Crazy Detective Chapter 574

Chapter 574 Original And Forceful

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“Found it! Found it!” In the communication room, Li Luoyun reported. “It is a gold Trumpchi! We inspected the video and confirmed that the driver of the car was Liu Yu! Twenty-five minutes ago, the car drove out from the housing area and headed Southwest!”

He continued, “Team Leader Zhao, we already informed the traffic department to enforce traffic control, so that they will check to see where the car is going!” Li Luoyun pointed out the window and said, “We can leave now!”

Zhao Yu nodded and immediately ordered Zeng Ke and all the other police detectives to chase after Liu Yu. As it was a major incident, the traffic department dispatched almost the entire police force to investigate the whereabouts of Liu Yu’s car. Zhao Yu and the rest arrived at the first junction to hear the news that Liu Yu’s car had been spotting driving towards the highway exit along the West Ring.

After a few minutes, the highway management sent updates that they had already investigated all of the cars that had entered the highway during that time-frame, but had not found the target.This meant that Liu Yu didn’t drive his car onto the highway.

Then, some traffic police found a gold Trumpchi that had driven along the side of the highway into a village. They had received this information via a surveillance control camera. After they verified it, they were then able to confirm that it was indeed the car that Liu Yu was driving!

Li Luoyun immediately chased after it with some police detectives. When they got into the village, there was another update that the car hadn’t stayed in the village, but drove along a village route and continued West.

“Where is he trying to go?” Li Luoyun creased his eyebrows and ordered his underlings, “Hurry up and investigate whether or not Liu Yu or Han Zhenhai have anything to do with this area. Otherwise, why would they have come here?”

The police detectives immediately took action, while Zeng Ke quickly turned on his computer in the car, using his technique to search for information. Just as they started driving along the village road, there suddenly came to a crossroads. It was a remote area, so there wasn’t any surveillance facility nearby. As such, they couldn’t be certain of which direction he went.

Li Luoyun commanded his underlings to get out of the car to check if they could find any clues from the tire marks on the road. Meanwhile, he called headquarters to get them to retrieve satellite videos.

Zhao Yu opened his phone maps and looked through the surrounding land formations. He saw that the route on the right connected to another village, while the straight route would lead them to the highway and the one on the left would connect them to a forest. The map also showed that, at the border of the forest, there was a big lake.

Then Which way would Liu Yu drive?

At that moment, Zhao Yu wasn’t worried about not being able to find Liu Yu’s car. He was more worried about whether or not Liu Yu would play any tricks on them during his escape.

After all, that man was extremely smart. He should know that the police would chase after his car.

Then Would he change into another car?

“Team Leader!” Zeng Ke suddenly spoke up. “I just checked Liu Yu’s information and found that he likes to go fishing. He might have been here before. Maybe he went to the lake?”

“Are you kidding?” Li Luoyun immediately objected. “He is escaping because he murdered someone. Would he really be in the mood to go fishing?”

“No, I meant” Zeng Ke said, “Since the beginning of the Hasty Murder Case, the four victims were beaten to death, burnt to death, poisoned to death and suffocated to death. Then, could you make a lucky guess as to how the next one will die?”

“Drowning him?!” Li Luoyun immediately replied. “You mean that Liu Yu wants to drown Han Zhenhai in the lake? But, don’t you think that would be too troublesome? There are easier ways to drown someone, without having to drive to a lake!”

“Time!” Zeng Ke pointed at his watch. “It’s not the fifth day yet! He has to wait and kill after twelve! As he still has time, he possibly wanted to look for a more suitable place.”

Li Luoyun took a look at the time. It was only slightly past nine at night, so there was still plenty of time till midnight.

“But, this is merely your inference. We still need evidence!” Li Luoyun said and immediately beckoned to his underlings, telling them to split into three groups to travel towards three different directions.

Not long after the three groups departed, the headquarters sent them an update. The surveillance control at the highway junction showed that there wasn’t any trace of Liu Yu’s car passing by. So, he either went towards the village on the right or the forest and lake on the left.

After a few minutes, the tracker experts found evidence that they had taken the route that led towards the forest, as there were fresh tire marks of a Trumpchi there! Hence, the target was suddenly crystal clear! Liu Yu had definitely gone towards the forest.

“That’s weird, because the map shows” Zeng Ke said suspiciously. “This is a dead end! Would it be, he didn’t know about it? What is he trying to do?”

“Seriously” Li Luoyun replied anxiously. “My goodness, would he Would Liu Yu had prepared a boat? If he were to escape via water, we are wasting all our efforts again! No way! We can’t just let him escape again!”

Then, Li Luoyun immediately grabbed his phone and called for two detective helicopters from the station for back up. This time, he decided that he had to arrest Liu Yu and bring him to trial no matter what!

“Captain, Captain” Then, when Li Luoyun was still communicating with the headquarters, news arrived from the other side of the walkie talkie. The troop that was sent out earlier was sending an update of their own. “We We found the suspect’s car!”

“Huh?!” Li Luoyun was shocked and quickly put down the phone, then grabbed the walkie talkie and shouted, “Immediately report your location!”

“We drove along the small route in the forest. We didn’t take any turns, then we saw a suspicious car by the lakeside. From the brief outline, it looks like a GAC Trumpchi! In the car There seemed to be someone”

“What?! There’s someone?” Hearing that, not only was Li Luoyun shocked, but Zhao Yu and Zeng Ke suddenly sat straight up, too.

Had Liu Yu finally appeared?

“You You stay low,” Li Luoyun ordered. “Do not act rashly or alert the enemy. We will be there immediately!”



Just as the reply was heard over the walkie talkie, there was a huge explosion! It frightened Li Luoyun and he dropped the walkie talkie. Suddenly, there was a heatwave that whiffed past the forest. Their cars trembled vigorously, as though there had been an earthquake!


The driver suddenly slammed down on the brakes and stopped in the middle of the road.

“What happened?!” Zeng Ke staggered and landed his head heavily on the window.

Zhao Yu quickly extended his head out of the window. He saw the sky above the forest before them suddenly had flames soaring through it!

Ex Explosion!

It’s definitely an explosion!

Zhao Yu suddenly came back to reality.

The earth-shattering explosion was just like the one that happened in the villa garage!

“Hey hey” Li Luoyun grew pale, as he picked up the walkie talkie and asked anxiously, “Team two, team two, what happened? What happened? Reply!! You Are you okay?”

“Ouch Ah” After a few seconds, there was finally a reply. One of the police detectives groaned in pain. “Cap Captain It’s bad, the suspect’s car exploded!!!”