Crazy Detective Chapter 589

Chapter 589 Infernal Affairs

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Just as everyone was talking about how to break the electronic lock, Zhao Yu felt something strange. The detector monitor in his head clearly showed that the surveillance camera that was aimed at room 606 had already changed its direction.

In other words, the area before the room door was now in a blind zone. Looking at such a sight, Zhao Yu’s first impression was that someone did something to the camera and that this person was most likely Cui Lizhu!

Maybe, Cui Lizhu had used the room in the nursing home to hide herself, so she had flipped the camera so that no outsider could see her! Hence, when Zhao Yu found out that the door wasn’t locked, he barged in to see if Cui Lizhu was hiding there.

When he came into room, he saw that the table lamp was lit, allowing him to clearly see that there was a woman lying beside the bed. The woman looked obese and was lying on the ground, curled up like a ball.

She was in a nurse’s uniform and was not moving an inch. It seemed like she had been knocked out!

Oh sh*t!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu realized that they were in danger. He quickly raised his gun and aimed it into the depths of the room.

Suddenly, he sensed movement to his right. Just as Zhao Yu turned to look, he was surprised to be greeted by two persons standing before him!

The one in the front was a small old man with messy hair. Not only was he in his pajamas, but his mouth was covered with tape! Behind the old man was a ferocious looking brawny man.

In that short instance, Zhao Yu could recognize that the old man was the old man from the photo earlier! However, he had never seen the other man before.


Assessing the situation, Zhao Yu realized that this was the first time he had come across a hostage incident like this. Although he had a gun in his hands, due to his inaccurate shooting ability, he didn’t dare take the risk.

“Team Leader What’s going on?” Ran Tao had just entered the room. From where he was standing, he could only see Zhao Yu.

When the man heard that someone else had entered the room, he quickly lifted his right arm to take aim at Zhao Yu!


Zhao Yu cursed in his head, as he had never expected that the person would have a gun as well

Quicker than words could describe, along with a pop, a bullet flew towards Zhao Yu. Luckily, Zhao Yu was quick in his response, and although the distance was close range, he managed to dodge the bullet. However, as he had dodged it in a hurry, he had fallen on the ground.

The armed man was obviously an expert shooter. At the same time that he forced Zhao Yu out of the way, he immediately extended his arms and shot towards Ran Tao without having to take a second glance.

Ran Tao saw that Zhao Yu had fallen on the ground and was dumbstruck. He never thought that there would people who would shoot at them! However, as it was fired from a blind shot, the bullet glided by Ran Tao’s shoulders.

Ma Laodan quickly ran and hid in the corridor, while Li Luoyun immediately leapt over to shoot towards the bedroom.


Li Luoyun’s gun had no muffler, so the loud gunshot was heard, then echoed throughout the entire building. Ran Tao then came back to reality and raised his gun to issue a counterattack.


Among the lines of fire, it was Zhao Yu who responded with the fastest speed. If they were to start a gun war there, the outcome would no doubt be something that he didn’t want! In the bedroom, there was one lying on the ground, one in the criminal’s hands. So, if they were to shoot again, it was highly likely that they were going to hurt the innocents!

No way!

As his gun had no eyes, he had to take care of this situation in a more direct way. After deciding this, Zhao Yu didn’t hesitate to use an Invisible Bullet Proof Suit. He then leapt up from the ground and lurched towards the criminal.

The criminal didn’t expect Zhao Yu to be so reckless. He knew I had a gun, yet he still dashed forward? Is he crazy?

Thinking this man was crazy, the criminal shot directly at Zhao Yu, who immediately dashed before the criminal and punched him on his face.


The criminal was knocked onto the ground, but not before he fire another two shots at Zhao Yu. Unphased, Zhao Yu smirked and shot the criminal in his right leg.

Ah As the criminal groaned, Zhao Yu kicked him in the face to knock him out.

“Don’t move!” Ran Tao quickly came before him and aimed his gun at him.

Just then, the old man who had been abducted by the criminal earlier, tore off the tape on his mouth and mimicked the same action as Ran Tao, then shouted with a chuckle, “Don’t move! Hehe”


Zhao Yu turned around and shared a look with Ran Tao. The two of them then redirected their gazes at the old man. And, sure enough, when he saw Ran Tao turn his head, the old man mimicked his movements yet again!

“Team Leader, are you okay?” Ran Tao asked anxiously.

But before Zhao Yu could even answer, the old man chuckled again and asked Zhao Yu, “Team Leader, are you okay? Hehehe”

Ran Tao gulped. It seemed like the old man had some mental issues!

Then, Li Luoyun dashed in with his gun, too. When he saw that the criminal was in a heavy stupor and that Zhao Yu was fine, he let out a breath of relief. Just as Li Luoyun got closer, Zhao Yu suddenly aimed the gun at him and shouted, “Don’t move!”


Zhao Yu’s unexpected action shocked everyone.

“Team Leader Zhao, you What do you mean?” Li Luoyun looked confused.

“Team Leader, What happened?” Ran Tao didn’t know what was going on either.

“Team Leader, What happened?” The old man was still mimicking Ran Tao.

“Ran Tao! Seize his gun! Quick!” Zhao Yu shouted.

Ran Tao then realized that Zhao Yu wasn’t joking, so he quickly ran over to take away Li Luoyun’s gun. That old man went immediately to mimic Ran Tao’s action, but Ran Tao pushed him away.

“You You are a bully! I don’t want to play with you anymore Woo” Then, the old man sat on the ground and started crying like a little kid

“Captain Li,” Zhao Yu aimed his gun at Li Luoyun. “The fact is obvious! How do you contact the murderer of the Hasty Murder Case?”

“Team Leader Zhao, what do you mean?” Li Luoyun looked innocent. “This must be some misunderstanding…”

“Misunderstanding?” Zhao Yu looked at Li Luoyun coldly. “Even now, you still won’t admit your guilt? You saw how the person shot just now, revealing that this person and the one who died in the explosion are obviously professional killers!”

“Professional killers?” Ran Tao’s eyes were open wide. He then asked, “Would these people be the murderers behind the Hasty Murder Case?”

“Captain Li,” Zhao Yu said, “I have been wondering why the murderer of the Hasty Murder Case could manage to always stay one step ahead of the police. It turns out that you have played a great actor in this Infernal Affair! I just found an advanced surveillance device at Cui Lizhu’s place and, when we returned to find it, it was gone!”

He continued his accusation. “And, about the nursing home, only the few of us knew!”

Zhao Yu then pointed at the criminal who had fainted and said, “But, we just got here, and the professional killer was already here, too. So, besides you, everyone else here are my people. So, how dare you say it wasn’t you that leaked the news?”

“No No no no” Li Luoyun quickly tried to explain himself. “You’ve got it wrong! It’s not me. If it was me, why would I only send one professional killer, especially since knew so many of you were coming? Plus, I gave you your guns! If I wanted to thwart you, I would have given you guns with empty cartridges!”

Li Luoyun’s explanation did make a lot of sense, so Zhao Yu was confused.

Suddenly, Ran Tao thought of something and reminded Zhao Yu, saying, “Team Leader, something’s not right! We had such a noisy fight, so theoretically, the security guards should have arrived here long ago to check things out, right?”

As this awareness dawned on Zhao Yu, he grabbed Li Luoyun by his collar and shook him hard. Just as Zhao Yu was doing so, Ma Laodan, who was standing by the door, suddenly had blood spurt out from his chest and fell to the ground!!!