Crazy Detective Chapter 587

Chapter 587 The Rhythm Of Solving The Case

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Due to his being preoccupied with the Hasty Murder Case, Zhao Yu had yet to look into the new functions carefully after the system upgraded for the second time. It turns out that it had greatly improved in many ways.

One of its improvements included the Memory Flashback Device that he had used earlier. Zhao Yu had used it to replay the scene when Cui Lizhu first got home, then he had used it to confirm that the surveillance device on the fridge wasn’t set up by Cui Lizhu herself.

Before the upgrade, those scenes that the Flashback Device replayed would have disappeared not long after. However, after the system upgrade, the video clip became like a folder in his phone. Zhao Yu only needed to tap it with his willpower in order to replay it!

Wanting to try out this snazzy new upgraded feature, Zhao Yu entered the system and replayed the video clip. Besides the situation where Cui Lizhu came across Pang Yong and the gang, there were also some scenes that Zhao Yu saw through the Invisible Camera from when she first got home.

When he saw the video, Zhao Yu finally confirmed his original thought. Yeah! Didn’t Cui Lizhu have a car?

That day, after she was rubbed by Zhao Yu with the pig-scented perfume at the mental hospital, Cui Lizhu drove to where she stayed. Later, she had been attacked by Pang Yong and the gang, then was brought back to Zhao Yu’s hotel. She hadn’t been able to touch her car since then.

Plus, Zhao Yu was sure that, even if Cui Lizhu escaped, she wouldn’t dare to return to get her car. Both the gangsters and the police were looking for her, after all. If she had returned, the man in the jacket wouldn’t be keeping watch over the place until then.

If this is so, her car should be still there! If I can find her car, I might be able to find more clues!

Then, Zhao Yu returned to search through his video clip once more. Although the camera was set on Cui Lizhu’s shoulder and the video was very shaky, he could tell the rough location of where Cui Lizhu had parked her car.

Following the video’s directive, when he walked around from the front of the house, he immediately saw a blue Wagon R! Zhao Yu clearly remembered that color blue from his camera! So, he was certain that the Wagon R belonged to Cui Lizhu!

He went forward to pull open the car door, but it was locked. At first, he wanted to break the side window, but as he turned around, he saw the thief prince, Ma Laodan.

Ma Laodan was very skillful, so he quickly unlocked the Wagon R in no time. At that very moment, Li Luoyun and Wu Xiumin were standing next to Zhao Yu, who nodded at both of them, signaling that they should search the car.

“Eww” Wu Xiumin had just got into the car, when she suddenly caught a whiff of the foul smell. She pinched her nose and said, “What smell is that? Was there a dead pig in this car?”

Zhao Yu extended his head closer and sniffed. There really was a heavy pig odor. He was surprised that the smell was still so pungent, even after such a long time had passed! Of course, Zhao Yu couldn’t explain this to her, so he took the lead and got into the car to search it.

Just as he got into the driver’s seat, he saw a light blinking in the system in his head, which turned out to be a notification that the miracle adventure had ended! Then, it reported that Zhao Yu had achieved a high completion rate of 136 percent and had received three devices, including Invisible Perfume, Invisible Hemostat, and the Memory Clip Device.

In order to take a closer look, Zhao Yu sat down in the Wagon R. He looked at his watch and saw that it was already a brand new day, so he could get another hexagram! Wasting no time, Zhao Yu tapped on the open button right in the middle of the system interface and got himself a new hexagram.

Oh God

When he saw what he had received, Zhao Yu felt excited yet helpless and happy yet anxious. There were two big characters that had popped up in the middle of the system interface, Qian Gen!

Oh my God, this is the very first time I’ve gotten this pair of hexagrams!

The Gen hexagram was definitely the best sign. It meant that he had hope of obtaining new clues that would help him solve the case!

But What about the Qian hexagram?

Through his past experience, Zhao Yu realized that the Qian hexagram didn’t represent calamities, but instead, it was some sort of a combination hexagram, which included the Kun, Gen, Li, Kan and so on

Once there was a Qian hexagram, it meant that he would encounter a lot of miracle adventures. However, the most interesting part was that he had gotten a Qian Gen hexagram.

Gen, when followed behind Qian What does it mean?

He then remembered that, back in General Ridge, he had gotten a Gen Qian hexagram and solved the Gold Buddha Case!

Then As I just got a Qian Gen hexagram, does that mean that I’m going to solve a huge case again?

Zhao Yu got more and more excited thinking about it. He even forgot about the explosion earlier. In order to be better prepared, he immediately looked at his side quest. He saw that the time of his side quest was at half past nine in the morning, so he still had time.

Zhao Yu felt extremely excitement, as the continuous Gen hexagram that he had gotten meant that his investigation approach was on the correct path!

So, I might really be able to find something in the Wagon R

Hold on a minute

Thinking about the call, Zhao Yu quickly redirected his attention back onto the video that was shot in the car again. Back then, due to the camera being set on Cui Lizhu’s shoulders, he could see the inside of the car clearly. He remembered then that, on the passenger seat, there had been something

What the h*ll was that?

As Zhao Yu tried to recall, he leaned towards the passenger seat to search carefully. In the end, he found a receipt underneath the seat. He took it in his hands and looked more closely at it, seeing that it was a POS sales slip, which was the receipt one was given after paying with a credit card.

Theoretically, there was nothing special about an ordinary sales slip, but after Zhao Yu took a second glance at it, his eyes beamed with surprise. He saw that the business name on the top of the sales slip read: Jinping Bliss Nursing Home!


Nursing home?

That’s weird, why would there be a receipt from a nursing home in Cui Lizhu’s car?

Deeply curious, Zhao Yu looked further down the receipt carefully. He saw that the date of the sales slip was quite recent, less than a week ago.

But, when he saw the transaction amount, he was so shocked, his mouth was left hanging open. The amount was slightly above 175,000!

It can’t be, right?

What kind of nursing home would charge someone 175,000?

There must be something fishy about this.

Could Cui Lizhu be laundering money through the nursing home? Or maybe she made some under the table deal with the nursing home?

Miss Cui is such a strange cat burglar! Her pathways in her career are definitely unique!

Zhao Yu looked further down the listed charges, but there was no handwritten signature at all. Besides the business code and receipt number, there was nothing else to be found.

Although he wasn’t sure if the sales slip belonged to Cui Lizhu, he felt that there was at least a need to investigate it further. Hence, after he discussed it with Li Luoyun and Wu Xiumin, Zhao Yu decided to head over to Bliss Nursing Home.

Li Luoyun agreed with Zhao Yu’s viewpoint and expressed that he was willing to send a troop over to follow Zhao Yu’s instructions.

“Don’t!” Zhao Yu waved him off. Then, Zhao Yu held Li Luoyun’s shoulders and told him softly, “I don’t want any additional manpower! If you really want to help me, get me a gun!”