Crazy Detective Chapter 572

Chapter 572 The Lost Factory Co Director

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If that is true, everything makes sense!

When Cui Lizhu came to this villa to break open the safe box, she most likely saw Liu Yu in person. That’s why she had declared that she knew where Liu Yu was!

However, she couldn’t tell the whole truth. Although she wasn’t personally related to Liu Yu, if she were to tell the truth, it would expose the fact that she broke open the safe box. Hence, she obviously couldn’t tell.

So, she thought of her alternative idea, which was to lie about Liu Yu’s appearance in the thieves’ lair. She could then get rid of Pang Yong and his troops, thus freeing her to make a beautiful escape.

All in all, this was certainly no coincidence that Zhao Yu and his team had come for Cui Lizhu and the safe box, while Li Luoyun and his troop came for Liu Yu! The owner of the villa was called Su Haifeng, so he had to be involved somehow, too.

How did Su Haifeng relate to Liu Yu? Was he Liu Yu’s ally? And, was Liu Yu hidden away here somewhere?

Zhao Yu’s gut feeling told him that, as Liu Yu was so smart, he naturally knew the police would track him there. So, he definitely wouldn’t stay long.

Even so, they still should search the place thoroughly. In order to get to their target as soon as possible, Zhao Yu used one of his Invisible Detectors.

The detector could detect the location of an electronic set up, which is why Zhao Yu chose to rely on it to find the place where Liu Yu uploaded the information. However, he was surprised that he had wasted his detector, as after he had searched all over the villa, he still didn’t find any abnormalities.

But, when the detector reached its time duration limit, some of the police detectives in the scene discovered something in the garage of the villa. It turned out that the design of the villa was similar to the villa that Qiu Xinyang hadpreviously stayed in. Specifically, the villa was linked with a basement underneath the garage.

The basement seemed to be a wine cellar. When the police detectives entered, they were greeted with whiffs of a strong alcohol fragrance. They initially saw many barrels that were being used for alcohol storage, but when they got further into the center of the wine cellar, they were surprised to see an entirely different scene.

There were two sets of computers set up in the depths of the wine cellar. And, as they looked at the surrounding walls, each was covered with posted information. The information was like the whiteboard that the police used for case analytics. Besides photos and information, there were also many handwritten analyzations and data records.

“Oh my God!” Zeng Ke came before the wall and recognized something, which caused him to gasp. “Isn’t that Peng Ankang?”

Zhao Yu looked towards where Zeng Ke had pointed and saw the photo of the first victim of the Hasty Murder Case, Peng Ankang! Beside his photo and some other data about him and the case, there was a big check, marked with a red pen! No doubt, the check was a target symbol, which meant that Peng Ankang had been killed successfully!

Looking towards the back, they saw other photos and marks, like Lu Xiaohong, who was killed in a fire, Zhang Kaibin, who was poisoned to death, and Ye Qing, who had died of suffocation in the car. There was even information about the burning case’s ransom, with the location of the rubbish bin pinpointed and the ratio of the combustion liquid scrawled on a piece of scrap paper, etc. It was all extremely detailed

Wu Xiumin spoke in astonishment, “This must be Liu Yu’s workshop! He was really the murderer in the Hasty Murder Case!”

Beep beep

Just then, Li Luoyun’s phone suddenly rang. After he answered the call, Li Luoyun quickly reported to Zhao Yu, “Team Leader Zhao, I just got an update. Su Haifeng, who supposedly rented this place, doesn’t really exist! All the documents that he handed in for verification for the rental were all faked! And” Li Luoyun looked awkward as he hesitated, then added, “Our detectives showed Liu Yu’s photo to the management and owner of the property, who both certified that the person who rented the place was Liu Yu!”


Everyone was shocked to hear that.

They never would have guessed that Sui Haifeng would be Liu Yu! He had merely used a fake identity! It turned out that everything had been made up by Liu Yu!

“It can’t be, right?!” Wu Xiumin was shocked, “This is such a complicated revenge plan. Could it really have been carried out by him alone?! That’s genius!”

“Captain!” A technical staff turned from his computer screen to address Li Luoyun. “Look at this computer monitor. The internal information was uploaded to the internet from here”

Li Luoyun heard this and walked over. He saw several of the victims’ photos on the screen. The technical staffer was wearing gloves and preparing to move the cursor to check the information in the computer.

Just then, Zhao Yu’s phone rang, its loud ringtone shocking everyone at the scene. Zhao Yu saw that it was Ran Tao who was calling, so he quickly answered.

“Team Leader, I found it, I found it!” Ran Tao sounded excited. “Didn’t you ask me to check who would possibly be the factory higher-up that framed Liu Yu? I found out! They have a factory co-director named Han Zhenhai. This person is Liu Yu’s higher-up, responsible for all of the pharmaceutical factory technology.

He continued to report. “I heard that ,when the person was evaluating his professional title, he once wanted Liu Yu to add his name onto the participant name list of the newly invented medicine. However, Liu Yu didn’t agree to this, and even rebuked him! From then on, the two of them had a beef and never talked to each other again!”

He pause for a moment, then concluded, “I feel that the factory co-director might still bear a grudge and decided to united Peng Ankang and the others to frame Liu Yu together! The worst part is that Han Zhenhai is nowhere to be found! I searched everywhere and I”

“Hey!” While Zhao Yu was still listening on the phone, Zeng Ke suddenly dashed over and shouted at the technical staffer who was about to check the computer. “What are you doing? Don’t you know the operation rules?”

“Huh?!” The technical staff was taken aback, but his hands had already touched the mouse.

“Why? Why?” Li Luoyun, obviously upset at the commotion.

“How can you be so unprofessional?” Zeng Ke came forward and complained. “Didn’t you learn Best Practices for Seizing Electronic Evidence? Before you investigate, you can’t just touch things as you wish! What if the murderer set up an antivirus software, and when you touched it, the information was deleted?”

“Oh” Li Luoyun quickly explained, while pointing at the computer screen, “If Liu Yu didn’t want us to see these, he would have deleted them long ago. Since these things are here, it means that”

As Liu Luoyun spoke, the computer screen suddenly had a huge blue screen pop up. The more terrifying part was that, at the middle of the screen, there was a red countdown timer!

Li Luoyun felt as though he had been slapped in the face, as he was stunned. Zeng Ke quickly came closer to look, his face growing pale.

“What the heck?! Another twenty-seven seconds, twenty-six seconds” Zeng Ke then came back to reality and started shouting, “Oh goodness, shi*t! There’s bomb! Quick, run!”


The police detectives heard this and were all shocked.

It can’t be, right?

Zhao Yu was shocked too, as he quickly hung up on Ran Tao’s call. Just as he put down the phone, his special device, the Emergency Alarm, was suddenly triggered.


There’s really a bomb

“Oh my God! Look, quick” At the same time, Wu Xiumin pointed at the wall and said, “There’s photo of a bomb up here! What are you all doing? It’s C4”

Yet, no one heard, as everyone was running out from the door in a completely panic-stricken state.

“QuickRun” Although Li Luoyun had worked on the frontlines for many years, he had never encountered such a dangerous situation.

Also fleeing, Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin had just gotten to the door, when Wu Xiumin suddenly noticed that Zhao Yu didn’t leave.

“Team Leader Team Leader!!” Wu Xiumin shouted. “What are you doing? Run!”

After shouting, she suddenly saw Zhao Yu. He was using his phone to snap photos of the information on the wall!


“Team Leader, don’t take anymore photos! Quick, run” Wu Xiumin quickly ran to get Zhao Yu, while Zeng Ke quickly ran to grab her!

Zhao Yu didn’t bother to listen, but continued to snap more photos. When he finally took a photo of the last piece of information on the wall, he was surprised to see that there was something beneath the information, which appeared to be wallpaper. When he revealed it, he was shocked to see that, underneath this wallpaper, there was another person’s information!


He suddenly understood that the person was definitely the factory co-director that Ran Tao was talking about earlier, Han Zhenhai!