Crazy Detective Chapter 583

Chapter 583 Accidental Reward

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Around six in the evening, Ran Tao finally certified what Ma Laodan had said. There was really a doctor at the mental hospital that had bought Cui Lizhu’s medicine illegally.

However, the medicine had vanished into thin air somehow! According to the doctor, the medicine that Cui Lizhu sold to him was Butyrophenone. As this medicine was expensive and Cui Lizhu was only selling it to them at half the market price, they eagerly bought it.

Hence, Zhao Yu had finally found out the truth about Cui Lizhu’s business dealings at the mental hospital. However, he still could not understand why, if Cui Lizhu wanted the medicine back, she just didn’t ask for it. Instead, she stole the medicine that she had sold them. This was considered to be despicable behavior, even among thieves!

Due to this, Zhao Yu felt that the medicine must be extremely important to Cui Lizhu. Otherwise, she would not have done something that so clearly went against her principles.

Ma Laodan then brought Zhao Yu to almost all of the places that Cui Lizhu might have gone. However, Cui Lizhu was still nowhere to be found.

Although Cui Lizhu had worked for a few years in Jinping, she hardly had any friends. Instead, she lived a secluded life, which was making it even more difficult to find her.

“Police officer,” Ma Laodan said sadly, “You can see that I am really cooperating and trying to help you! Plus, I want to find my dad, too! But, since Cui Lizhu is an experts in thievery, she is highly talented at hiding her trail. From what I see, I am in over my head in trying to track her down!”

Zhao Yu thought and sighed, “Alright. As your way didn’t work, then we’ll try mine! Let’s go let’s search one more place!”

Then, Zhao Yu drove directly towards Cui Lizhu’s house.

“Bro, are you serious?” Ma Laodan shook his head, then added, “How could she be so stupid to return home?”

“Yes!” Zhao Yu replied confidently. “You are correct that Cui Lizhu would not dare return home, but there might be some clues that she left behind there!”

Then, Zhao Yu walked through the pathway to the house, instructing Ma Laodan to break down the door to Cui Lizhu’s house. After going inside and turning on the lights, he saw that Cui Lizhu’s house was still a complete mess. Zhao Yu walked around her house, intending to find some clues that he might have missed in his earlier inspection.

Cui Lizhu’s house was a simple home, which had been built with colored steel. It was also very narrow.

When he first got here, Zhao Yu felt suspicious. He thought, with Cui Lizhu’s skills and expertise, she shouldn’t live in such a simple house. Then, after he knew more of Cui Lizhu’s exact situation, it became even more suspicious. He felt that Cui Lizhu should have nicer and fancier living quarters. After all, this was merely a temporary residence!

Maybe, she merely came here because she got sprayed with pig-scented perfume and was in a hurry to shower.


Zhao Yu suddenly decided to take a closer look at the shower. He saw that Cui Lizhu’s black suit, which she had worn that night, was still on the floor. The clothes still had a faint foul smell.

Zhao Yu instructed Ma Laodan, “Go and check her clothing.”

Ma Laodan didn’t know what was going on, but still followed Zhao Yu’s instructions. When he picked up Cui Lizhu’s clothes, he nearly puked! However, Cui Lizhu’s black suit didn’t have any pockets, so he naturally didn’t find anything valuable.

Tsk tsk

Zhao Yu looked around carefully again. Somehow, he felt that there should be some more clues left behind. But he couldn’t find any.

As Ma Laodan quickly washed his hands, he said, “I really have never been to this place before! Since Miss Cui joined us, my dad took a liking to her! So, none of us dared lay a finger on her. Not even me! To think that she lives in such poor conditions definitely isn’t something I expected! Maybe, this is merely her temporary residence.”

What Ma Laodan said was exactly like what Zhao Yu had thought, too. However, Zhao Yu naturally thought even one step further. He felt that there must be another reason why Cui Lizhu opted to stay in such a simple place.

I wonder if there was anything hidden here, or maybe she has another secret base? This is the second floor, and the first floor looked like it was empty. Would that be her hiding spot?

Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought of the blackmarket location in Qinshan. He had used an Invisible Detector to unearth that place back then.

Then, why not use an Invisible Detector and give it a try?

Then, Zhao Yu immediately used the Invisible Detector. Just as he turned it on,, he was surprised to find a large amount of eye-catching electronic equipment! According to the display in his head, there was a hidden camera and audio recorder at the southeast corner of the room!

That’s weird. Zhao Yu suddenly creased his eyebrows. One usually used either a camera or an audio recorder, so why would there be both here?

As there was a surveillance camera, in order to not alert the enemy, Zhao Yu didn’t look over at it directly, but pretended to look for other things, carefully stealing secret glances as he went.

He also discovered a fridge, which had a plush toy perched on top of it. As there were tons of things piled up together, the plush toy did not seem suspicious at all.

Judging from the precise location that the Detector pinged, the setup of the camera and audio taping device were hidden in the plush toy! Zhao Yu immediately turned around and walked towards the fridge. He then opened the fridge and pretended to look for something inside it. Very quickly, the Detector gave out the actual information of the setup equipment.

“Amoeba OP camouflaged surveillance camera, comes with tapping function. Camera head can rotate. Can be controlled wirelessly. Resolution”

What the heck?

Such advanced technology!

After he saw the surveillance camera, Zhao Yu thought instinctually that it must have been setup by Cui Lizhu herself! At that very moment, she was most likely hidden somewhere, watching him!

But Where was she hiding?

Zhao Yu’s Invisible Detector could detect the camera and audio range. Zhao Yu pretended to look for something in the washroom. When he walked out from their surveillance range, he quickly texted Zeng Ke, reporting what he had found. He also asked him if he could find the location of the person monitoring the camera.

Zeng Ke was extremely efficient. As such, he almost replied instantly. “Team Leader, are you kidding me? The Amoeba OP is a piece of specialized equipment that the United States FBI uses! It is nearly impossible to get! The female cat burglar must have robbed a United States spy!”


Zhao Yu was surprised.

What the hell is going on?

“Team Leader, this kind of surveillance camera data is sent through the internet via an encrypted channel. So, the person monitoring it could be watching from anywhere in the world! But, I have a way to find the source. Send me your location and I will come over with my equipment now!”

Zhao Yu quickly sent out his location. Then, he suddenly thought of something.


That’s not right!

He suddenly recalled that, when Pang Yong had caught Cui Lizhu back in the house, she had knocked into the fridge. Not only was it tipped over, there had been many things that had fallen off of it.

But The fridge is straight now, and there isn’t anything scattered around anymore. So

Suddenly, Zhao Yu had goosebumps all over.

Oh my f*cking God!

The surveillance camera wasn’t installed by Cui Lizhu….