Crazy Detective Chapter 584

Chapter 584 Ferocious

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As it was a serious matter, Zhao Yu dared not act recklessly. He decided to use a Memory Flashback Device to replay the footage.

As expected, when he took a closer look, it was clear that the fridge had definitely been knocked over. Moreover, the plush toy was nowhere to be seen.

Oh my God?! Zhao Yu thought, If the highly advanced camera wasn’t set up by Cui Lizhu herself, then Who else could have done it?

Would it be Li Luoyun from the Jinping police station?


Firstly, the police surveillance and taping devices weren’t that technologically advanced. Secondly, Li Luoyun and the rest were fully focused on solving the Hasty Murder Case at the moment, so would have had no time or motivation to set up surveillance equipment at Cui Lizhu’s place!

Then Who else could it be?

Suddenly, Zhao Yu felt an urgency, becoming fully aware that this was something very serious, which he had to handle with extreme care. Then, he quickly exited the washroom and shouted at Ma Laodan, who was still searching the house, “I think, there’s nothing else we can find here. Let’s go back!”

“So fast?” Ma Laodan shook his head and said, “Why not look around a bit more? You don’t know, Cui Lizhu has stolen many things. I don’t believe that she didn’t leave anything behind!”

“We are looking for the person, not the loot!” Zhao Yu snapped his fingers, then dragged Ma Laodan out from the house by his collar.

Although Zhao Yu had definitely found some clues, Zhao Yu didn’t want to share that fact with the son of one of his biggest suspects! At that moment, the Invisible Detector’s allotted time duration was almost ending. In order to continue probing for more news, Zhao Yu spent another fifty accumulative points to power up the device and extend the duration for another five minutes’ usage.

After he had fought with the people who drove the van that day, Zhao Yu had gotten over a hundred accumulative points. So, since he had the resources, he felt the necessity to utilize them in this way.

This was actually the first time that Zhao Yu had ever used the device’s power up function. He finally experienced the joy of powering up the device! Plus, if he were to have enough accumulative points, not only could he extend the usage time, he could also strengthen the function to make it even better quality!

However, due to limited time, Zhao Yu didn’t dare spend too long looking into the system more carefully. When he returned to his Phaeton with Ma Laodan, he used an excuse that he needed to pee, then went returned to the alley.

As it turned out, even though the surveillance equipment was top quality and could be controlled from a far distance, the person who set up the equipment was definitely nearby! Zhao Yu knew this because he was certain that the person definitely would have come for Cui Lizhu. So, if Cui Lizhu were to really appear in her house, the person would naturally capture her!

Hence, there must be people lying in ambush around Cui Lizhu’s house! Plus, regardless of where these people lied in ambush, they must be carrying a lot of electronic equipment with them. Hence, Zhao Yu could find them via his detector!

Zhao Yu started searching around the alley quickly and carefully, especially near the two-story house. There were many connecting alleys, which were filled with single-story houses. Zhao Yu quickly found a suspicious car, which was stopped behind the two-story house.

It was an old, junky cargo van. However, Zhao Yu’s detector clearly showed that, within the cargo inside the van, there was a ton of electronic equipment! Seeing such situation, Zhao Yu extended his hand to his waist instinctively, but unfortunately, there wasn’t any gun there!

In fact, the reason for this was quite awkward. Although he was the team leader of the special investigation group, the higher-ups never issued him a gun.

Apparently, it was written clearly in the handbook that the main duty of the special investigation group was to guide and monitor the local detective department that was investigating the big cases. Hence, tasks, like going out into the field and arresting suspects, would normally be delegated to the local detective department. As such, they assumed that Zhao Yu and his team would have no need for weaponry.

However, the case that Zhao Yu was on was extremely special, one that he could only tackle himself. And, even though Zhao Yu realized the danger, he decided to stop at nothing!

He boldly picked up a piece of cloth from a trash pile in the alley, then rolled it into a ball and stuffed it into the cargo van’s exhaust pipe. Once he confirmed that the exhaust pipe was fully sealed, he came to the back of the cargo van and twisted the door handle. Unexpectedly, the door was unlocked.

It can’t be, right.

So easy?


Zhao Yu pulled the door open, planning to shout, “Police, don’t move!” and dash in to arrest the person. However, after the door was pulled open, he saw no movement inside.

He did see a vast array of computers and audio monitors in operation, however! Although the light was dim, he could clearly see that no person was in there.


Where is the person?

Just as Zhao Yu was getting over his initial surprise, he suddenly sensed something behind him and quickly turned around. Out of nowhere, a person had suddenly appeared!

The person was slightly shorter than Zhao Yu and was wearing a dark green jacket and a grey beanie. More interestingly, one of his hands was on the zipper of his pants. It seemed like he just returned from taking a bathroom break in the bushes!

It was almost eleven at night and the alley was extremely quiet. It was obviously a little weird and unnerving that a person had suddenly popped up out of nowhere!

After their gazes meet, they looked at each other in silence. The man in the jacket looked into the cargo van, then looked again at Zhao Yu. His gaze grew cold. Zhao Yu immediately returned a death glare, too.


A few seconds later, the man in the jacket pulled up his pants’ zipper and finally took one step forward. Zhao Yu leaned sideways, intending to dodge him.

The man moved in lightning speed and his footsteps were swift. He moved behind Zhao Yu in the blink of an eye, trying to seize control of Zhao Yu from the back.

Refusing to let the person get the better of him, Zhao Yu quickly turned to avoid his grasp. At the same time, he quickly threw a punch.

The man saw that he had failed to seize control of Zhao Yu and that there was a punch coming at his face, so not only did he dodge Zhao Yu’s punch, but he also attempted to land a kick on Zhao Yu’s head!

Phew phew

Then, the man in the jacket launched multiple attacks, throwing one punch after another at Zhao Yu, like a windstorm! Zhao Yu could feel the escalating pressure of the situation. It was obvious that this man was very skilled, not just some simple thief.

The power of his punches was strong and extremely fierce. Although Zhao Yu managed to block them, he did so with great difficulty. Luckily, Zhao Yu was a fighting expert, so he was able to fend off his opponent and not be taken advantage of.

Seeing that Zhao Yu was no easy target, the man changed his attack style. He pushed Zhao Yu’s shoulders away with his left hand, while he flashed a dagger in his right hand!


All Zhao Yu could see was the blur of a dazzling dagger, dashing straight towards him. Zhao Yu exclaimed and blocked the man with both of his hands while leaning his head sideways to dodge the blade!


The man pressed down and the dagger glided over the side of Zhao Yu’s ears. There was a loud thud, as the dagger landed on the cargo van door!