Crazy Detective Chapter 590

Chapter 590 Blood Battle In The Nursing Home

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The three of them got a shock at the sight of Ma Laodan falling to the ground due to a gunshot. Zhao Yu then realized why the surveillance camera at the door had been redirected!

It turned out that the professional killer didn’t take action alone! There were certainly other allies in the nursing home!

At that moment, Zhao Yu couldn’t be bothered with Li Luoyun. When he saw Ma Laodan get shot, he dashed towards the door, concerned for his safety.

“Huh? Team Leader Don’t” Looking at Zhao Yu running towards the corridor, Ran Tao turned pale and panicked. From what he saw, Zhao Yu’s insane behavior was simply like committing suicide!

As he had feared, Zhao Yu had just gotten out from the room, when he was met with a gun war in the corridor. However, Zhao Yu was still able to drag Ma Laodan back into the room.

There was already a pool of blood covering Ma Laodan’s chest. He was groaning in pain but didn’t even had the strength to shout.

Ran Tao wanted to dash over but didn’t want to take his eyes off of Li Luoyun. He was suddenly at loss for what to do.

“Give me the gun!” Li Luoyun shouted. “I told you, I am not a spy! Hurry up!”

Ran Tao looked at Zhao Yu, hoping to get his orders. However, after Zhao Yu had dragged Ma Laodan back in the room, he already dashed out again, heading back towards the corridor.

“Oh my God, Team Leader He is crazy! He just went crazy!” Ran Tao looked at Zhao Yu’s disappearing shadow and couldn’t be bothered with Li Luoyun, but held two guns and dashed out to follow Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu had an Invisible Bullet Proof Suit, so of course, he wasn’t worried that he would get hit by any bullets! The only thing that he was worried about was that the duration of the bulletproof suit’s protection was too short. If he couldn’t take down the enemy within the allotted time frame, it would have been a wasted use!

The worst part was that Zhao Yu realized that there was one enemy on each of his sides. If he wanted to take care of both enemies, he had to hurry up!

Hence, after he got out of the room, he first ran towards the enemy on the right, while he shot a few shots towards the other side

Bang! Bang

The ear deafening gunshots reverberated in the corridor, causing many room doors to be opened by occupants, one after another. All of them were confused, exclaiming in shock…

“What’s going on? I someone playing with firecrackers?” An old grandma stood at her door and shouted, “If you continue, I want a refund Mm”


At that moment, a bullet flew past the tip of her nose. This frightened the old grandma so much that she threw her walking stick away. She then dashed into her room and slammed her door shut.

Many other residents also opened their doors to check what was going on. When they saw a real gun war taking place in the corridor, they each screamed in fear and went back in their rooms to hide.

Zhao Yu dashed over and saw that his assailant on his right side was launching an attack. It was a bearded man, who was extremely skillful at shooting. It was precisely for this reason, because he was a crack shot, that he found it extremely surprising that Zhao Yu was fine, even after he had gotten shot!

How How is that possible?

He stared at Zhao Yu dumbstruck. When he saw that Zhao Yu had almost reached him, he suddenly turned around and fled.

Due to pressing time, Zhao Yu immediately lifted his hand and shot a few bullets, one of which hit the bearded man in the back. The strong impact sent the bearded man flying in the air, then landing heavily on the ground!



Then, another cluster of gunshots reverberated throughout the corridor again. Zhao Yu turned around and looked, seeing that Ran Tao was fighting with the enemy on his left. There were bullets flying back and forth, making for an extremely fierce battle!

Zhao Yu was pondering whether or not he should turn back to help Ran Tao when he suddenly heard a clicking sound from behind him. Zhao Yu quickly turned around and saw that the bearded man was aiming his gun at him while lying on the ground.

But, luckily he had run out of bullets. After he pulled the trigger, there was only an empty clicking sound.


Didn’t I kill him?

Oh A bulletproof vest!

Zhao Yu saw that the bearded man was dressed in thick clothing, so he surmised that he was most likely wearing a bulletproof vest. The bearded man was shocked. He saw that his gun had run out of bullets, so he quickly put his hand into his pocket to look for another cartridge to reload.

Zhao Yu took this opportunity to raise his gun and aim at the person’s crotch. As he did so, he thought in his head, You aren’t wearing bulletproof underwear, right? Get ready to become a court eunuch! Hehehe

Click click

Zhao Yu then pulled the trigger twice, only to realize that his bullets had run out, too!

It can’t be, right?

Zhao Yu was extremely upset. At first, the bearded man had already closed his eyes, so he thought that he must be dead! But, when the man heard the clicking sound of Zhao Yu’s empty cartridge, he felt like he had regained his life and continued to look for a new bullet cartridge in his pocket.


It was at this very moment that Zhao Yu finally realized that Li Luoyun had only given Zhao Yu a gun, but never passed him any cartridges! As such, Zhao Yu had nothing to reload the gun with. He cursed and threw the gun at the bearded man’s face directly!

The bearded man was quick in his response, immediately lifting his arm to block the gun. Zhao Yu roared in rage and ran over to kick him!

In the chaos, the bearded man’s gun and cartridge got kicked away by Zhao Yu. However, the person was a professional killer, so his kung fu skills were of course impressive. He immediately jumped from his back onto his feet, then ran towards Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu sent out a kick that landed on the man’s stomach, while the man’s heavy punch landed on Zhao Yu’s shoulder. The two of them took a few steps back, then dashed forward with all their strength again, continuing to fight.

The bearded man’s attack was identical to the man in the jacket’s. Their attacks were ferocious and fast, with every single attack aimed at Zhao Yu’s most vital and vulnerable parts.

However, Zhao Yu fought valiantly and was able to hold his own. Although he got punched multiple times, he made the bearded man bleed as well. The bearded man obviously didn’t expect Zhao Yu to have such great skills!

The man was a professional criminal after all, so after they had gone a dozen rounds, he was terrified and had the intention to escape. So, he pushed Zhao Yu aside and ran towards room 606 directly.

By that time, no more gunshots were coming from room 606. This made him deduce that they had finished all of their bullets as well!

As he entered the room, he saw that Ran Tao was fighting with a man with a black cap in a corner. The man in the black cap was very tall and had a brawny build. Ran Tao was obviously not his equal match!

While Zhao Yu was caught up with the bearded man, Ran Tao was being sent away with a punch by the man with the black cap, landing heavily on the wall. Then, the man with the black cap took out his bullet cartridge calmly and reloaded his gun.

D*mn it!

Zhao Yu was about five to six meters away from them and didn’t have any weapons that could save Ran Tao. Just as the man with the black cap was going to shoot him, there was suddenly a pop heard in room 606

The bullet was too sudden, and the man with the black cap couldn’t dodge it! The bullet hit him in the face directly!


The man with the black cap groaned and fell on the ground in pain! The very next second, he saw Li Luoyun run out from the room with a muffled gun in his hands. He had shot the man with the black cap on the ground and caused a few other bloody wounds!

At the same time, the bearded man had already run to the door. Suddenly, looking at his co-conspirator dying on the ground, he leapt over and tried to go in for a rescue.

Zhao Yu, who was extremely fast, caught up to him and leapt towards the bearded man. They then started their second fight!

Simultaneously, Li Luoyun ran out from the room and wanted to shoot the bearded man who was fighting with Zhao Yu. However, even though the man with the black cap had gotten shot, he wasn’t dead! Shockingly, he lifted his gun and shot Li Luoyun’s shoulder!

Li Luoyun fell back into the room, but Ran Tao suddenly got up and leapt onto the man with the black cap. He grabbed his gun and the two men tore into each other.

Amid all the danger, Zhao Yu was also in a crazed state. He punched the bearded man with all his strength, and the bearded man could only cover himself with his hands. However, the bearded man was a well-trained killer, after all, so even though Zhao Yu threw heavy punches at him, he couldn’t seize total control of the bearded man.

Plus, the man somehow found the opportunity to flip and roll away. Zhao Yu then bit the bearded man’s ear!

“Ah Ah ah ah”

The bearded man felt the pain and started slapping the ground. He then pushed Zhao Yu aside.

Just as he pushed Zhao Yu away, there was a pop… A bullet was shot into his face! With blood spurting from his face, the bearded man stopped breathing. His face was beyond recognition.

Zhao Yu looked up and he saw that Li Luoyun, who was also covered in blood, stood with a muffled gun in his hand, aiming at the man with the black cap by his side!

“No No no no” Zhao Yu roared out the words, but it was already too late. Along with a pop, the bullet hit the man with the black cap’s temple. The man with the black cap then died on the spot!