Crazy Detective Chapter 571

Chapter 571 The Realization Of The Kun Hexagram

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“Team Leader, we found the phone!” Zeng Ke found a phone in one of the rooms on the second floor of the villa via the GPS. When he unlocked the phone, he saw that the latest missed call was from Zhao Yu.

“The phone is old, so it must be an old man’s phone” Zeng Ku unlocked the it and checked. He soon realized that the contact book was empty, though.

“Team Leader, something doesn’t feel quite right here.” Wu Xiumin looked around and said. “There seems to be something a little strange. Look,everything is spotlessly clean, without one bit of dust. It looks like someone intentionally cleaned up here.”

“Team Leader, I saw a camera at the door, too, “Zeng Ke said. “Why don’t I check the surveillance footage at the villa to see if I can find anything.”

“Mm” Zhao Yu nodded and Zeng Ke quickly went downstairs.

Then, Zhao Yu brought Wu Xiumin along to search the second and third floors. In one of the rooms on the second floor, Zhao Yu finally saw the safe box that Pang Yong was talking about earlier.

Three days ago, Cui Lizhu had taken something from the safe box, but he didn’t know what exactly she took. Due to his curiosity, Zhao Yu fumbled about with the safe box for a bit, but it was tightly shut and did not budge an inch.

“Team Leader, the surveillance camera was not connected to a power source!” Zeng Ke was reporting to him over the walkie talkie. “Nothing was working, so it didn’t record anything”

Before Zeng Ke even finished what he had to say, there was a low voice over the walkie talkie that was heard commanding Zeng Ke, “Do not move!”


Zhao Yu was shocked, he never expected that there would still be people hiding in the villa!


The sound was Zeng Ke’s walkie talkie falling on the ground. After that, all Zhao Yu heard was complete quiet.

“Sis Wu, hurry up!” Zhao Yu quickly called, then draw his gun and dashed to the first floor.

Just as he and Wu Xiumin ran down the stairs, he saw that there were already six to seven brawny men in the hall on the first floor! All of them were armed with guns, while Zeng Ke had already been subdued under their control. He could be seen kneeling down on the ground.

This can’t be, right?

Zhao Yu didn’t expect that there would be so many people! As such, it was obviously impossible for him to escape to the second floor again.

“Do not move!” The people immediately aimed their guns and shouted at the same time, “Police!”



Zhao Yu was confused.

These people are police officers?

“Hey? Isn’t he the officer from the special investigations team?” someone exclaimed, having recognized Zhao Yu.


Zhao Yu was puzzled.

Would they really be police officers? And, how do they know me?

Just then, there was someone who came in from outside. Zhao Yu relaxed upon seeing that the person was Captain Li Luoyun!

“Hey? Team Leader Zhao, why are you here?” Looking at Zhao Yu, Li Luoyun was shocked, too. He quickly beckoned to the police officers to put down their guns.

“Oh, they are our own men!” Zeng Ke quickly got up from the ground and asked Li Luoyun with a confused look, “Captain Li, what are you doing here?”

Zhao Yu and Wu Xiumin got down the stairs and came before the two men.

“You You got the news too?” Li Luoyun was surprised, then said, “Team Leader Zhao, I’m sorry, but due to an emergency, I didn’t get to report to you in time! But, your special investigations team is amazing, as you all got here before us! Are there any results?”

“You What do you mean?” Li Luoyun asked, as Zhao Yu became even more confused.

“Captain Li, we are here to investigate another case, related to the female burglar that escaped. So, I have to wonder again Why did you come here?” Wu Xiumin asked.

“Another case? Such Such a coincidence.” Li Luoyun was confused now, too.

“We suspected that the female cat burglar broke open the safe box before and took away the things in the safe box!” Zhao Yu said frankly. “We came here to look for the owner, but didn’t see anyone here! How about you?”

Li Luoyun shook his head and said, “Team Leader Zhao! It seems that you really don’t know! Let me tell you… Something happened!”

Looking at Li Luoyun’s anxious face, Zhao Yu suddenly recalled that he had received the Kun hexagram that day, which represented a major incident.

Would it be Someone died again?

But It’s only the fourth day. Isn’t there a fourth victim already?

Li Luoyun shook his head and said, “Ye Qing’s autopsy report is out. Apparently, there’s pinhole on his body, and his body contained some sort of anesthetic. So, we could certify that Ye Qing was murdered and that he is officially the fourth victim of the Hasty Murder Case!”

He continued reporting. “Hence, we have been keeping watch at the pharmaceutical factory, as we thought that Liu Yu would definitely contact the board of directors again to discuss his terms. But, unexpectedly, we waited for a day and only got this”

Then, Li Luoyun raised his phone, opened a webpage to show Zhao Yu, then said, “Look, thirty minutes ago, someone uploaded the information of the entire Hasty Murder Case onto the internet!”

Li Luoyun swiped the screen as he told Zhao Yu, “The document was definitely exposed by the murderer, as some of the photos were taken at the scene of murder! The information was leaked so suddenly, the web security team couldn’t seize control of the situation in time! Team Leader Zhao, this is getting out of hand!”

Zhao Yu looked at the phone and was naturally shocked! He never expected that Liu Yu would be so cold-hearted. His motive wasn’t money at all, as he obviously wanted the entire pharmaceutical factory to collapse!

If news of the murder case in the pharmaceutical factory were to spread, the outcome would be beyond imagination! Not only would it greatly affect the staff of the pharmaceutical factory, but it would also have a devastating impact on the whole society!

Zhao Yu looked at Li Luoyun suspiciously and asked, “But, I still don’t understand why you came here?”

“Well, we have to be here!” Li Luoyun answered quickly. “We found out that the information related to Hasty Murder Case was sent out from this villa! So, of course we had to come here to investigate!”

“What?!” Zhao Yu and his other two colleagues were astonished again. They never expected the story to develop as such!

“This is no mistake!” Li Luoyun waved his hands and beckoned to the few technical staff members that held professional tools. “The information was definitely sent out from here! In other words, it’s very possible that Liu Yu is still hiding here!”

“Are you Joking?” Zeng Ke gawked, as he couldn’t believe it.


Zhao Yu thought of a possibility.

If all of these happenings were not mere coincidences, there can be only one explanation for it When Cui Lizhu came here to break open the safe box three days ago, she must have seen someone here, and that person must have been Liu Yu!!