Crazy Detective Chapter 573

Chapter 573 The Fifth One

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Actually, Zhao Yu didn’t think much. The reason why he wanted to take a photo of the information was merely because he was upset.

He felt that, ever since Hasty Murder Case, they had been placed in an unfavorable situation. Specifically, they had been led on by Liu Yu.

Liu Yu had already killed four people and burnt five million in ransom money, but the police couldn’t do anything about it. Now, they finally had found his information, but they were stuck with this bomb!

Once the bomb exploded, the evidence would be ruined. This meant that Liu Yu would have won yet another round! Plus, the factory co-director Su Haizhen was still hanging between life and death. If there was no progress in the investigation, he would definitely become the fifth victim in the Hasty Murder Case!

At first, Zhao Yu thought of using his Invisible Bomb Disposal to remove the bomb. Unfortunately, the Emergency Alarm showed that the bomb was hidden within the wine barrel.

Also, the countdown time duration of the bomb was too short. Even when he had a magical bomb disposal device with him, he couldn’t remove the bomb in such a short period of time!

Helplessly, Zhao Yu could only go for the second best option, so he started taking photos of the information with his phone. When he was taking a photo of the last part of the information, he realized that Liu Yu had hid the information on Han Zhenhai.

At that very moment, it was less than ten-seconds away from the bomb’s explosion time. Zhao Yu couldn’t stay any longer, so he quickly took a photo with his phone as he ran towards the door.

“Quick, Team Leader!” As Wu Xiumin looked at Zhao Yu, who was finally running over, she relaxed and quickly ran upstairs with Zeng Ke.

Zhao Yu moved fast, and within a few seconds, he had followed them out from the garage. As no one knew how powerful the bomb was going to be, after they had left the garage, they ran with all of their strength to get as far away as possible.


As they were still running, the garage exploded!

“Down!” A strong after-wave of heat and debris spread over them instantly, with Zhao Yu shouting for them to lie prostrate on the ground.

After the ferocious bombing, the entire garage was torn into pieces. Numerous pieces of broken bricks and tile rained down from the sky. There were even some that scattered onto Zhao Yu and the rest.

A whiff of hot air glided past above their heads. Zhao Yu quickly hugged his head, not daring to move an inch. After about ten seconds, he turned back and looked to see that the entire garage had exploded, leaving nothing left but the bare ground!

“Team Leader Zhao. Team Leader Zhao” Then, Li Luoyun brought the police over to carry Zhao Yu and the other two members away. When they got to Wu Xiumin, they realized that there was a patch of red on her chest!

“D*mn it!” Li Luoyun shouted in shock. He then commanded his underlings, “Quick! call an ambulance!”

Zhao Yu heard some weird noises and dashed over to check on what was going on. He saw that a piece of shattered glass had stabbed into Wu Xiumin’s neck!

Wu Xiumin opened her mouth and hissed in pain, but dared not make any other noise. However, they all knew that the piece of glass might have cut her artery! Fresh blood was flowing out from the open wound.

“Sis Wu, Sis Wu” Zeng Ke was frightened and quickly held Qu Xiumin’s hand, urging her not to move.

“Hurry up” A police officer there, who knew first aid, quickly wrapped a gauze to around her wound. However, there was more fresh blood oozing out, so it looked like it wouldn’t be able to ebb the flow.

“Move! Move!” Zhao Yu came forward and embraced Wu Xiumin. Then, he fixed his gaze at Wu Xiumin’s wound for a while, then suddenly extended his hand to pull out the embedded piece of glass.

“Hey! What are you doing? Are you crazy? She will die!” The police officer shouted angrily and wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

“Motherf*cker!” Zhao Yu shouted and roared. “Hurry up! Wrap it up!”

Suddenly, the police officer was stunned! He was shocked to see that, after the glass was pulled out, Wu Xiumin’s wound didn’t bleed crazily, but the blood seemed to have stopped gushing!

“How How is that possible?” He said in disbelief. “Art That’s an artery”

“Artery? Artery!” Zhao Yu scoffed. “Hurry up and wrap it! Don’t just stand there!”

“Oh Oh”

The police officer quickly tore off the gauze and wrapped the wound for Wu Xiumin. Then, just to be safe, Li Luoyun quickly sent police officers away with Wu Xiuming to get her some treatment at the hospital.

Zhao Yu knew that he had already used an Invisible Hemostat on Wu Xiumin, so her life wouldn’t be in danger. After Wu Xiumin was sent away, he immediately came before Li Luoyun and said, “Captain Li, let’s hurry up!”

He then took a look at his watch and said, “Liu Yu most likely kidnapped the factory co-director, Han Zhenhai. We have to find them before twelve! Otherwise, Han Zhenhai definitely will become the fifth victim of the Hasty Murder Case!”

“Huh? What There’s still one more? Why?” Suddenly, Liu Luoyun was stunned. He had never come across such amazing opponents!

Zhao Yu briefly told him about the updates that Ran Tao had given him, then held his phone up, saying, “Captain Li, since the very beginning, we have been leading Liu Yu! This time, we have to make a counter-attack! Tonight, we have to close this case!”

The bomb’s explosion power was huge. Not only had the garage been completely leveled, it had even affected the villa next door! The glass was all shattered and the electricity was cut off completely!

They couldn’t even pitch a tent there! So, Zhao Yu and the rest had to use the management guard room and transform it into a temporary command post.

The most important task now was to find Han Zhenhai! As Liu Yu wanted to kill Han Zhenhai, the moment the found him, it also meant that he would have found Liu Yu!

However, even though Zhao Yu had risked his life to take a photo of the information on the wall, when he looked through the information, he still had no idea where Liu Yu had taken Han Zhenhai! In Liu Yu’s information, there was only Han Zhenhai’s photo and a simple introduction about his family, routine schedule, and so on. There wasn’t any information about his killing method or his location.

“D*mn it” Li Luoyun looked at the information in his hand and scratched his head. “Liu Yu is so cunning! Although he provided us with the information, he didn’t leave the main point! Where would he commit the murder?”

Zhao Yu looked at the information on his phone, trying to remember what he had seen and heard in the villa. Suddenly, he thought of an important point and said, “Car! Car! There’s fresh tire marks in Liu Yu’s garage, so he must have a car!”

“Car?” Li Luoyun still didn’t quite understand.

“Look” Zhao Yu continued, “Ran Tao told me that Han Zhenhai disappeared for two days! This means that Liu Yu was most likely kidnapped two days ago! So…Where would he hide him?”

“Car Trunk If it had been two days ago, then” Li Luoyun quickly thought. “Villa! Keeping the person with him would be the safest choice! Then You mean, Liu Yu has been hiding Han Zhenhai in the villa all this time?”

Zhao Yu nodded and said, “I suspect that Han Zhenhai was the true mastermind behind the framing of Liu Yu. So, although Liu Yu seized control of him, he did not kill him, but wanted instead to wait till the fifth day to kill him, like a big boss!”

“Yes,” Zeng Ke analyzed. “Liu Yu knew clearly that, when Peng Ankang, Liu Xiaohong, and the others died, Han Zhenhai definitely knew what was going on! So, Liu Yu was worried that he would hide. Hence, he captured him earlier, so that he didn’t have the possibility to escape! Oh God, the entire plan was so meticulously orchestrated! He is a crime genius!”

“Oh, I understand now!” Li Luoyun suddenly said. “Team Leader Zhao meant that, if Liu was controlling Han Zhenhai all this while, he most likely drove his own car! The information was sent half an hour ago, so they probably have only been gone from the villa for thirty minutes! That means that, as long as we find his car, we should be able to catch up with them!”

“Yes!” Zhao Yu nodded, excited that he now understood and they were all on the same page.

“Alright!” Li Luoyun quickly beckoned to his underlings. “Quick, check the surveillance control in the area and see what car Liu Yu took!”

“Yes!” The few police officers heard the instructions and left.

“The remaining few of you,” Li Luoyun ordered the other police officers, “All of you immediately inform the traffic department to immediately enforce martial law! They have to find Liu Yu’s car! Team Leader Zhao is right. Tonight, we have to put an end to this case!”