Crazy Detective Chapter 592

Chapter 592 Life And Death Speed

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As Zhao Yu was using the Invisible Detector, he already knew that the killers had advanced communication devices in their ears when he was fighting against them earlier.

However, due to the signal jamming device, their communication devices had also been affected. As such, Zhao Yu was certain that, if the killers had backup on the outside, they wouldn’t know what happened in the building yet!

Because Zhao Yu considered that, he didn’t take the risk of turning off the signal jamming device. This was because the very moment he turned it off and the backup couldn’t contact the killers, they might very likely decide to escape ahead of time. Then, Zhao Yu wouldn’t have the chance to save Cui Lizhu!

However, on the other hand, Li Luoyun and Ma Laodan were severely injured. If they didn’t receive immediate treatment, they would be in grave danger. Hence, when Zhao Yu exited the building, he ran towards the main entrance.

At that very moment, although the people on the sixth floor dared not leave their rooms, the old folks on the lower floors were hastily making their ways towards the main entrance after they heard the gunshots.

Zhao Yu also saw several old folks who didn’t seem to know what had happened. They were either in wheelchairs or were using walking sticks. Just when Zhao Yu was passing by one of the old men, the poor old guy thought that Zhao Yu was actually a criminal! This gave the old man a shock, so he gawked at Zhao Yu until his false teeth fell on the ground!

That’s bad!

Zhao Yu realized that, once the backup on the outside saw such this chaotic scene, it might likely scare them away! However, it was pointless worrying about it right then. Zhao Yu could only try his best and run towards the door at full speed.

Originally, there had been security guards at the door, but when Zhao Yu turned around to look into the guards’ room, he saw that the guards were now unconscious! Needless to say, they must have been knocked out by a few of the killers!

As Zhao Yu was young and strong, he was able to make it over from the main entrance very quickly. But, those old folks couldn’t quite make it out, so they had instead gathered around the entrance!

Zhao Yu couldn’t be bothered any further with them at the moment, so he quickly ran to the mobile command unit where Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin were. He reported to them about the situation in the building, then urged them to ask for backup assistance and an ambulance. Then, even before they had time to reply, Zhao Yu dragged them out of the car and drove away!

Zhao Yu drove the mobile command unit along the outer wall of the nursing home, while he filtered through the electronic devices that his detecting was inputting in his head. His target was very obvious. As long as his detector picked up the exact same model of the killers’ communication devices, he could find the killers’ allies on the outside.

Just outside of the outer wall of the nursing home was the parking zone. There were more than a hundred cars parked there currently. In order to detect each of them clearly, Zhao Yu drove very slowly.

Zhao Yu was naturally very anxious. He knew clearly that the three killers were all dead. This made him nervous, as he knew that if he didn’t find the killers’ allies, he most likely wouldn’t have the chance to get any more information! This would then mean that he would not only not be able to save Cui Lizhu, but that he wouldn’t even be able to arrest the masterminds working behind the scenes!

Moreover, Zhao Yu had to consider that everything was being based merely on his own inference, so his hypothesis might not even be the truth!

What if Cui Lizhu is already dead?

In the end, just as Zhao Yu was letting his imagination run wild, he suddenly saw that there was a black car that had its engine running and its lights on. As it was already four in the morning, someone running their car engine in the middle of the night naturally attracted Zhao Yu’s attention. So, he quickly drove over to check it out.

The Invisible Detector’s effective range was about twenty meters. Zhao Yu had yet to drive into the range, when the black car suddenly sped up! It then drive to the road and sped off!


Zhao Yu suddenly panicked! As he hadn’t been able to detect the actual situation, he couldn’t be sure if the people sitting in the car were the killers’ allies! But, the car was obviously strange, especially regarding the way it was being driven.

The drivers seemed to be in a hurry, like they were attempting an escape…

What if they really are the killers’ allies?

Forget it!

Let’s make a bet!

Zhao Yu immediately stepped on the gas pedal and chased after the black car. Luckily, the road was clear. The black car drove onto the road, traveling at lightning speed. In fact, it moved like a wild horse that just had its reins thrown off!

Zhao Yu’s mobile command unit wasn’t built for chasing bandits, so even though he floored the gas pedal, there was no way that he could catch up to the black car.

Seeing that his pursuit was in vain, Zhao Yu had to take action. In order to catch up with the other car, Zhao Yu had no choice but to use the last Invisible Propeller on his mobile command unit.

After he had used it for the gardening truck the day before, he understood how impressive the propeller truly was. When he put it to use, he immediately doubled its traveling speed. The car suddenly sped up like a rocket!

After it sped up, the law of physics on earth didn’t seem to even apply to the mobile command unit anymore! The wheel of the car seemed to be off the ground and flying forward. In the blink of an eye, he had caught up with the black car!

Zhao Yu could now see clearly that the car was an expensive BMW X5. Due to the fact that it was now within the twenty meter detection range, he detected with his detector that there were two communication devices in the car.

However, as their speed was still too fast, the detector seemed to be unstable. As such, Zhao Yu couldn’t be certain if the two communication devices were the same as the ones that the killers possessed.

However, besides the two communication devices, the detector picked up another thing. When he saw this thing, Zhao Yu no longer had any doubt! He was very certain that the people in the BMW were the killers’ allies!

As he found himself catching up with the BMW so easily, Zhao Yu shared the same thrilling feeling as if he were a character in the Fast and Furious. He once again sped up, determined to overtake the BMW then hit it on its side.

Zhao Yu’s car was heavy and huge, so he would definitely have the advantage in any crash. This plan was a great idea in Zhao Yu’s mind, but he totally forgot about the issue of turning! The person driving the BMW seemed to comprehend the situation too, so he suddenly switched directions to drive onto another road.

This now placed Zhao Yu at a disadvantage. Because he was traveling at such a high speed, he couldn’t take any sharp turns. Otherwise, his car would flip.

In light of this predicament, he could only slow down to take the turn. But, just when he sped up the second time after the turn, readying to launch an attack, the BMW suddenly took yet another turn!

Tsk tsk

This is not good, as there’s a time limit for the propeller! If I can’t stop them within the time allotted, I can’t arrest them!

What should I do?

“Team Leader, where are you?” At that very moment, Zhao Yu heard Zeng Ke’s anxious voice in his earphone. “Can you respond?”

Zhao Yu lowered his window, then extended his left hand, which was holding his gun, outside the window. At the same time, he told Zeng Ke, “I found a suspicious car, a black BMW X5. I suspect that it is being driven by the killers’ allies! Hurry up and arrange for an interception according to my location!”

After issuing this command, Zhao Yu sped up the mobile command unit and aimed his gun at the BMW’s tire, ready to shoot. But, just before he pulled the trigger, he was shocked to see a person suddenly extend his head out of the rear window!

What the h*ck?

Zhao Yu was left speechless with horror, as he saw that the person was holding a sub-machine gun!!!