves gang, looked dumbfounded, as he sat before Zhao Yu while being interrogated. Zhao Yu wanted to know everything about Cui Lizhu’s theft.

“Police officer, what happened was,” dealing with Zhao Yu’s interrogation, Pang Yong didn’t dare to hide, but immediately confessed everything, “about a month ago, we found a target. There was a Chinese man that had returned from overseas. He bought a villa on Hu An Street, and immediately installed a safe box there.”

He continued. “We thought that, if he were to install such an expensive safe box, naturally, there would be something priceless in that safe box. So, we started eyeing it. But, just as we prepared to take action to get to it, we suddenly found out that someone had beaten us to it! After we asked around, we realized that the person was most likely our junior, Cui Lizhu!”

Pang Yong continued to explain, “In the entire Jinping area, only she can open such a safe box without drilling! Plus, when we were planning, Cui Lizhu was always around us. It would be very likely that she found out our secret and beat us to the punch! When we got the news, we were so angry. That’s why we went to look for her!”

“Oh” Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows, then asked, “Then, do you know what exactly was in the safe box?”

“We have no idea!” Pang Yong said, obviously frustrated. “We reckoned that, even if it was something valuable, it could not be legally owned. Because, after it was stolen, the owner didn’t report it to the police, nor was there any offer of a reward”

That’s weird

Zhao Yu recalled seriously that, in the hotel, Cui Lizhu had described the matter so lightly. She had only said that Pang Yong and the rest had accused her wrongly of stealing a bag of diamonds.

Then Was it really diamonds in the safe box?

After pondering about it, Zhao Yu felt that Cui Lizhu had most likely lied to him. The things inside the wealthy man’s safe box might really have been stolen by her, meaning that Pang Yong and the rest hadn’t accused her wrongly.

But If she really did steal the diamonds, then why did she go and steal medicine from the mental hospital? Would it be The things that she stole weren’t diamonds? Or maybe there was nothing in the safe box? She was fooled?

Tsk tsk

Zhao Yu was upset. At the beginning, he thought he had seen through Cui Lizhu. But, the female cat burglar seemed to carry a lot of secrets!

Where does Cui Lizhu come from, and how is she related to Liu Yu?

“Cui Lizhu wasn’t born and raised in Jingping,” Pang Yong introduced. “She only joined us about a year or two ago. The girl is young, but her skills are outstanding. That’s why our Second Master thought so highly of her! Soon enough, she was on the same level as me!”

“According to what she said herself, her hometown is around Jinbian and Ganlong, but no one knows who her sifu was. However, her sifu was definitely someone skilled!” Pang Yong spoke frankly. “Otherwise, if she were to have learned on her own, her standards wouldn’t be so high!”


Zhao Yu suddenly thought of something.

Cui Lizhu and Gege looked so much alike. Would there be a reason behind this?

“When was the safe box broken into?” Zhao Yu asked again.

“Mm Three days ago?” Pang Yong replied. “After we found out about it, we have been lying in ambush around Cui Lizhu’s house. We wanted to confront her and force her to hand over the things. Then, last night, we finally found her, but there was a person, who called himself a police officer, that popped out from nowhere! I have no idea if the person was her ally.”

Zhao Yu stole a glance at Pang Yong. When Pang Yong spoke, he didn’t lift up his head at all, so it didn’t look like he was lying. It seemed that he didn’t know that the police officer that had saved Cui Lizhu the night before was him!

After he came out from the interrogation room, Zhao Yu had a huge headache. The Hasty Murder Case itself was thorny enough, but with Cui Lizhu, who was as mysterious as a puzzle, added on, it had become even more complicated!

Zhao Yu still insisted that there must be something between Cui Lizhu and Liu Yu, as, when she was in the office, Cui Lizhu’s expression had betrayed her!

He tried to imagine

If she merely saw Liu Yu somewhere, why didn’t she just tell that to the police? Did Liu Yu really have some kind of leverage on Cui Lizhu, like the robbery of the safe box, perhaps?

Zhao Yu made a decision immediately. He wanted to go to the Chinese man’s house and ask about the safe box. If he could know what exactly Cui Lizhu had stolen, maybe he could find more clues about Liu Yu.

At that moment, Ran Tao was following Zhao Yu’s instruction and still investigating on the higher ups of the pharmaceutical factory, to see if anyone else was involved in framing Liu Yu. Hence, Zhao Yu brought Wu Xiumin and Zeng Ke with him, as he headed to the villa. As they weren’t going for the Hasty Murder Case, they didn’t feel the need to inform Li Luoyun.

Hu An Street was far from police station, and it happened to be after work during peak traffic hours. As such, the whole journey there was rather tough. When they finally got there, the sky was beginning to grow dark.

When they knocked on the door to the villa, no one answered. Helplessly, Zhao Yu contacted the housing development management and found the owner’s name and phone number. The owner’s name was Su Haifeng and, according to the registration record, he was renting the villa from someone else.


The villa is rented, not bought?

Zhao Yu instinctually put his guard up, because, if the person was simply an ordinary wealthy man, why would he rent out a villa?

It seemed that Pang Yong was right. Su Haifeng maybe really did have something to hide…

Then, Zhao Yu made a call to Su Haifeng with the phone number provided. No one answered. Zeng Ke seized the chance to track the number, realizing that Su Haifeng’s cell phone was actually in the villa!

Tsk tsk

That’s even weirder. If Su Haifeng were inside, why didn’t he just pick up the call, much less answer the door?!

Zhao Yu made a decision to go in and check quickly. They knew that, in such high-end villa area, if they didn’t have any official search warrant, the property management wouldn’t help them to open the door.

So, the three of them didn’t think of asking the management for help, but instead looked for a place with a lower wall and climbed in. Then, the three of them passed the front yard and walked towards the main entrance. The door was locked. They knocked hardly on the door, but there still was no response.

“What should we do, Team Leader?” Zeng Ke creased his eyebrows and said. “Why don’t we try to get in touch with the Jinping police to get them open the door for us?”

“Are you kidding? Didn’t you see how long it took for us to get here?” Zhao Yu shook his head. “If I were to wait for the police, I might as well take a nap first!”

“Then What should I do?”

“Didn’t you hear of an old saying?” Zhao Yu smirked. “If there is no door, there’s always a window!”


Zhao Yu grabbed the vase at the door and smashed it towards the window in the living room, shattering the glass.

“Team Leader” Zeng Ke never expected his team leader to be so violent! He swallowed his saliva and asked anxiously, “Us doing this It’s not quite right, right? This is breaking into private property and damaging personal items! We will have to take responsibility”

However, Zhao Yu and Wu Xiumin didn’t bother with him, but immediately entered into the villa to investigate…