Crazy Detective Chapter 591

Chapter 591 Sequence Of Events

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D*mn it!

Zhao Yu had wanted a captive that could provide information, but Li Luoyun had already killed them both!

Had he killed them to keep their mouths shut?

Ran Tao pushed away the man in the black cap’s dead body and panted. Meanwhile, Li Luoyun leaned backwards and slowly glided down towards the ground. He finally sat on the ground and panted in pain.

At first, Zhao Yu wanted to question him, but when he came forward, he was shocked to see that, besides Li Luoyun’s shoulder that was shot, there was also a dagger, which was stabbed deeply in his abdomen!

“Captain Li! You” Zhao Yu ran forward, only to realize something crazy…

Li Luoyun’s gun was taken away by Ran Tao. The gun that he was using earlier had a muffler, so it must have belonged to the killer in the room!

Zhao Yu suddenly recalled that there was another killer in the room. Although the killer was knocked out earlier, Zhao Yu wasn’t sure when he would regain consciousness!

With these thoughts swirling in his head, Zhao Yu quickly ran back into the room to check. After he entered the room, he was surprised to find that the killer was lying on the bed, not moving an inch. He had a bloody bullet hole on his chin, revealing that he had obviously been killed by Li Luoyun with a gun!


Zhao Yu finally understood that, most likely, when they were having a vigorous fight in the corridor, the killer suddenly awoke and had fought with Li Luoyun. During the fight, the killer must have stabbed Li Luoyun with a dagger, while Li Luoyun grabbed his muffled gun and shot him dead!

It seems like I got this wrong before. Li Luoyun isn’t a spy. So, there must be someone else

Li Luoyun didn’t try to kill them to shut their mouths, but he was worried that the three of them couldn’t beat them. Hence, he killed the criminals!

“Hey! Why are you lying on my bed?” At that moment, the psychotic old man squatted before the dead person and spoke to the corpse seriously, “Quick. Go away! I need to sleep”

This old man

Li Luoyun

Li Luoyun is not a spy

Oh yeah!

As Zhao Yu was watching this crazy old man jabber on, he suddenly recalled that they had only come across the three professional killers when they first arrived at the scene! If Li Luoyun were to have divulged their secret police information beforehand, those killers could have been lying in ambush ahead of time to catch us by surprise!

ButIf Li Luoyun wasn’t a spy, then why would the killers have come here?

OhI understand now!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought of another possibility. But, at that very moment, Ma Laodan was holding his chest, while lying on the ground listlessly. He was obviously on the verge of death. There was a pool of fresh blood on the ground, and the obese nurse was still in a heavy stupor, too

“Captain Li, hold on!” Ran Tao roared. He then turned and shouted at Zhao Yu, “Team Leader, our signal has been blocked! I can’t contact Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin! There’s no signal on the phone either! Take a look, quickly”


Zhao Yu nodded and ran to the door again. Actually, when they were fighting with the killers, he had already detected from his detector that someone had installed the electronic signal jammer and blocked off the signals in the entire building!

However, the detector showed clearly where the signal banner was installed. So, as long as he could remove it, the blockage could be taken care of.

Zhao Yu squatted to look at Li Luoyun. The dagger was stabbed into his abdomen. As long as they didn’t remove the blade, he shouldn’t be danger of dying.

But, Ma Laodan had been shot in his chest and was on the verge of death! Hence, Zhao Yu used the last Invisible Hemostat to help stop the bleeding.

“Ran Tao!” Zhao Yu pressed on Ran Tao’s shoulder and exhorted, “I know where they installed the signal jamming device. Hold your gun and stand guard here. When the blockage is taken care of, call the police for help. Understand?”

“Mm But” Ran Tao obviously didn’t understand.

“And,” Zhao Yu exhorted again, “You must look after the old man in the room. That person is definitely very important to us! Understand?”

“Oh But, where are you going?” Ran Tao still couldn’t understand.

“I’m going to save Cui Lizhu!” Then, without waiting for Ran Tao’s response, Zhao Yu picked up the man in the black cap’s gun, which had a new cartridge in it, and ran downstairs.

“What Cui Lizhu? Why are we suddenly speaking of Cui Lizhu again? This What exactly Sigh” Ran Tao looked even more confused, but Zhao Yu was nowhere to be seen.

Zhao Yu found the high-power signal jamming device at the corridor on the first floor, thanks to the guidance of the Invisible Detector. The signal jamming device was obviously installed by the professional killer in order to not let anyone in the building report to the police.

As soon as he unplugged the signal jamming device, the signal would resume its regular functioning, allowing Zhao Yu to immediately call Zeng Ke and the rest to ask for backup. However, Zhao Yu didn’t unplug the power source…

This was because, as it turns out, Zhao Yu finally understood something more about Room 606. The reason why the professional killers found the room wasn’t because Li Luoyun had double-crossed them and provided them with the intel. Instead, Cui Lizhu was being held captive by the killers!!!

Although he didn’t have much clues to go on and the entire incident was hazy at best, Zhao Yu organized the sequence of the events, according to his experience from his past life

First, a criminal ring took advantage of Liu Yu’s resentment to convince him to fight against the pharmaceutical factory and commit the wicked Hasty Murder Case. Then, they killed Liu Yu to shut him up.

But, Liu Yu might have left some sort of evidence in the medicine bottles, which were hidden in the safe box. Coincidentally, that evidence was stolen by Cui Lizhu. Hence, the criminal ring started to look for Cui Lizhu to take back the evidence!

From Cui Lizhu’s view, she thought she had stolen some ordinary medicine, so she sold it to the doctor in the mental hospital. But, she realized later that there was something fishy about the medicine. So, she took the risk to steal the medicine back, which was when she ran into Zhao Yu!

Next, the criminal ring caught Second Master, then sent out news of their purchasing it back with a high price, the intention of which was attracting Cui Lizhu’s attention. In the end, they had caught Cui Lizhu, then extorted a confession out of her.

Cui Lizhu told them that she hid the medicine in the nursing home, room 606. That’s why the three killers came to look for the medicine in that specific room! Everything seemed to make sense to Zhao Yu now!

At that very moment, Zhao Yu had a strange feeling that Cui Lizhu was probably nearby!