Crazy Detective Chapter 588

Chapter 588 Noble Nursing Home

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It was three o’clock in the morning and the sky was covered in dark clouds. There was no light outside yet.

Zhao Yu, Li Luoyun, Ran Tao, Zeng Ke, Wu Xiumin and the second generation thief, Ma Laodan, were in the police investigation car, having just arrived at Bliss Nursing Home. At first, Zhao Yu wanted the special investigation group to complete the investigation on their own. But, after he thought it through, he decided to bring along Li Luoyun and Ma Laodan.

The reason for this choice was that, after the experience from the Hasty Murder Case, he realized that the murderer was able to complete the crime before the police had arrived. Hence, he couldn’t help but suspect that there was a spy in the police station.

So, Zhao Yu had decided to bring along Li Luoyun and Ma Laodan, so that no news of this expedition would leak out. Otherwise, once the man in the jacket and his gang found out about the nursing home, they might cause more trouble! Moreover, he had gotten a Qian hexagram that day, so he had to be extremely careful, regardless of what they were going to do.

“Team Leader Zhao” Before they took action, Li Luoyun suggested once again, “Why don’t we do this the proper way… I brought my ID! We only need to find the person who is in charge of the nursing home, so we can clarify things officially!”

“No way!” Zhao Yu said. “Cui Lizhu is such a careful and cunning person. She might already know the moment we would ring that doorbell. So, have to do it the covert and sneaky way! Zeng Ke and Sis Wu, the two of you stay here and provide backup, the rest of you follow me in to search.”

“Team Leader, the nursing home isn’t small. After we get in, where do we search?” Ran Tao creased his eyebrows and asked, then added, “Plus, the door can’t be opened.”

“Don’t worry about the door! I brought an expert with us!” Zhao Yu pointed at Ma Laodan. “After we get in, we’ll go to their archive room first to check the information from the sales slip, so that we can find out where Cui Lizhu spent her money.”

“Hold on” Just as Zhao Yu was prepared to move, Zeng Ke called out to him, “Team Leader, we don’t need to go to the archive room! The system is connected, and I’ve hacked into it! Look”

Zhao Yu had forgotten that he had another hacker with him. He quickly went forward to take a look at the information that Zeng Ke had just found.

As Ran Tao looked at it, he was suddenly shocked and asked, while pointing to the receipt, “This is no ordinary nursing home! Look, everyone Here, and here… There’s no purchase smaller than 100,000! Where the heck is this place?”

“Oh Now I remember!” Li Luoyun suddenly patted his forehead and said. “No wonder I found the name so familiar! I’ve heard people talk about this place before. They said that someone had built a noble nursing home in Jinping, where people go and are treated like royalty and the pricing is ridiculously high! Would Would they be talking about here?”

“Oh God, to spend so much money!” Wu Xiumin exclaimed. “What kind of services could be that expensive? Any commoner wouldn’t be able to afford this!”

Li Luoyun shook his head. “I heard that it costs over 100,000 for just a month! Everyone here has their own private doctor and physiotherapist. If I didn’t remember it wrongly, there’s a luxurious golf course, too!”

“Oh my freaking God!” Zeng Ke was tongue-tied. He pointed to the date in his computer and said, “The account here shows that there are at least 100 people here. There are so many rich old people!”

“I know, right?!” Li Luoyun nodded. “I also heard that there are many rich people that have not even reached old age yet, but still come every so often to enjoy the services!”

“If that’s so” Ran Tao scratched the back of his head and said, “That girl with big boobs might really be hiding here! Zeng Ke, hurry up and check if her name is in that computer.”

“It’s not!” Zeng Ke quickly tapped on his keyboard. “But, I can search according to the sales slip number and find the exact information for her payment! Here it is”

Zhao Yu lowered his head and took a look. He saw the room number 606 appear on the screen. Then, an old man’s photo popped up before everyone’s eyes. However, no one had seen the person before.

Zeng Ke quickly opened another window on his computer and entered the man’s name and identification code to retrieve his information, but the search result showed that the person’s identification number was invalid.

“Captain Li was right,” Zeng Ke said, “According to their transaction record, someone prepaid his hospital expenses, which were 170,000 for just three months!”

“Oh my God, give me that amount and I can travel all over the world!” Ma Laodan cut in and said. “It’s such a pity to give it to the nursing home! Our Miss Cui is so impressive. There are so many millionaires here, so needless to say, she must have found abundant benefits here! But I still feel that Cui Lizhu would not hide here.”

When Ma Laodan said this, Zhao Yu felt discouraged. He had thought that Cui Lizhu had some secret deal with the nursing home, either laundering money or using the nursing home to help her flee. But, from what it seemed, that 170,000 was merely a simple nursing home service expense.

However, as they were already at the nursing home, they naturally had no reason to not go in to take a look. Plus, as the sales slip had appeared in Cui Lizhu’s car, the old man who stayed in room 606 might be related to her somehow! Hence, they had to find some more clues regardless.

Zhao Yu and his troop were finally ready to take action. Before they departed, in order to avoid falling into the same trap again, Zhao Yu used an extended version of the Detector that would last for ten days.

This would allow him to pay attention to the electric devices around him at all times. It would also provide him another level of safety and security. Then, thanks to Li Luoyun’s assistance, not only did Zhao Yu have a gun in his hands, but Ran Tao had one with him as well.

The four of them climbed over the wall and ran towards the main building. Before that, Zeng Ke had already obtained the layout of the nursing home. So, when they entered, he started directing them.

Although Li Luoyun and Ran Tao had worked on the frontline for many years, they had never done anything stealthy, so they were extremely nervous. Zhao Yu and Ma Laodan were the total opposite, as they were experts in covert operations. Hence, they were completely calm.

The building’s door locks couldn’t stop Ma Laodan, who had very good skills. After the four of them entered, they took the elevator to the sixth floor directly.

It was indeed a top notch nursing home. Even the halls looked sumptuous and were richly ornamented. It almost felt as though they had entered a palace!

The four of them came to room 606 and saw that the door was locked with an advanced electronic lock. Ma Laodan creased his eyebrows and said softly, “Police officer, to open this, I’ll need some time!”

“How long?” Zhao Yu quickly asked.

“I don’t know. Honestly, I’m not even sure I can open it!” Ma Laodan shook his head helplessly. “The electronic lock is the latest model, so we don’t have anything that matches it in the market currently!”

“Then” Li Luoyun stood straight and said, “Why not let us get a guard to do it?”

“Why not just break it open?” Ran Tao suggested.

“Alright, let me do this!” Zhao Yu pouted.

Then, he immediately tapped the Skeleton Key in his head. But, when he tried to use the Skeleton Key on the electronic lock, the system device suddenly reminded him that the device was invalid.



It works all the time! Why is it invalid now?


Zhao Yu then suddenly realized something. He quickly extended his hands to press the door handle. Then, the door clicked and opened! The door was open the whole time! The four of them exchanged surprised looks and Zhao Yu pushed the door open.

The room was as luxurious as they had expected it to be. It was ridiculously huge and there was even massage chair and gym equipment in the corner. However, the moment that Zhao Yu entered it, he found something very fishy!